Diy handicrafts from junk material for children and cottages

Have you ever made crafts with garbage? A positive answer to this question can be heard from many parents whose children attend kindergarten or school. Today we will discuss the original ideas of handicrafts.

Original ideas from the piggy bank of needlewomen

First, let's see what is waste material. These are any available tools that we use on the farm. Often, many items are recyclable, but you can make original crafts from them. By the way, such crafts will not only help your child get a high mark in a lesson of applied art, but also decorate your personal plot.

Crafts from junk material

What kind of material is suitable for designing crafts? Let's look at the main types of waste material from which you can make a real designer masterpiece. So, suitable tools for modeling handicrafts include:

  • carton boxes;
  • toothpicks;
  • cotton pads;
  • matches;
  • dried leaves;
  • chestnut fruit;
  • any bumps;
  • buttons;
  • threads;
  • plastic or glass containers;
  • cocktail tubes;
  • stones;
  • various paper;
  • wax candles;
  • clothespins;
  • CDs and more.

If you want to show your imagination and realize creative ideas, use everything that you no longer need in the household.

We organize an exhibition in kindergarten

Many parents are repeatedly faced with the problem of modeling crafts for their children. In the kindergarten or school, they now and then give similar tasks. You can safely help your child design an original craft that will take pride of place at any exhibition of hand-made objects. We want to bring to your attention a master class on creating a simple, but at the same time original handicrafts from junk material with your own hands for children in kindergarten.

Clothespin machine

Necessary materials:

  • 2 pcs. clothes pegs;
  • thin wire tape;
  • cocktail tubes;
  • mixed buttons;
  • adhesive tape (tape or tape);
  • office glue.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Prepare the above materials. Of these, we will design the original machine.Clothespin machine
  2. Cut two strips about 25 mm long from the cocktail tube.Clothespin machine
  3. Inside the tube lay tightly wire so that she looked out of it.
  4. At the edges we fix the buttons - these will be the wheels of the machine.Clothespin machine
  5. Similarly, we construct another pair of wheels.
  6. Now we fix one pair of wheels in the hole of the clothespin and clamp the tube.Clothespin machine
  7. Attach the second pair of machine wheels from buttons to the clothespins on the other side, as shown in the figure.Clothespin machine
  8. The open edge of the clothespins is fixed with duct tape, it is best to use colored insulating.

To design such a machine, you can use colored objects or, for example, suggest that your child pre-paint a wooden peg with colors. As you can see, in a matter of minutes you can make a beautiful and easy crafts with your child.

A bunch of buttons: a simple and beautiful hack for a student

Suppose your child is in school in grade 2, and he was asked to do crafts for an applied arts lesson. As you understand, parents are simply obliged to help their child do this homework. We bring to your attention the design of designer crafts from waste material with their own hands, or rather, from buttons. Let's try to make a beautiful and colorful bouquet. Let's start?

A bunch of buttons

Necessary materials:

  • mixed multicolored buttons;
  • wire for crafts green;
  • felt fabric;
  • templates for carving colors;
  • wire cutters.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. To begin with we prepare the necessary waste material. Count the number of buttons based on the fact that there will be on average three pieces on each flower.A bunch of buttons
  2. We cut the prepared wire to the desired length. Note that the wire will be bent in half.A bunch of buttons
  3. On one part of a wire we string on three buttons. At first we are going through a big button, then a smaller one, and the last one should be the smallest.A bunch of buttons
  4. Pass the second end of the wire into the free hole of the button and pull it through all the buttons to fix them tightly.A bunch of buttons
  5. Cut out blanks of flowers from felt fabric and pass them through the wire. Felt petals will serve as the base flower.
  6. Then fix the wire, twisting one edge around the stem.A bunch of buttons
  7. By analogy, we design several more flowers and put the bouquet in the pot.

We decorate a personal plot: ideas of designers

Many housewives try to decorate their garden, to make it cozy and unique. From waste material you can build crafts to give their own hands, for example, original flower beds, hanging vases, stools, a frame for climbing plants, animal figurines, decorations for an artificial reservoir, etc.

We bring to your attention a step-by-step photo course on creating crafts from an unnecessary plastic canister with a nominal volume of 5 liters. Most often, flowers, bushes or decorative trees are planted to decorate their land. We offer today to design a flower bed, which not only will be an excellent design solution at the dacha, but will also testify to your impeccable taste.

Do-it-yourself junk craft

Necessary materials:

  • plastic bottle with a nominal volume of 5 liters;
  • scissors or office knife;
  • gouache paints;
  • thick white cardboard sheets;
  • pencil;
  • adhesive or double-sided tape;
  • decorative elements;
  • ruler.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. With an empty plastic bottle cut the neck, in one of the side parts cut a rectangular hole.Do-it-yourself junk craft
  2. We cover the walls of the bottle with gouache paint of white or another color, and then glue over the cardboard sheets.
  3. Cut out rectangles from the cardboard that imitate a picket fence.
  4. Glue with a double-sided adhesive tape in a horizontal and vertical direction such a fence.Do-it-yourself junk craft
  5. For decorating use any stickers or patterns. Glue them to the front of our flower beds.

Do not rush to throw away the waste material or old things. Perhaps they will be useful to you to create decorative items or original crafts. Show your imagination, involve in the process of designing handicraft households. You will see that you are interested in such a direction of applied art, and, perhaps, you will become an expert in this matter. Successes in your endeavors!

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