Diy patchwork

Patchwork in English means "patchwork". This is a kind of needlework where a whole piece is sewn together in the form of a mosaic. For this, multicolored, variegated shreds (pieces of cloth) are taken. It creates a product with an unusual pattern, bright and colorful, original.

In Russia, this kind of needlework has long been used. Thanks to patchwork, quilts are made, such as quilts.


Initially, patchwork existed as a utilitarian hobby. Needlewoman was just a pity to throw out the colored shreds left after sewing any things. They sewed variegated tablecloths from colored pieces of fabric, dressed pillowcases for pillows. Over time, the quilting technique was improved. Now, what used to be so to speak out of handcraft, turned into a special unique style.

In the patchwork style now do blankets, tablecloths, curtains and napkins, as well as bags, various panels and even clothing.

Using patchwork technology for home

Absolutely any room in your home can visibly decorate products made in this style.

  • The kitchen Its true cosiness and new meaning will be decorated with colorful napkins, potholders and a tablecloth. You can also make small rugs for stools or chairs.
  • Living room will acquire a certain originality and freshness thanks to decorative patchwork pillows and blankets.
  • AT your child's baby For sure, colorful pillows and a blanket with your favorite characters will delight. An unusual floor lamp with an amazing bright ceiling will delight your child, and his room will give a feeling of fabulousness.
  • Excellent to enter the overall interior bedrooms will be able to play paints panels or bedspread with expressive shades.


Materials and tools for patchwork technology

  • Naturally, the main material will serve pieces of cloth different colors and colors. They can be bought in the shop for sewing. Or you can just thoroughly rummage in the wardrobe. Surely you will find things that none of your family is no longer wearing. They just fit.
  • In addition to the rags, you will need good cutting scissors.
  • It is also useful ruler.
  • Necessary and colorful sewing thread.
  • You should also find some templates, or schemes by which you can make patterns for sewing.

patchwork curtains

In specialized stores you can buy fabrics for patchwork. They are mostly made of cotton. They do not need to be washed before starting work. Ordinary patches left over from old things must be washed so that the finished product does not then go to the village. Remember that the more expensive the material, the better its quality and, accordingly, the guarantee that the fabric design does not shed after washing the finished product.

There is a patchwork many interesting drawings and ornaments. And their names correspond to: "French bouquet", "Dresden plate", "Grandma's garden".

For beginners, or beginner needlewomen, there are many books and manuals, which may be called: "Patchwork for beginners." In them you will find useful tips on this technique, a description of the patchwork style, as well as various schemes by which you can make special interior items. You can also look like special courses.


Patchwork is a wonderful way to liven up your interior, bring new colors and new emotions into it. With it, you can dilute the monotony of the rooms, get rid of boredom.

Having mastered the art of quilting, you can also please your loved ones with unusual gifts. But many people believe that the best gift is a gift made with your own hands.

Skillful use of this technology will highlight your home from all the others, will give you and your household a sense of comfort and convenience. After all, you must admit that modern interiors often lack the feeling of sincerity, homely warmth, and some kind of carefree joy.

Often our apartments, obeying a certain style, look dry. Only a true inventor, a craftswoman and the creator of a home hearth can fix this. So, ladies, dare! Comfort in your home depends on your efforts!

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