Diy napkin flowers

Flowers from napkins - what could be easier, you say. At school and university, any guy in two seconds could roll a small white tulip and charm a girl. And the waiters deal with it without using time. They instantly twist the flowers from the napkins, as if doing this all my life. Tissue flowers can be a really beautiful decoration of the table, but these are not done in 2 seconds. Here it is necessary to find the time and make some more effort.

Napkins in the house - this is not a problem. If you don’t have them at hand for some reason, run into the store. White is perfect, for example, for the carnations. You will need a pack of napkins and wooden sticks, at the worst - toothpicks.

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DIY Carnation Carnation

  • Take 5 or 6 napkins in a stack, on them draw the outlines of the glass with a red felt-tip pen. Each napkin separately.
  • Cut them one at a time neatly. Slice again with a marker.
  • Make cuts along the edges of all circles using manicure scissors. And shake the flower a little to make it fluff like a real one.

  • In the middle of the carnation, make a hole for the stalk. A wooden stick is a great stalk for a flower (skewers for kebabs will do).
  • It should be stopped to the flower with glue and cotton wool.
  • Wrap the base of the flower with a piece of napkin, and the stick with a green napkin to make it more believable.
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Rose of napkins do it yourself

  • Unroll the napkin. Lapel at one end, approximately 4 cm.
  • Wrap a napkin around your fingers and remove the workpiece.
  • Unscrew the loose edges of the napkin and form a stem.
  • From the bottom of the stem, use the edge of the napkin to form a leaf.

Almost all flowers from napkins are made according to the principle: either in several layers, or by wrapping, like roses, for example. A single rose of napkins does not always look aesthetically pleasing, but a bouquet of these flowers is beautiful. A whole bunch is painstaking work, but on your coffee table there will be 50 soft pink roses, which can be combined with beautiful white carnations and bright red roses of smaller size, made from plain paper and not from napkins. To do this, take a simple paper, and cut a circle of small size. And then start cutting this circle to make a spiral that looks like a tangerine peel. And after you cut, roll and you get a little rosette. It will perfectly complement your bouquet.

Flowers from napkins: photo

DIY napkin flowers

DIY napkin flowers

DIY napkin flowers

DIY napkin flowers

DIY napkin flowersDIY napkin flowers

DIY napkin flowers

Flowers from napkins do it yourself: video

It is better for all florists and flower growers to stock up with napkins of various colors, because this occupation will not be enough for you soon!

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