Dolls from nylon and sintepon

Dolls are not only children's fun, but a popular form of needlework today. No wonder the last few years in the world are held entire exhibitions devoted to sculptural textiles. At these shows, dolls made of caprone and sinteponone are admired along with expensive authoring works, not only among little girls, but also among sophisticated collectors.

If your daughter asks to buy her a new doll, do not rush to go to the store. Try to create a cute toy with your own hands. Surely there are old kapron tights in the house - they can make a fun and cute soft toy. Usually, old women or babies are made from this material: they turn out to be wrinkled and due to this very realistic. But you can make animal figures. It all depends on your creative adventurism, although in fact it is completely easy to make dolls from nylon pantyhose. And with the help of a master class for beginners, in which all stages of work are described in detail, you can cope with a toy in just a couple of hours.

Materials and tools for work

Master dolls from nylon and sintepon

To make the process of making toys fun, you must follow two rules:

  • do not rush;
  • prepare in advance all the necessary tools for work and materials.

As for the last requirement, it should be discussed in detail. So, to create dolls from caprone and sinteponone, whatever master class you may repeat, you will need:

  • old knitted or nylon pantyhose;
  • pieces of padding polyester;
  • thread for sewing different colors (be sure to prepare and a coil of flesh-colored to create bumps and bends of the body of the doll);
  • patches of cloth;
  • special fabric paints or wax crayons;
  • remnants of yarn (for hair);
  • wire (on the frame of the doll's body);
  • long thin darn needle.

Beautiful girl

You can make such a pretty blonde literally in an hour, and you will have a new toy or an original interior decoration.

Dolls from nylon and sintepon: master class for beginners


  • flesh-colored tights;
  • pieces of padding polyester;
  • medium wire thickness;
  • fine darning needle;
  • yarn thickness number 40;
  • wax crayons;
  • ready eyes with eyelashes (optional);
  • wig or yarn for making hair.


  1. We cut off the sock from tights and fill it with padding polyester.Cut off the sock from pantyhose
  2. We pull a long thread into the needle and begin to shape the outline of the nose.
  3. We make a few stitches for the nose and nostrils.We make several stitches for the noseWe form a nose
  4. Putting pieces of filler for cheeks.We put in pieces of filler for cheeks
  5. Start making mouths. To do this, insert a piece of padding polyester and stitch lips outline.Start making mouth
  6. Short, tight stitches make a smile, while delineating the shape of the lips.
  7. Stitch eye sockets.Make a smileStitching eye sockets
  8. Separate the pieces of filler for the ears.
  9. Stitches decorate the ear.
  10. Slightly stretch the nose and make the depressions for the eyebrows.Slightly pulling the nose
  11. Chalk draw eyes and eyelashes or paste ready.Glue eyes
  12. We make hair from yarn or use a wig.

    Use a wig
  13. From the wire frame do handprints.
  14. We wrap it with padding polyester and cover with nylon.
  15. We tighten tights on wrists.
  16. We make out fingers and nails with stitches.Stitches make out fingers and nails.
  17. We make a flexible base for the body: neck, shoulders, stomach, legs, arms.Making the basis for the body
  18. Cover frame with filler and capron.We cover the frame with filler and capron
  19. Sew on the head and palms.
  20. We make clothes and shoes from pieces of fabric, masking parts of the joint. The doll is ready.

On the basis of this pupa you can make girls of different nationalities. True, it is necessary to take into account some nuances. For example, for a Chinese girl, you should work through your mouth in more detail, making the sponge thin. And, of course, do not forget to reduce the orbit under the narrow beads. But for black girls, black tights are used, preferably dense. And the facial features, on the contrary, are made large, that is, large pieces of filler are stuffed.

Baby doll

Especially for those who are just starting to sew dolls from nylon, we offer a master class on creating a funny baby doll, which will become a symbol of a good mood in your home.

Baby doll from caprone


  • flesh-colored nylon pantyhose;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • 4 small pieces of wire;
  • flesh-colored thread;
  • darning needle;
  • patches of cloth;
  • ready eyes with eyelashes;
  • hair yarn;
  • glue gun.


  1. In a nylon bag stuffed sintepon.
  2. Form stitches spout, nostrils, mouth, lips, ears and hollows for the eyes.
  3. Glue eyes.
  4. From the wire we make the basis for the palms.
  5. Wrap it with filler and capron.
  6. We make out fingers, nails.
  7. By the principle of handles we make feet.
  8. Getting down to making priests. In a piece of nylon place the filler, stitches make a hollow between the buttocks.
  9. Sew on the head ass.
  10. We make hair from yarn.
  11. Cut a triangle out of the fabric - panties, as well as a skirt-sun.
  12. Sew on the skirt arms and legs, on the ass - panties.
  13. Chalk make baby doll blush and tint lips. The doll is ready.

Shell doll

The famous master puppeteer Elena Lavrentieva on her website offers a beginner a master class for creating a shell doll made of nylon.

Shell doll


  • nylon panty hoses (can be white);
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • wire;
  • insulating tape;
  • thread to match;
  • pearl bead;
  • eyes with eyelashes;
  • eye shadow;
  • glue gun.


  1. From the wire we make two parts of the frame, wavy on the edge.Wire make two parts of the frame
  2. Wrap the connection of each part with tape.Wrap the parts with tape
  3. Now fasten the basics of shells together.
  4. Wire wrapped with filler.Wire wrapped with filler
  5. Fill the padding with emptiness.We fill with a synthetic winterizer of emptiness
  6. We cover the preparation of capron.We cover the preparation of capron
  7. Stitches make reliefs shells.Stitches make reliefs shellsMaking a shellWe form a reliefReady reliefReady shell
  8. Shrink the gap nylon inside and mask it with a bead.
  9. Glue eyes.Shell Doll Ready
  10. Hue bends. The shell doll is ready.

Making dolls from nylon and sintepon - a creative process that will appeal to both adults and children. Moreover, for their creation do not need any special materials - rather simple improvised means. Funny toys can be used both for playing and for decoration, and various dolls-talismans will be a wonderful - funny and original - gift.

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