Dog in the house

Is it good when a dog lives in the house? Of course, everyone has their own opinion on this matter. This is a controversial issue and worthy of discussion. Some are categorically against being in their apartment dogs, others on the contrary can not do without a four-legged friend.

The dog in the house: the pros and cons

Here, several topics arise for discussion at once and it even reaches such an in-depth argument as religion. Some argue that it seems like according to the Christian and Muslim religions, keeping a dog in a house is a sin. Since the dog is descended from the wolf, and the wolf is the personification of evil. Many refuse to keep a pet in order to avoid all sorts of worries associated with an animal: walking, feeding, wool in the house, etc. But if you consider it from an optimistic point of view: doctors recommend a person to breathe air for at least half an hour every day, so walk with dog will benefit your health!

Dog maintenance: nutrition, health, care

Most dogs are unpretentious in food, they can be content with all sorts of bones, uneaten bites, etc. so this is a great factory for processing unwanted leftover food. The dog loves mode. She gets used to morning walking. She perfectly remembers how much the owner gets up and over time, you can even give up the alarm clock, be sure your furry friend will not let you be late for work. That's when your day off comes, your dog has little interest.

The dog in the house: the pros and cons

Besides the dog is very resistant to infections, as many dogs are curious about all sorts of objects on the street, it is worth being attentive. It is also worth remembering that parasites such as, for example, mites or fleas can stick to the dog.

It is worth taking good care of your pet's health, because yours also depends to some extent on its health. Good once a month to drive your four-legged friend to the vet for prevention.

Your dog will teach you to do a repair! The dog loves to scratch teeth with everything that comes into view. Whether it is room slippers or TV remote control, it is not very important for her, she can even chew on the edges of furniture and walls. But the dog, despite everything, was and remains the best friend of man. She is more fun, more interesting, and she can be a good bodyguard or home security guard. The most interesting thing is that when people imagine a dog in the house, they immediately recall only the minuses, forgetting about the advantages.

The dog in the house: the pros and cons

What does a dog like?

For many parents, having a dog is tantamount to a new child in the family. And it is really close to that. The dog should be washed regularly, taking care of its health. A dog more than any other pet requires care and attention.. There are even such cases when the dog makes all sorts of tricky ways to draw attention to themselves.

A dog loves being treated with love and warmth. and it feels great. The dog requires education, which also extremely distinguishes it from other pets.

The dog in the house: the pros and cons

If you do decide to have a dog, first decide with its size, it is very important. A large dog requires much more care and attention than a small one. It is worth considering whether you have small children. There are such breeds dogs, which adore children, for example, Collie, Boxer, Saint Bernard.

But don't forget about the dog's wool coat. There are a lot of worries with wool. It must be scratched, washed more often, and besides, due to shedding, wool will be in your apartment. Do not forget to take into account the gender of your dog. There are, of course, personal considerations on the choice of the dog. But remember that if you even decide to have a dog, you should carefully consider everything so that the dog does not end up in the shelter.

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