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Do-it-yourself wooden crafts with drawings for children and

Handicrafts made from various materials are a great opportunity for the creative development of the personality, education of aesthetic taste and, of course, a reason for pride. If desired, you can create a lot of useful items for interior decoration. Consider how to make wood crafts with your own hands with drawings.

Original ideas from experienced craftsmen

Since ancient times, wood has been and remains the most widely used material in the construction and decoration of premises. Many of us after the repair in the house or apartment are pieces of bars of various thickness, trimming plywood or laminate and other so-called construction debris. But all this can be used. For example, how do most of us spend our free time?

It's time to part with your four-legged friend on the sofa, turn off the TV and show imagination, blow the dust off the abandoned tools, re-sort the pieces of wood stored in the storeroom, and finally do something useful or beautiful, feeling like a creator and artist. So what can be made of wood? If you have not yet been visited by creative ideas, we suggest that you use ours for warming up:

  • You can make a frame for a picture or embroidery from trimming laminate and tape residues.
  • A wooden box is an ideal option for storing any small items, jewelry or costume jewelry.

DIY woodwork with drawings

  • Pamper your son with a new exciting board game called pinball. By the way, this is a good reason to spend time with your son.


  • Make a chair from one board with a minimum of tools. And its name is appropriate - minimalist.

Chair from one board

  • From a well-known pallet or pallet, you can create a real pendant masterpiece. No, not a bridge, of course, but a chair in the form of a swing is something that was so lacking in your summer cottage.

Swing from the pallet

Do-it-yourself wooden crafts for children 12 years old: master class

We proceed to the practical realization of our fantasies. Let's start with the younger generation. We offer to make a gift to the kitchen for mom. This will be a stand in the shape of a fish under your mother's favorite mug.

Necessary materials:

  • a piece of plywood not less than 10 * 10 cm in size;
  • wooden slats 0.5 * 1 * 15 cm - 3 pcs .;
  • hacksaw or jigsaw;
  • hammer;
  • small nails.

Process description:

  1. We cut out from plywood a square in the size of your cup, but not less than indicated in the diagram.Do-it-yourself wooden crafts for children 12 years old: master class
  2. At one of the corners of the square, using a jigsaw, carefully cut a corner, as shown in the drawing. It will be the head of a fish with an eye that can be burned with an electric burner or simply drawn with an indelible marker.
  3. Draw diagonal markings on the square and cut the plywood on it into separate narrow strips.
  4. From a separate piece of plywood we cut out a fishtail, the dimensions of which you see in the diagram.
  5. Preparing slats. This will be the basis of the whole structure. The longest of them - in the center of the square, it should not be shorter than 15 cm. The length of the rest depends on the distance at which they will be from the central rail.
  6. All roughness on the finished parts of the stand is treated with sandpaper.
  7. We lay out all the prepared parts on a flat surface, as shown in the drawing, and gently knock down small carnations. Instead of studs, glue can be used to attach the slats.
  8. Finished stand must be varnished or painted.

If you increase the size of the workpieces, then in the same way you can make a stand for the pan or pan. As you can see, it is quite simple to create self-made wood crafts with your own hands, especially according to the drawings.

Master organizer for country interior

Now we will make a wood craftwork with our own hands to give. This product will help to clean up your desk and decorate the interior in a cozy corner in the country house, where you can write a bestseller in quiet summer evenings. We represent the organizer for stationery from the residual hardboard.

Necessary materials:

  • residues of fiberboard with a thickness of 0.65 cm;
  • 1 cm thick wooden walnut planks;
  • brass screws - 5 pcs .;
  • brass hooks - 3 pcs .;
  • PVA glue;
  • small nails;
  • white paint on wood;
  • varnish, polish;
  • woodworking tool.

Process description:

  1. Based on the size of your stationery, which did not have a place, we make a drawing of the future product and assemble a cardboard layout for the final fit of the dimensions and aspect ratio of all the details.Organizer for country interior
  2. At a minimum, you need to provide space for storing pencils, pens, paper clips and buttons, rubber bands, envelopes and note pads, rulers.Organizer for country interior
  3. We transfer the layout on wooden blanks and cut the necessary parts. You should have one big common back and 4 back for drawers, 16 side details of different sizes, including for sliding cabinets, 7 front details, 4 of which are walnut for the front side of drawers. The upper part, which will overlap all other parts, and the shelf are made of walnut. We also need two mowings from fiberboard for fastening the shelves and one part of the bottom.Organizer for country interior
  4. Getting to the assembly. Please note that the left section is completely isolated and forms the so-called garret. When assembling each next detail overlaps the previous one. For better bonding, the ends of the parts are first lubricated with glue, and then gently knocked with studs. Since parts are thin, be careful when nailing. Section build alternately.Organizer for country interior
  5. The shelves and front parts of the boxes are pre-sanded. We fasten brass screws on the front parts - these are miniature handles.
  6. The finished sections are fixed to the rear and the whole structure is painted white.Organizer for country interior
  7. After the paint dries, we fix the shelves and screw in the brass hooks and the holder for the ruler according to the template.Organizer for country interior
  8. We put in place the boxes.
  9. The finished product is covered with a protective varnish and polish. Organizer for country interior
  10. We put in place their stationery. The organizer can simply stand on your desktop or, if necessary, you can fix it on the wall. Wood craft to give ready.

We hope that we inspired us with creative achievements. Believe me, in this case it is only worth starting, and then it will be difficult to stop.

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