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Did you know that the words "crisis" and "development" in China are indicated by one hieroglyph? In the East they say that life's difficulties are a great chance to shake things up, cheer up and develop in a new direction. Oriental tales? And no! American tycoon Bill Gates argues that the best investment you can make in a crisis time is an investment in yourself. Let the crisis not break you, not depress you, but, on the contrary, inspire you to educate yourself.

We offer you to follow this advice - to complete a full course of drawing and painting. If earlier you didn’t know where to put your craving for visual arts, now painting courses will turn it into an exciting hobby or even a new profession. What is especially convenient is the passage of drawing courses online, right at the computer. You do not need to go to school and change the usual rhythm of life - learn in your free time. Our unique offer is drawing and painting courses from professionals, divided into 10 lessons. Training takes place according to the author's methods in a fun way that is accessible to absolutely everyone.

What does the drawing course teach?

As part of the course, all the nuances of artistic skill are professionally displayed on the shelves. You will learn to combine colors, take into account the perspective, depict objects and faces of people, urban and natural landscapes. Already in the third lesson, you will get acquainted with the concept of light and shade and learn how to depict objects in a volume:

So step by step, the secrets of professional painting will be revealed. And practical tasks will help you to consolidate new skills.

How to order a painting course?

How to order a drawing course? Elementary: you fill in a simple order form, pay in the way that is convenient for you - and all that remains is to check your email. You can get access to drawing courses for beginners through your office in the form of video lessons. Like all good things, our offer is strictly limited. In the future, buy the author's painting course will be much more expensive. Therefore, quickly discard doubts - and fill out the order form below.

ORDER DRAWING COURSE CAN BE HERE - linkhttps: //artnuvo.biz/order.php

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