Diy wire ornaments. master class on making a wire bracelet

Wire - flexible and at the same time durable material made from various metals and alloys. Any woman of fashion can learn how to make beautiful jewelry from wire today.

Wire decorations: what is needed?

In order to learn how to make jewelry from wire, you will not need complex tools. Pliers, round-nose pliers, an ordinary hammer and small clutches that can be screwed to both the table and the chair. Here, perhaps, that's all.

Some use specialized pliers with a smooth inner surface to work with the wire, they do not scratch the material at all. There is a special tool - pliers with removable nylon linings, with the help of them straighten the already twisted wire.

DIY Wire Decorations

When choosing a material for work, buy an ordinary thick electric wire of the diameter and stiffness you need. They are sold at any electrical goods store. If the wire is very stiff and it bends poorly, you need to heat it over the hob, only work should be done with gloves. The most popular diameters are 0.2 mm, 0.6 mm and 1 mm.

It is better to use the maximum wire diameter in order to fill the holes in the beads that you take for decoration as much as possible. The larger the diameter of the selected wire, the more resistant it is to abrasion. If the wire can move well inside the hole of the beads, it will rub against their edges and will surely tear.

Be sure to take care of good lighting before starting work - because without bright lights it is difficult to imagine a workplace. Halogen lamps will be a good help for you.

Copper Wire Jewelery: Technique

Before you create an ornament of wire, you need to make it a sketch. But some do without this stage of work.

  • First, learn how to make many different curls from copper wire. Then they should be beaten.
  • Before you beat off, all the details are usually fired on the burner so that the copper is oxidized to brown. You do not wish, it is possible and not to do it.
  • The most interesting moment in the manufacture of jewelry, it is their assembly. That is, the task is to collect some original drawing from individual curls. In the process of shifting curls you will definitely get a new element. Do not forget that to make the texture can be confused and intertwined curls among themselves. At this stage, add a couple of curls and different pebbles, beads.
  • When creating a product, stringing beads onto a wire, leave some distance between them so that they can move freely and are not limited in space. You can significantly increase the life of the product by simply increasing the distance between the beads.

DIY Wire Decorations

Wire Decorations: Master Class

You will need:

  1. round nose pliers;
  2. nippers;
  3. centimeter ruler;
  4. wire - diameter 0.4 mm;
  5. wire - diameter 1.3 mm;
  6. bead with a hole.

Separate a piece of thicker wire about 25 cm long. This will be the main part. Make in the center of its 3 turns with a thin wire. Attach another 1 piece of thick wire about 16.5 cm long, connect both thick wires, with two thin coils.

Make another turn on the main wire, and then from the bottom, attach another thick wire, then make 2 turns that will connect the lower and central parts.

Two more turns connect the top and middle wires.

In order to make a bracelet, repeat all your actions, starting from the 3rd (first coil around the central part).

Then put a bead on the central wire. In order for the side parts do not interfere, they need to be bent.

From the opposite side, you should repeat all the actions from which you started to weave a bracelet. It will take two more pieces of thick wire and one thin.

At the end you will have extra wire, bend it with a beautiful spiral.

Details on the website:

Bend the wire well around the bead.

When everything will be bent openly, bend the bracelet in the shape of your hand, and ... the decoration is ready!

Lessons on making original jewelry from ordinary wire do not seem particularly difficult. You can start with simple elements and gradually move on to creating unique designer jewelry.

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