Diy phone stand

Today it is impossible to imagine a modern person without a mobile phone, because this is not an indispensable thing, but a true accessory. But the mobile phone has one major drawback - it is often lost. To no longer face the problem of tedious search, you need to determine for the device some permanent place - for example, a stand. You can buy it in the store or make it yourself.

How to make a simple stand for your phone?

DIY phone stand

If you decide to create a stand yourself, you should first prepare all the necessary materials - a beautiful cloth, PVA glue, scissors, a marker, a stationery knife, a plastic container, which should have a flat shape (you can use a jar from any cosmetic).

First you need to sort out all the available empty bottles and jars in the house - choose the one that fits your phone, and carefully wash it with hot water. Now you need to dry it well to remove all moisture, otherwise your stand will not last long.

We take the phone and apply to the container, while placing at the same level of their lower plane. With the help of a marker, we leave a mark on the bottle - select the height of the future stand, which will be as comfortable for you as possible. On the front of the bottle we make a horizontal line and continue it on the side parts.

Rotate the bottle and draw a holder on the back. We make it with a sufficiently large hole, which will fully correspond to the size and shape of the "plug" - it should pass into it easily enough when charging the phone.

With the help of a clerical knife or scissors, we cut a stand along the already outlined contour. We take the sandpaper (fine) and carefully process all the edges until they become perfectly smooth. You need to go through the sandpaper and on the rest of the surface of the future stand, as it must acquire a slight roughness in order to better bond with the glue.

Then take a piece of bright fabric (here you can use any material). The main thing is to take such a segment so that it is enough to completely wrap the entire stand. Put the material down face down.

We lubricate the front wall of the future stand with sufficiently thick layers of PVA and press it as closely as possible to the fabric in the places that we identified earlier. Now we glue all the sides of the stand, do not forget about the back, which also needs to be processed. Strongly stretch the fabric so that there are no air bubbles or wrinkles left. In the same way we wrap the cloth in the bottom area - we must try to fasten it well in the shape of a bottle.

As soon as the matter is evenly distributed over the surface of the bottle, and you fix it with glue on all sides of the product, except for the bottom, take scissors and carefully cut all the excess as close as possible to the edges. Then apply another layer of glue.

The shape of the bottom of the bottle cuts a separate piece of material and glue it to the bottom to gently close all the cuts. Cover the bottom with an additional layer of glue.

In the end, you need to dry the stand well - you need to place it in such a way that the product does not touch anything. We hang a stand on some hook, spoon, pencil, pen, or put in a glass.

As soon as the product is completely dry, use a clerical knife to carefully cut a hole in the holder. It is necessary to check whether you have fixed the material well on cuts. All protruding edges must be carefully glued.

The convenient and stylish holder for the mobile phone in the car

DIY phone stand: how to do?

This version of the stand is ideal for phones with a wide display and a long body. You can make such a model yourself, moreover, it is very convenient in operation and perfectly suitable for use in a car. And to create it will have to spend just a couple of minutes.

So, you will need to take a binder (this is such a clip, which is used to bond paper sheets together). You also need to pick up the suction cup, which will become a device for mounting. In the place where the sucker has a hook, we attach a binder to it and our stand for the phone is ready. You can easily attach it in any convenient place.

Attach the suction cup to the back cover of the phone (don't worry, it won't damage its surface, nor will there be any ugly marks). You can easily position the device not only in a vertical, but also in a horizontal position.

Master the technique of modular origami

DIY phone stand: how to do?

DIY phone stand: how to do?

You can make a stand for your phone using modular origami technique. First you need to collect 24 white and 23 pink modules. Color blanks can be chosen to your taste!

In a circle, we fasten the white modules together in such a way that a circle is formed, while between each pair of white ones, it is necessary to insert the 1st pink module. As a result, you will get a cone, gradually tapering to the top.

This design should be continued until the stand reaches the desired height, which must be determined according to the size of the phone. The device will be located in the central part.

Supports for the phone do it yourself: photo

telephone holder

DIY phone stand

DIY phone stand

DIY phone stand

DIY phone stand

DIY phone stand

Useful and affordable video tutorial

A phone stand is a must have! It allows you to organize space so that your mobile phone is always at your fingertips. You can buy a stand or do it yourself in various techniques. Such products will not only be convenient options for storing your phone, they can be an excellent gift for your friends or loved ones.

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