Diy wall clock

We have one sign associated with the clock: they can not be given - it will end badly. Who invented this well-established truth is not clear, but it has long taken root. It is also impossible to give knives and many more household things, which in one way or another “according to belief or belief” will bring us bad luck, misfortune or a very bad end. Therefore, do not expect that someone will be able to give you the watch you dreamed of - it will be a bad sign. But to make yourself a watch with your own hands with no omens is not prohibited. What should we build a house? The clock, thank God, is more compact and will come out much cheaper.

Today, in order to do something with your own hands, it is not necessary to have the education of a designer, carpenter or joiner. A brief tour on the Internet and you are already on the site prepare to ensure that the clock own production.

What is needed for the manufacture of watches?

  • Clockwork with hands (You can buy it on the Internet and in any watch shop at a reasonable price - from 100 rubles)
  • Batteries
  • Wooden, plastic, shot or any other basis. This will have to search in hardware stores or disassemble the old broken clock, which you may want to revive. You can use a regular photo frame or box, at the bottom of which the hands and dial are attached. You can use anything as a basis: a dart board, chess, a packing box, a picture right in the frame, even a book. Here your imagination is limitless.
  • Dial (can be with numbers or without). Instead of traditional numbers, you can choose buttons, pearls, shells, dried flowers, plastic spoons and forks, etc.
  • Glue, scissors, pencil, compasses
  • Drill, metal mesh
  • Accessories and various interesting things that you will find at home.

Choose a design for wall clocks

What are good hours "own cooking"? At any time, you can redo everything as you like. But it is better to have an approximate plan of action in your head from the very beginning. To better understand your desires, carefully inspect the room where you are going to hang the clock. Look at the style of the room, look: will the clock fit the interior? Should they be a bright spot — a central figure or do they have a traditional function — show time? As soon as you decide on your preferences, start creating. And for those who are in doubt, does not know exactly what he would like, we offer several simple design options.

DIY watches for children

Such hours are best done with a child - two hares will be defeated here: teach your child to determine the time at play and take it for a while to do useful work. In this version of the clock, all work should not be tedious and painstaking, because most of it should be done by the child. Therefore, simplify: take the finished frame, numbers, clockwork and show him the principle of work. Then let him finish the clock, and control and direct yourself. This job - the game is good because you can easily find out the child’s preferences, get close to him, teach him to combine colors, perhaps in the future he will become a great designer. And his first work will be homemade watches.

Photofacies do it yourself

Everything is simple here, because the algorithm has long been replicated and this kind of watch is no surprise to anyone. If only the photos are unusual. How you look on your own watch is a personal matter. Whether there will be a photo of "a loved one" instead of each digit or one big picture is not so important. Let only the head remain from you in the photo, and the body will belong to Marilyn Monroe or Pikachu - the main thing is that you like it.

Print, like the photo can be different in style, structure. It can be performed on fabric or oilcloth. You can even wrap your skin over the frame of the watch, and make the dial out of bones by disassembling the skeleton keychain. The print can and should be interesting, because it will attract the attention of guests. What could it be? World map, movie characters, texts from your favorite books, photos from old t-shirts. You can even embroider figures or some runes on the embroidery frame if you can embroider.

Clock with words

Words that can be instead of numbers usually mean what they do at one time or another. For example: 8 am - rise, 12 - lunch, 18 - home, 22 - sleep / club / book / sex. You can invent something in other languages, or in general, come up with your own dialect. When guests will come to you, they will certainly be interested in unusual watches.

Sweet watch do it yourself

Real sweet watches will not last long, because they will be made of real sweets. Of course, you can also take artificial sweets, then it really will be a watch. In the first version you will make a culinary masterpiece, in the second one an interior masterpiece. In any case, the principle is the same everywhere: solid sweets. For artificial watches, take fake pies and cupcakes, they are now sold in any department of “Home”. You can add artificial fruits as you like.

Making a wall clock with your own hands

  • The mechanism with arrows is better to attach to the frame first, so it will be easier to remember about them. To do this, use a compass to draw an even circle and make a hole with a drill.

  • To start, create a composition of your future hours. To do this, put everything the way it should look like in the end. If everything suits you, start to glue and sculpt.
  • Do not forget very important things: a hole in the wall for your watch and a small metal loop, on which you have to hang the clock. It is fastened with small screws. All this can be easily found in the building department.
  • Remember: there is nothing that you could not improve, because this is your own project. And if suddenly it seems to you that your creation does not meet the original idea, do not rush to cry and destroy everything. Recall that the slightest interference (if it is right) can restore its former beauty or make it even more attractive. To complete the started and turn into a "candy" use, for example, cans of paint. Perhaps your made-up watches in one color will look better.

Grasp the most daring beginnings and grab all the generated ideas. Who knows, maybe one day your sweet hobby will grow into a favorite hobby. A favorite hobby at any time can be a profitable business and bring not only pleasure, but also a steady income!

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