Diy jewelry

Modern fashion trends require originality and style in accessories. How difficult it is sometimes to choose from the options offered. However, you can not choose your own jewelry, but independently do what you really need.

DIY polymer clay jewelry: master class

Polymer clay jewelry always looks original and catchy. To make it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

DIY polymer clay jewelry: master class

Polka-dot painting has always attracted attention and is a favorite pattern of many people. Behind the exterior simplicity lies brightness and elegance.

To make polymer clay beads with polka dots you will need clay of two contrasting colors (show imagination in their choice), checkered paper, or graph paper, brass tubule, thick needle, food wrap and awl or needle.

First you need to create a base on which the peas will be located. To do this, roll out a layer of polymer clay at maximum or near maximum thickness. On the resulting base put the millimeter paper or paper in the cell and with a needle mark up where the peas will be. Now we need to roll a second layer of clay of a different color, from which we will get peas. This layer should be approximately twice thinner than the base.

DIY polymer clay jewelry: master class

Getting to the formation of peas. To do this, we cover the second thin layer with cling film and with the help of the brass tubule we begin to cut the amount of peas we need. After all the circles are cut, the film should be removed, however, as the layer. It must be pulled up by the edge and removed. On the surface will remain only the circles that we cut, which are stuck after cutting. From each circle you need to roll the ball.

You need to form the balls as evenly as possible, because the quality of our peas directly depends on this. With the help of thick knitting needles, we deepen and expand a little the places that we have marked under the peas. Then we put the resulting balls into these grooves and cover the entire surface with cling film. Now gently press each ball with your finger to get the desired peas. This should be done very carefully, because the balls should be flattened out, but not deformed. To the surface was perfectly smooth, it is necessary to roll it with a rope. Now you have a blank in the form of a polka dot surface. From it you can do anything. That is, cut out any shape. Having applied a healthy share of the imagination, you will be able to make various jewelry of such beads.

To make, for example, beads, do not forget before baking or hardening (depending on what kind of clay you use) to make a hole in the beads with a needle. Beads can be added with various accessories to create jewelry. Details can be found in stores for creativity or handicraft. It can be a variety of caps, chains, strings and pendants. What exactly is useful for you - choose to your taste.

DIY shell jewelery: master class

In the summer, many of us still had time to relax on the sea, and, of course, brought with us many seashells as a trophy. From this material you can build a lot of beautiful things. For example, a very interesting, romantic and tender necklace.

DIY shell jewelery: master class

Three pieces of turquoise-colored cotton cord (the color can be different, but this most resembles a maritime theme) about a meter long are taken as the basis for this decoration. To make the beads look more spectacular, stock up with several beads of turquoise of various sizes and shapes (of course, you can also replace them with imitation). For this necklace, it is better to use vertically twisted seashells. If there are none, then in the store you can purchase various pendants with shells.

First we thread a large turquoise bead on the basis of three threads, and the bead is directly strung on one of the segments. The other two are launched on one side of the beads. All three threads must be tied in knots on both sides of the beads. This element of the necklace should be to the right of the central pendant, so when fastening, it should be moved slightly to the right. Next, you need to start weaving a pigtail from this very bead to the left, with the help of which we will fix the central pendant. This is done simply by means of an ordinary nodule. After fixing the pendant continue to weave a pigtail.

We string several small turquoise beads onto one of the laces and continue to weave a pigtail. Then we tie a knot of laces, thread all three into a shell or bead from a clam shell, and again make a knot to secure the bead. Again we weave a pigtail about a centimeter long and fasten a large turquoise bead with the help of knots from two sides. Then we string another couple of small beads and weave the pigtail to the end. We finish work by attaching the lock. The right side of the necklace is similar.

Products made by hand, always look profitable, beautiful and original. All you need: a little time, fantasy and materials to implement your ideas.

You can make jewelry with your own hands from any available materials, even from cardboard! About this - in a master class on making stylish earrings.

Dare, create, surprise the world with your ideas!

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