Diy organza flowers

The fashion for all natural relegates synthetic materials to the background, and in fact quite recently organza was considered a luxury item, used in the tailoring of ball gowns. However, organza can be used in the field of accessories, the fabric is perfectly treatable and suitable for the manufacture of handmade jewelry.

It is not difficult to make organza flowers, so even a beginning handyman can master them. Pleases multifunctional accessory. Flowers can decorate a hairstyle, wedding headdress, handbag or belt.

Organza for flowers

DIY Organza Flowers

The decorative properties of organza are admirable. The fabric palette, texture, packings are diverse, which greatly expands the possibilities of its use in needlework. Organza - a thin, transparent fabric, elastic. Its composition includes silk, polyester and viscose. At the mention of organza is a shiny fabric, but it is also matte, embroidered, etched, printed, metallic coated and even laser treated.

Organza flower: master class

To make a flower, you will need:

  1. Threads
  2. Candle
  3. Pink Organza
  4. Scissors
  5. Thick paper
  6. Pearl bead or beautiful button.
  7. If you plan to immediately make a hair ornament from a flower, then get glue and a base for making a hairpin.

DIY Organza Flowers


  • Using calipers, draw 6 circles on paper. The diameter of the circles should be slightly different. Estimated diameters: 8; 7.5; 7; 6.5; 6; 5.5 cm. Cut circles from paper and use them as a template. The thicker the paper, the longer the pattern will last.
  • Cut 6 circles from organza and make 4-5 incisions at each edge to a depth of 1 cm at an equal distance.
  • Light a candle and hold each circle over it. The petals will melt and give the flower a volume. It is possible to bend petals both inside, and in the opposite direction.
  • It will be necessary only to collect a flower with the help of threads and fasten a bead or a beautiful button in the center. The core will give a flower luxury or restraint, it all depends on the reason for which you are doing it.
  • If you want to make a hairpin from a flower, then sew or glue a base-clip to it from the reverse side.
  • With this accessory you will decorate any hairstyle. The flower can be attached to the gum and tie a horse's tail or braid. If you fix it on the bezel, then it will transform even the most usual styling.

Bulk Organza Flowers

To make bulk organza flowers there are several ways.

DIY Organza FlowersDIY Organza Flowers

Cut the fabric into 4 cm long long ribbons. Fold the cut in half and use a needle and thread from the core to start twisting the flower. It will turn out small, round and accurate. In the middle of the flower you can sew pearl beads or beads. As a rule, for the manufacture of jewelry used several of these flowers, they look best in a handmade necklace.

The combined flower from organza.Volumetric decoration will turn out if you use in the manufacture of a flower not only the base fabric, but also lace, feathers, beads.

A simple way to make a volumetric flower from matte organza is to cut one circle with a diameter of 15 cm, a second circle with a diameter of 13 cm. To scorch the edges so that the fabric will not crumble. Connect the two flowers together, on the reverse side in the center, tie up a small knot so that the front side has a volume and folds. Sew on the center beads.

The volume will be obtained by simply combining in the form of a chrysanthemum many petals cut from organza. Petals singe is not necessary.

Organza flowers should have a beautiful core. For its manufacture can be used:

  1. Metal fittings
  2. Beads and beads
  3. Wire with beads that imitate stamens
  4. Buttons
  5. Rhinestones
  6. Thread floss

DIY organza flowers: application

It is not enough to make a flower from organza, you need to know where to apply it. Practical tips will help to stylishly decorate both yourself and your home.

DIY Organza Flowers

  • Use fabric flowersin the manufacture of handmade jewelry.Organza flowers can be used to make necklaces, earrings, bracelets and brooches. By the way, unusual earrings-bells will be obtained if the matter is strengthened with glue or starch. From the multi-colored organza cut 6 petals for each earring, melt the edges and grease each with glue. As it solidifies, form a rounded bell from the petals. Sew the blanks and fasten at the end to which you attach the base for the earring.

DIY Organza FlowersDIY Organza Flowers

  • Organza flowers in the interior.This decor will help create a summer mood all year round. You can make a garland of artificial peony hats. Artificial flowers can be sewn on decorative pillows.
  • Decoration of clothes, shoes and accessories with fabric flowers.Sew an organza flower onto an old leather bag, and from the off-season it can easily be moved to a summer wardrobe. And ordinary sandals instantly turn this accessory into a holiday.
  • Organza flowers as a means of income.If you learn to make flowers of high quality fabric, you can safely sell them and not necessarily in the form of ready-made jewelry. High-quality blanks in the industry of hand-made snapped up.
  • Flowers can decorate gift wrap. The person will receive not only a gift, but also the packaging decor will be able to use later. Just attach a graceful accessory on the ribbon, which is tied with your gift.

If you want to masterfully learn how to make flowers from organza with your own hands, then learn the basic techniques and use them on this and any other material. Fabric flowers are aesthetically pleasing, romantic, easy to make and not expensive. Good luck to you creativity!

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