Dog nicknames

Did a little puppy appear in your house? So it's time to come up with a nickname. The case is a responsible, and sometimes not quite easy. The dog's name should like the owner, fully describe the nature of the pet, as well as be consonant. Our article will tell you what nicknames for dog boys are popular, harmonious and suitable for different breeds.

How to name a pet?

Modern dog nicknames

Modern dog names range from strictly traditional to funny and playful. On the street you can meet a dog with the usual playful dog's name or a majestic and courageous nickname. It all depends on the preferences of the pet owner and, of course, on the personality of the dog.

But there are those rare cases where the owners give their dogs nicknames that do not correspond to the animal and sound a bit ironic. A bulldog named Tiny and a Chihuahua Buffalo are great examples of this. In order not to be in a mess, dog experts advise to consider the following aspects when choosing a dog name:

  • Names often reflect the character of the pet. Before you assign a dog a nickname, watch its behavior for several days. Is the dog very agile and playful? Or always eager to be the center of attention? What about the nickname King or Goofy?
  • Do not choose a nickname that is too long and difficult to pronounce. Names like Sir Baskerville, Wolfgang or Roberdranath will only confuse your dog.
  • Avoid names that sound like teams. For example, Sid or Servant is not suitable.
  • Choose a name that will suit the dog at any age. So, a sheepdog puppy with the name Baby will look ridiculous in the future.
  • Do not call the dog the name of friends or family members, because you can never be sure that it will not offend someone's human dignity.
  • In dog breeding, it is customary to give nicknames to pets by the number of litters. For example, if this is the first childbirth of a dog, then its puppies are named with the letter “A” and so on, alphabetically, each time.
  • Also, pay attention to the nature of the dog. An example of why this is important: a nervous dog needs a nickname that will sound soft and calm. Dominant animals are easier to control if given a short, concise and energetic name.

If we turn to grammar and consonance of names, it is generally accepted that dogs pick up and can only comprehend the first 2 syllables. Also, after a soft consonant, it is necessary to use strong vowels - so the nickname sounds clearly and the animal is easier to understand the appeal.

Basic fundamental rules for choosing a dog name:

  • The letter "E" is too soft a vowel, which is poorly perceived by ear. But the same vowel letter "A" at the beginning of the name will sound much more distinct.
  • Nicknames of dogs in which there is the letter "P" should describe the decisive, fighting or hunting nature of the dog.
  • Feel free to double the sounds for small dog breeds: Bobo, Kiki, Fifi.
  • Be careful with quiet sounds that may simply not be heard by animals.

And one more small tip: if you try to come up with a nickname for an animal based on the rule of sounds, vowels and consonants, then you should pay attention to the reaction of the dog when you read this or that syllable. Write a few letters, vowels and consonants on a piece of paper, and read them to the animal. Those combinations, to which the dog will react with interest, and should be taken into account when choosing a nickname.

Most Popular Dog Nicknames

Most Popular Dog Nicknames

A good dog name is extremely difficult to find. Remember the one-time series about detective Colombo performed by Peter Falk? In this film, the lieutenant was always accompanied by his dog breed basset, which was called - the Dog. And although today many owners of dogs have a great imagination, we still offer to get acquainted with the list of the most popular nicknames.

So, fashionable nicknames for dogs:

  • Archie or Achi;
  • Dick;
  • Gray;
  • Casper;
  • Ray;
  • Max;
  • Baron;
  • Tyson;
  • Gucci;
  • Richie;
  • Graph;
  • Jack;
  • Yoda;
  • Polo;
  • Mickey;
  • Toby;
  • The duke;
  • Simba;
  • Chico;
  • Diesel;
  • Bucks;
  • Alex;
  • Bruno;
  • Guinness;
  • Maximum;
  • Buddy;
  • Charley;
  • Hunter

What is the nickname suitable Shepherd?

Sheepdogs - one of the most popular dog breeds. Speaking of these animals, every person imagines a smart, majestic dog that is well trained, raised, can guard a dwelling or even search for missing things. In addition, shepherd dogs are very friendly and dedicated dogs, so you need to choose a nickname for them with a special approach to its meaning.

So, today such nicknames are popular for shepherd boys:

  • Oscar - dogs with this name have a rather complex character. They are capricious and capricious, rather proud, but they just adore small children.
  • Dick - such a nickname is often given to dogs that are very fond of the community of people. A dog named Dick will be faithful to his masters, intelligent and educated.
  • Rex - translated from Latin means "king". This dog with the majestic character of a large breed will be a great friend and guard.
  • Cupid - the nickname borrowed from ancient mythology and means the god of love. The name is suitable for a large and very kind dog that adores children and respects its owner.
  • Buran - the name characterizes the balanced and calm nature of the dog. Such a dog is easy to train, clearly performs the commands, strong and brave.

Suitable names for small breeds

Suitable names for small breeds

Males of small breeds are often very energetic and funny dogs. They are extremely friendly, but at the same time they love to show their grandeur in the lingering and drawn-out barking at passers-by and cats. Such dogs sometimes suffer from the so-called Napoleon complex, but the owners should not succumb to such weaknesses and call the dog a name that does not correspond to the size of the animal.

For dogs, boys of small breeds are best suited such nicknames:

  • Finn;
  • Gucci;
  • Archie;
  • Jumper;
  • Bonia;
  • Jerry;
  • Dobby;
  • Snoopy;
  • Kuzya.

Nicknames for hunting dog boys

Owners of hunting breed males need to think about very short nicknames for their animals. The name should be easy to pronounce and sound even when screaming. Canine experts, for example, advise you to choose a nickname without capital vowels "I" and "E", since these letters smear the word in high intonations. Consider calling a pet one of these names:

  • Lokki;
  • Set;
  • Bean;
  • Alai;
  • Hart;
  • Zeke;
  • Hunter;
  • Charley;
  • Bruce;
  • Brutus;
  • Caesar;
  • Sam;
  • Duke

The variety of nicknames for dogs of different breeds does not end with the proposed options. You can come up with your own unique nicknames or name a dog in honor of some constellation, favorite movie hero or character of the book. Include your imagination and, of course, pay attention to the nature of your dog. Good luck in your search and inspiration!

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