Diy plaster crafts for home and children

Crafts made from plaster do-it-yourself are one of the most popular and original options for creating a unique decor for your home and garden. Gypsum opens up opportunities for creativity and allows you to realize the wildest fantasies. We offer you several excellent options for its implementation.

We decorate a personal plot

With your own hands you can make voluminous crafts for the garden or the garden from a plaster bandage. For example, dazzle the original statues and put them at the gate or make small garden gnomes. And if you want to take out potted flowers from the house, then it would be appropriate to make original coasters.

Gypsum garden swan

Necessary materials:

  • five-liter plastic bottle;
  • sand;
  • thick wire;
  • gypsum;
  • 2 metal grates;
  • gypsum bandage;
  • paint.

Process description:

  1. Plastic bottle from under the water thoroughly wash and remove all labels from it. Turn the container on its side and cut off the top. Pour wet sand into the hole.
  2. In the lid we drill a hole with a diameter equal to the circumference of our wire. We thread the wire through the hole in the lid, push it into the sand, and on the free edge we form the neck and head of a swan.Garden Gypsum Crafts
  3. In a separate container, we dilute the gypsum and coat with a mixture all sides of the bottle, including the neck.Garden Gypsum Crafts
  4. Attach on both sides of the two metal bars. You can pre-make holes in the bottle and stick the iron in them, or simply fix the plaster.Garden Gypsum Crafts
  5. Getting to the processing of the wings. We coat them with a decent layer of plaster, but do not overdo it so that the wings hold well.Garden Gypsum Crafts
  6. Now with the help of a plaster bandage we form the neck of a bird. It is very easy to do: wind the bandage around the wire, slightly overlapping the edges.Garden Gypsum Crafts
  7. Make more realistic forms of the head and neck of a swan with ordinary plaster. Do not forget to form the feathers on the wings.Gypsum garden swan
  8. At the end of the whole swan we cover with white paint and draw a little face.Gypsum garden swan
  9. Wonderful flower bed for decorative flowers is ready. It remains only to place inside the bird pots.

Master the panel on the gift to the grandmother

Each newly-made grandmother just doesn’t mind in her grandchildren. Our mothers often complain that we bring children to visit them too rarely and they miss their grandchildren very much. You can raise the mood of your beloved mother or mother-in-law by making an original gypsum panel on the wall with your own hands, the center of which will be the imprint of a baby's pen or leg.

Gypsum panel

Necessary materials:

  • Photo Frame;
  • gypsum;
  • tassel;
  • 2 rubber bands;
  • 2 tbsp. sand;
  • water.

Process description:

  1. Take the finished photo frame and gently remove the back panel and glass. Attach the back cover with rubber bands on the front of the glass.Gypsum panel
  2. Now turn the frame over and fill up half the free space with sand. If the sand is too dry and crumbly, moisten it a little with water.

    Gypsum panel
  3. Carefully spread the sand over the surface of the frame with a ruler. When you get an even space, make an imprint on the sand with your baby’s hand or foot.Gypsum panel
  4. After that, mix the plaster with water in the right proportions. Carefully read the manufacturer's instructions, as all brands require different amounts of plaster mix and water.
  5. Carefully, not pressing down strongly, apply a small amount of gypsum on the sandy trail with a spatula.Gypsum panel
  6. Then cover the remaining space with a mixture of plaster and level with a spatula.Gypsum panel
  7. Leave the picture in this position until the gypsum is completely dry. It usually takes about 30-40 minutes, but we recommend waiting 3-4 hours.
  8. Then, gently over a trash can or outdoors, remove the back panel and squeeze out excess sand. It should be something like this.Gypsum panel
  9. Leave the painting for a few more hours to dry upside down. It is best to give gypsum a rest for about 24 hours.
  10. After the plaster mix finally thickens, remove the remaining sand with a brush and cover the panel with glass.

In the animal world: spending time with children is fun and interesting

Crafts made of plaster will be interesting for children. It is fascinating and good to spend time with your child in the process of modeling new fun toys. For example, try to make a whole family of bright butterflies.

Plaster caterpillar

Necessary materials:

  • gypsum;
  • cake or cookie tins;
  • paints;
  • cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • small details for eyes and antennae.

Process description:

  1. Dilute the gypsum in water in the right proportions and pour the mixture into the molds into ¾ of space. Leave the gypsum in this form until completely dry.Plaster caterpillar
  2. Now remove the resulting bars from the molds, give the child a brush and paint and ask them to decorate the goose to your taste.Plaster caterpillar
  3. When children's creativity comes to an end, put goggles and antennae on glue.Plaster caterpillar
  4. Then, cut the wings of the child into the shape of the child's hand from 4 colored cardboard and also glue them to the back of the caterpillar.Plaster caterpillar
  5. For another butterfly, cut new wings of any shape. Do not forget to decorate them generously with stickers and sparkles.Plaster caterpillar
  6. Ready-made crafts in the form of butterflies can be glued to the wall on double-sided tape or left in its original form.

Original ideas for creativity

When working with gypsum, the fountain of ideas is always in full swing. From this material, you can do almost anything that your soul desires. We have already shown you a few examples, but now we just want to share other good options.

No pot for room flowers? It does not matter, because you can make an original stand of ordinary plaster, diluted with paints. Simply apply several layers of plaster on top of any suitable plastic container, and an excellent flower pot is ready.

Gypsum pot

If after tea drinking square plastic cookie cups are left, do not rush to send them to the urn. Just a couple of minutes, and the plaster turns into a wonderful candle.

Gypsum Candle Holders

Modern women of fashion can be difficult to successfully place all the jewelry. The unusual stand in the form of a human hand will become not just an interior decoration, but also an indispensable assistant. You only need liquid plaster and a glove.

Gypsum Stand

As practice shows, to come up with a lot of useful crafts for the house of gypsum is a snap. Just think for what exactly you lack in the interior, think over the idea of ​​creating crafts, and go ahead - explore new creative peaks!

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