Diy t-shirt decor

Why search the stores for the right T-shirt and, without finding anything suitable, go home with disappointment if you can make decor t-shirts do it yourself? All that is required of you is a fantasy and a bit of creativity, and then From any, even the most ordinary T-shirt, you can make a very stylish and designer thing.

First, decide what shirt you want, fashion magazines and online clothing stores can help you with this, then think about what materials the decor will be made of.

T-shirt decor using the transfer pattern

The use of paints allows you to quickly and easily implement a variety of ideas for decorating t-shirts with your own hands.You can transfer the pattern to a T-shirt with a film or glass, you can also transfer the pattern with a transfer pencil and then the image will be three-dimensional.

  • Apply printing from film or glass should, if you want to create abstract designs on a T-shirt. You will need to work - smooth film or glass, special textile paints and foam sponge. On a film or glass, apply some simple pattern, for example, clouds. Then rub the drawing with a sponge, then, while the paint is still fresh with a comb or a cotton swab, apply the details. Now begins the stage of transferring the image on a T-shirt. Press the colored side of the film to the T-shirt and gently iron it several times. After that, the glass can be removed, and the drawing will be ready!

  • Another way to transfer the picture using a transfer pencil. This pencil is used in the work of embroiderers. Transfer pencil can transfer the drawing on tracing paper or paper for cookies. Then the picture should be attached to the side of the T-shirt and ironed with an iron, which must be put on the mark cotton. In this case, the iron can not be moved, as when ironing things, as the picture can simply smudge. This method allows you to easily transfer the image on a T-shirt.

When the base of the pattern has already been transferred, you can begin to use bulk and textile inks to fill the space of the pattern and give it brightness. After applying the bulk paint should wait four hours until they dry out. Then iron the drawing or steam it with a warm hairdryer.

T-shirt decor with appliqués

Appliques are a very common way to decorate a T-shirt.. All that is required of you is to buy an appliqué from fabric and sew it in the right place. The advantage of T-shirts decorated with appliqués is that they can be easily washed in a washing machine, without worrying that the image on the T-shirt will fade or spoil. And if, for example, to decorate a t-shirt with a sticker, then it can be washed only by hand.

Recently popular t-shirts decorated with applique from the heart. Cut a big heart out of paper - it will become your template. Cut out two hearts from this fabric pattern, it is better to take several materials of different texture and color for this. Select a few buttons that would be combined with a heart and attach them with scotch tape. Then sew the buttons on one heart and remove the tape from the fabric. Attach the first cut heart to a T-shirt, determine the place, pin it with pins and then sew it with a zigzag stitch. After that, put the second heart with sewn buttons, slightly move it to the side so that the first heart can be seen, and also sew it.

T-shirt decor with embroidery

If you are able to embroider at least a little, then you can easily decorate a T-shirt with embroidery. For this decor you need a plain T-shirt or topic, and also choose your favorite pattern for embroidery, which should not be too big, but bright. Translate the drawing into a piece of starched gauze and sew it into the place of the T-shirt where you want to see the embroidery. Begin to carefully sew, while not piercing the gauze, and then remove them with tweezers. When embroidering it is better to use the hoop to prevent skewing and tightening the pattern.

T-shirt decor with rhinestones and beads

Beads, rhinestones and sequins can be purchased at handicraft stores. First, think over some simple drawing or a small inscription.

Then take the rhinestones, it is better to buy thermostatic adhesive side on a t-shirt and apply paper or cotton cloth on top. Iron set to heating mode, look at the label of the T-shirt to set the desired mode. Every rhinestone pressed to the T-shirt with a small press for a few seconds. If the rhinestones are not glued, then repeat the procedure. Wait for the fabric to cool and your T-shirt with the decor is ready! Then, at will, you can add beads and sequins to the jewelry.

How else can you decorate a T-shirt?

  • Make a few unusual holes in a T-shirt, which you can then sew with colored threads from the edge or backing off a few centimeters. After these edges are slightly worn and worn after washing, the T-shirt will look even more fashionable.
  • Along the edges of a T-shirt you can make a fringe, and attach large multi-colored beads to its ends.
  • Do-it-yourself T-shirt decor can also be made from twisted cords, which will look vintage and unusual. This t-shirt can be combined with tight pants or jeans.
  • Now it is especially fashionable to decorate a T-shirt with Swarovski crystals, it turns out a very beautiful evening version of a T-shirt in which you can go to a disco or to a club.

Do-it-yourself T-shirt decor is a very interesting and exciting activity. To do this, it is not at all necessary to be able to sew perfectly; any girl will be able to embody the described ideas, the main thing being to aim at making an exclusive T-shirt!

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