Dollar tree

Perhaps, every housewife in her home greenhouse grow symbolic plants. And many of the fair sex prefer to plant money trees. Some of us mistakenly believe that the dollar and money tree are one and the same plant. However, it is not. The dollar tree is called Zamiokulkas, and in everyday life it is also called the horse tail. What constitutes a dollar tree, how to care for this plant, so that it will certainly delight you with its flowering, will be discussed in this article.

Dollar tree: how to care at home?

Dollar tree: how to care at home

Africa is the birthplace of this flower. Zamioculcas is recognized as one of the most original indoor plants. Over time, our housewives learned to grow this plant on their windowsill. In height zamiokulkas leaves can reach 1 meter. In itself, the dollar tree is amazing: the leaves are painted in dark green and dissected in the form of feathers. Rhizome zamiokulkasa presented in the form of tubers.

In its natural environment, this plant constantly blooms, and its flowers resemble large corn cobs. At home, to achieve flowering dollar tree is very difficult, but with a balanced and comprehensive care is still possible.

Lighting and watering

How to care for a flower with an unusual name dollar tree? First of all, special attention should be paid to the lighting level. A dollar tree likes well-lit rooms, so this flower is best grown on a window sill or in a bright spacious greenhouse. Despite its light-loving nature, Zamiokulkas does not accept direct sunlight, since the probability of burning leaves is high.

How to care for a flower with an unusual name dollar tree

In the warm spring and summer period, the flower can be moved to the veranda or the street, but in winter, zamiokulkas are best grown in a room with a constant relatively low temperature threshold. A dollar tree is not recommended to be placed near heating and heating devices.

Like a money tree, zamiokulkas absorbs moisture with a reserve. Moisture accumulates in the root system, leaves, stems and is consumed in accordance with the need. Due to the fact that hot countries are the birthplace of this flower, it is unpretentious to water the dollar tree. If the plant is watered excessively, it is highly likely that the root system of the zamiokulkas will rot and it will die.

The dollar tree should be watered as the surface layer of the soil dries, because the plant contains the necessary moisture. All water from the pan must be drained so that the plant does not consume excess liquid during the period between irrigations. It is also recommended to periodically spray and wipe the leaves of zamiokulkas, especially if the flower grows in a room with low humidity.

For watering a dollar tree is best to choose boiled settled warm water. It is advisable not to water this plant with cold water, as the root system can be damaged. To plant a flower should be in the usual universal fertilized substrate. Some housewives advise growing a flower in the soil used for breeding cacti. Universal soil substrate has the necessary minerals, peat base and trace elements.

Top dressing and transplanting

Top dressing and transplanting

House plant dollar tree - quite capricious. Caring for him is not only the right choice of lighting and frequency of watering, but also requires systematic feeding and proper transplanting.

Zamioculkas is very good at various feedings. You can choose universal fertilizers or funds intended for fertilizing the dollar tree or cacti. It is best to feed the formulations to the soil cover no more than twice a month. According to this scheme, the dollar tree should be fed during the growing season, that is, from April to the end of August. During the stay of the plant in a dormant state, it is better not to feed.

In order for the plant to fully develop and release the long-awaited flower of extraordinary beauty, it must be transplanted in time. You will be able to determine the transplant term as the zamiokulkas root system grows. Young plants that have just been planted should be replanted no earlier than in 2-3 years.

Replant the plant should be this way:

  1. The root system should be removed from the pot along with the soil substrate so as not to damage the tubers.
  2. Take a larger pot and transplant a dollar tree.
  3. The soil composition should be well drained. A thick layer of pebbles or special drainage is laid out on the bottom of the pot.
  4. Tubers are completely covered with earth and lightly pressed.

For transplanting zamiokulkasa, you can use any universal soil substrate, including for the cultivation of cacti. You can prepare your own substrate mixture by mixing peat base, sand and soil.

How to propagate a dollar tree?

A dollar tree can be effortlessly propagated at home. Experienced housewives and gardeners use two methods:

  • grafting;
  • branch shoots.

The easiest way to propagate the zamiokulkas is by dividing the tuberous root system. Separate tubers are planted in the soil substrate. If you want to grow a new dollar tree from a shoot or leaf, then it should be placed in a so-called greenhouse. To do this, take the peat base and sand, mix everything and deepen the sheet into this mixture, covering it with a film or a glass. With proper care and systematic watering after 2 months from the sheet may form roots. Only then can the zamiokulkas process be transplanted into a pot.

A dollar tree is a symbolic home plant. Be sure to plant and grow Zamiokulkas, and then your home will be a full bowl, replete with health, wealth and happiness.

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