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Do-it-yourself family tree

The family tree is a kind of tribute to the ancestors. Thus, we are trying to express all the love and gratitude to our relatives: grandmothers, grandfathers and forefathers. Making a family tree with your own hands is quite simple, especially if the pedigree is known in advance.

How to make a family tree?

Pedigree compilation options are huge. You can either draw a family tree with a pencil with your own hands, or you can use a ready-made template. However, before starting to work, think about the main points in advance:

  1. How well do you know your family? And it's not just about grandmothers, grandfathers, mom, dad and aunts. Think of deeper family roots. To do this, ask your relatives or look through the family archive with photos.
  2. Then consider the very essence of building a tree and make a rough sketch. It is desirable to have a photo in two directions: from the bottom up or vice versa. But keep in mind that the tree must be traced a clear relationship of one family member with another.
  3. In addition to names and surnames, you can specify the date of birth, as well as who this particular person is for you. Of course, if there is no such information about all family members, then you should not do this.
  4. You can decorate your family tree in various ways. For example, to come up with or stick a ready-made family coat of arms, place vignettes on a canvas — small framed photos, and write a relative’s name in beautiful monogramous letters.

To create a family tree with their own hands will come in handy and ready-made templates. We bring several basic options for your consideration:

  1. For primary school students fit a simple template in the shape of a flower.Family flower
  2. With a little clever one from the older group of the kindergarten, you can make a simple tree, and take a sketch with bears as a basis.Genealogical tree
  3. The tree with the photos of relatives pasted in will look very colorful and vividly. To do this, take this picture as a basis.Genealogical tree

And now, when all aspects are considered and the templates are selected, it is time to move on to practice.

We gather all relatives and ancestors together

This master class is offered as an illustrative example of how to make a family tree with your own hands. You can modify it at your discretion. For example, try to paste in photos of relatives instead of leaves or paint a tree with multi-colored paints.

Necessary materials:

  • photo frame in the form of a book;
  • thick colored cardboard;
  • a pen;
  • leaf hole punch;
  • glue gun;
  • dry twigs.

Process description:

  1. First you need to cut out one piece of cardboard for each family member. This whole punching process will take about a minute. And if there is no such device in the house, then the leaves will have to be cut by hand.Family tree do it yourself: master class
  2. Now, on each piece of paper, we write the name of a family member, as well as by whom. For example: Grandma Emma, ​​Aunt Marina, and so on.Family tree do it yourself: master class
  3. We go out into the street and break off a few thin twigs from a dry tree. Then we break each branch into smaller pieces, so that later it would be convenient to glue them.

    Family tree do it yourself: master class
  4. We open the photo frame and glue the twigs in a random order right in the middle of the picture with a glue gun, but so that they resemble a tree.Family tree do it yourself: master class
  5. Now it's time for each twig to "settle" a member of your family. At the bottom, attach a leaf with your name, just above - the parents, and at the very crown of the tree - great-great-grandfathers.Family tree do it yourself: master class
  6. Close the frame and hang the family tree in the center of the room.Family tree do it yourself: master class

Original ideas of placing a pedigree in the interior

How to draw a family tree with your own hands, we figured out, now it's time to decide on the options for its design in the interior of the apartment. And here, in truth, there can be a huge number of ways.

The pride of an apartment or a large cozy house, of course, will be the genealogical tree drawn on the wall. For this you need to hang pictures of relatives in the branches, depending on kinship. The barrel itself can be made in the form of a wall painting or cut the base out of multi-colored adhesive tape.

Original ideas of placing a pedigree in the interior

Skilled craftsmen and needlewomen will be able to create a real tree, for example, from plaster. The main thing is to think in advance about the layout of the photos and prepare for each of them a separate place in different parts of the trunk.

Original ideas of placing a pedigree in the interior

No less beautiful from an aesthetic point of view, the pedigree looks in a regular photo frame. Here you can show imagination and decorate the tree to your taste.

Original ideas of placing a pedigree in the interior

Do you knit well or sew, or maybe you own a cross-stitch? Why not apply these skills in practice, creating unique interior items? This can be an original pillow with embroidery, a tablecloth or beautiful napkins with pedigree.

Family tree embroidery

The tree of such a plan can be printed on a computer, for this there are many services online. The main thing - to choose the right font and beautiful paper. The family tree will look good on glossy photo paper. The finished family tree can be framed on the wall or stored with family photos.

Ready family tree

Creating a family tree is a very good and correct idea. Through this approach to family ties, you can acquaint the youngest with distant relatives or long-dead ancestors. In addition, the finished template will stay with you for many years and, possibly, in the distant future, it will be useful for your great-great-grandchildren.

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