Drawings on the cell in the notebook

Drawing is a type of creativity, and you can learn how to become addicted at any age. These are the words that can be the motto for those who have mastered the patterns in the cells. Schemes of these images can be picked up ready-made, but you can come up with your own. It all depends on the experience of the "artist".

What is the essence of the ability to draw in the cells?

Drawing in the cell in a notebook

Unfortunately, not all adults can boast the ability to draw. Unlike children, who, up to a certain age, are happy to portray a variety of images on paper, without particularly worrying about the credibility of the picture. True, over time, and they lose interest in this activity. However, reproducing images using cell painting on the most regular sheet in a cell is a great way to master drawing skills at any age. And there is no limit to improving the skill. In addition, the drawings in the cells:

  • develop logical and abstract thinking;
  • train memory;
  • teach harmonious color perception;
  • soothe the nervous system.

Sketches of the cells in the notebook: types

In order for the pattern in the cells to be correct and accurate, it is imperative to use schemes. Of course, this is especially important for beginners. What is a diagram of the image? There are 2 types of picture descriptions:

  • by numbers;Diagrams of figures by cells description by numbers
  • on contours.The scheme of drawings on the cells description of the contours

The first type is for beginners. Usually such schemes are used by primary school teachers in mathematics lessons. Indicates the number of cells that need to be painted over, and set the direction - left, right, up or down. If the image is color, then the required shade is specified.

The second type is a more complicated option. It shows the outline of the picture, and calculations for the cells should be done independently.

If you are not alien to the artistic perception of the world, be sure to master the patterns in the cell. Schemes to start choose light, and then complicate the tasks themselves. And gradually you will come to the highest aerobatics of mastery in this fascinating business - the image of people.

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