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Threads are the most affordable of all possible materials for making toys at home with their own hands. After all, they are in almost every family. To master the technique of manufacturing such toys is quite simple. In addition, the process itself is very exciting and interesting.

What toys can be made of thread?

What toys can be made of thread?

  • If you know how to knit, then you can knit any toy that you just enjoy. And to make it soft and voluminous, it’s enough just to push it with cotton.
  • The toys laid out with the help of thick threads on the plane are very interesting and beautiful. It can be various pictures and panels. In addition, you can make beautiful jewelry boxes from thick threads.
  • Very beautiful are the toys made by hand from macrame. Those who can master this weaving technique (there is nothing difficult in it) will be able to perfectly decorate a room in their home or even all the housing with beautiful toys.
  • Children love the process of making toys with their own hands. The process is incredibly fascinating them, but how nice then to play with a toy, knowing that he made it himself! In addition, you can do with the child and Christmas toys. He will be incredibly proud of his Christmas tree attire for the holiday!
  • The simplest toys made of thread with their own hands - those that do not require a large amount of materials - just strings, cardboard and glue.
  • Many beautiful handmade toys can be made from just one material - chopped threads.

What toys can be made of thread?

We make toys from threads with our own hands

Variants of toys with their own hands a great many! And it is impossible to describe the process of making all of them in one article. We have chosen for you the most interesting and easy ways to create toys from threads with your own hands.

Ball of thread with his own hands

Handmade yarn balls

This is the simplest toy that can be made from the threads. To make it, you will need: a round balloon, glue, threads and children's cream.

Inflate a ball as large as you want to get a toy. Coat it with a thin layer of cream. After that, start reeling the ball, carefully coating each layer with glue. When almost the entire ball disappears under the thread (it should be visible only in small gaps between the threads), place the ball on the surface, leave it there until it is completely dry. When the threads are well dried, untie the balloon, and begin to slowly blow it off. When the ball becomes small, it will easily come out of the thread, and you will get a beautiful ball of thread. It can be used as a New Year's toy, and you can apply fantasy, make several such balls and make toys-animals.

For detailed instructions on making balls from threads, see the article Balls from threads with your own hands.

Ostrich of the threads with their own hands

From the yarn make two pom-pom, one smaller, the second - more. Weave, from the same yarn, two flagella not less than 13 cm one, and two times more - the second. We connect pompons with a short flagellum; this will be the neck of an ostrich bird. The long flagellum is folded in half and fastened to a large pom-pom, these will be ostrich's legs. At the ends of the legs attach halves of kinder eggs - surprises. Next, we make a bundle of threads 15 cm long, fold them in half and sew to a large pom-pom - this will be the tail. To the little pompom we sew eyes - beads, we cut the beak from red cardboard. So that the ostrich bird could walk, raise its paws and swing naked, you can connect two sticks crosswise, tie threads to it, and sew them to the ostrich bird. The toy is ready!

Koshechka for keys from threads

Kitty for keys from threads

And now we will try to make a key chain using threads. From the leather or leatherette cut out two identical figures cats. Then we put them together, with the seamy side inwards, and sew them with a stitch seam (the yarn is best taken in gray or ginger, so it looks like a cat). Loop suture is done over the edge. Then we sew a bead on the face of the future toy - it will be a spout. And bugles - eyes. With the help of sewing, we make a hole in the tail of the cat, we pass through a chain with a ring for keys. Toy - keychain ready! By the way, the figure can be not only cat-like, but absolutely any, which is enough for your imagination.

Thread Dog

DIY toys

For the manufacture of this toy you will need: any yarn, napkin, scissors, glue, a small piece of cardboard, special eyes and a nose for toys and a pencil.

We crumple the napkin, then we twist it with yarn until the napkin is no longer visible. We fix everything by tying a knot. Cut out the cardboard ears, then we wrap them with yarn, glue to the first part. Next we glue the eyes and nose. Tail weave from the same yarn, then we tie. Optionally, you can make the feet of cotton.

In order to make toys from the threads of their own hands, does not require great skill and experience. One has only to want, and you will succeed! And each new toy will be more beautiful than the previous one!

Creative success to you!

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