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Diy toys for children

Once in a knitting magazine I stumbled upon a cute white hare that was holding a carrot in its paws. My daughter and I just fell in love with him. And I decided, we must act, because before I was fond of knitting and I did quite well. The young mother has little time, but even more wanted to make a surprise, so I took the job at night when the baby was already asleep. The hare was born in three nights. The next day, and many, many days afterwards, he brought great joy to my girl. I didn’t even really understand why, the awkward, pale, eventually spreading hare carried the warmth and love with which he was tied.

DIY toys for children

Is it better to buy?

Now the shops are full of variety. Train, develop, jump or read. But their main motto is pay. But the family budget, especially if only one parent replenishes it, so a lot of expenses fall. And then some parents start to conflict, and some show ingenuity.

And if I can not do anything?

DIY toys for childrenDIY toys for children

But this is utter nonsense. They know how everything, you just do not know about it. Tell yourself, can you hold scissors and paper? fabric and needle? beads and thread? If you know how to even one thing, you are ready to create a masterpiece. Choose one of the directions that you like and good luck!

What toy can be made for the baby?

DIY toys for children

If it seems to you that the child has only recently been born, and he does not need toys, you are mistaken. Now the whole world of the baby is limited to his bed, the hands of his mother, outside the room, well, the sky, which he sees from the stroller. And he needs development from the first days of his life! Therefore, right on arrival home, parents hang musical carousels, rattles, and pendants over the baby’s crib. How to make these toys yourself? The first toy, and the most simple, beanbag. We take cardboard, best of all color, we roll up the tube, we glue well and pass a strong thread through it.

DIY toys for children

The main rule in the manufacture of children's toys - fastening strength, because the pussy cognizes this world also to the taste!) On the one hand, we seal the hole and fill the tubule with the rump. Experiment, different cereals and in different quantities make a different sound. Tried - like - taped the second hole. If we want to make a garland, we make several such tubes and stretch across the crib or stroller so that the baby can reach them with handles. You can also make suspension, only for her, you first make a skeleton (a wire, two stitched crosswise pencils, a hanger), and then you tie rattles to it. The child played with a rattle, remove and hang instead of rattles bright pictures (which are cut from books, magazines, printed and pasted on cardboard). Cheap, bright, informative, developing.

DIY toys for children

If the child is older?

If your crumb has already begun to take the toy in hand - go to a more durable material: plastic bottles, tightly closed jars, well-sewn fabric bags. All this can also be filled with cereal, beads and even put a small bell inside. How many surprises! Plus, we have added a new group of sensations - tactile (that it’s rustling there in this bag, you have to try). Sacks can also be filled with bags and other rustling things. It also gives new sounds and sensations to the fingers. At the age of up to half a year can sew developing mat, unless of course there is time and opportunity. Patterns and samples are easy to find on the Internet.

DIY toys for children

What baby will be interesting?

For your baby, any new toy will bring joy, so the main thing is to update them periodically. What else could you do yourself? If you have a girl, she will surely please her doll, which can tie, sew, even make an ordinary sock. From it, by the way, you can make a bee, a hare, a little bear, a monkey. All patterns and patterns are very simple and are available in knitting and sewing magazines. Will delight little fashionista and beads, which you can even do together. The boy will also willingly play with a soft toy, will be delighted with the pillow - cars. There is also a mass of educational toys that you can do with your child if he is old enough. it applications on various topics crafts from vegetables and natural material, origami board games. Any activity can be turned into a game, if you turn on the imagination, and make a toy right by cooking in the kitchen borscht from cabbage!

DIY toys for childrenDIY toys for children

Strolling with your favorite toy store, now do not argue, the price of the issue is not high, look and look for new ideas for your creativity. After all, not everything in this world can be bought ...

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