Diy gift boxes made of cardboard and paper

Perhaps it is difficult to find in the world a person who does not like to receive gifts. A gift can be practical, original, exquisite, inexpensive, voluminous, fragile or ridiculous. Regardless of what gift we choose with you, packaging remains an essential attribute. In today's article we want to talk about how to make gift boxes with your own hands.

How to make a gift box with your own hands?

DIY gift boxes made of cardboard and paper

Recently, gifts in the style of hand-made have become very relevant and popular. If you want to pleasantly surprise a loved one, try to make gift wrapping yourself, especially since there is nothing complicated about it.

You can spend time with this activity together with your baby.

You can make gift boxes with your own hands out of paper, by the way, this is the most accessible and common material. For the design of such packaging, many needlewomen use the old box, which should be covered with beautiful gift paper. Very popular among lovers of applied art is a gift box with their own hands made of cardboard. We will describe only the best schemes and blanks for modeling gift wrapping.

Design schemes of cardboard sheets - what could be easier?

To simulate such gift wrapping you can use almost any cardboard - colored, white, gray. If you do not have sheetframe on hand, pick up an old cardboard box. Preliminary it needs to be disassembled and straightened. To simulate a cardboard gift wrap, a regular cereal box will do.

Necessary materials:

  • cardboard box of any size;
  • office glue;
  • scissors;
  • ruler.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Take an empty cereal package and carefully disassemble it.DIY gift boxes
  2. Turn the cardboard sheet upside down.
  3. Use a ruler to measure the width of the box and mark the middle. Bend the cardboard sheet in half in the middle.DIY gift boxes
  4. Photo 2
  5. Bend the bottom of the cardboard sheet in half.
  6. Using scissors, make cuts as shown in the picture.DIY gift boxes
  7. Along the curved lines, start collecting gift wrapping. Look carefully at the picture.DIY gift boxes
  8. Fasten the individual parts of the package with glue.DIY gift boxes
  9. After you have made the bottom, continue to simulate the sides of the box and the cover.DIY gift boxes
  10. Fold the gift-wrap lid down so that the cardboard fits tightly against the walls of the box.DIY gift boxes
  11. Here is such a simple packing box you get. You can paint it or paste it with colored paper.DIY gift boxes

How to originally pack a gift for the New Year?

Since childhood, we have been waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus and gifts under the tree. Be sure to this holiday should happen something magical and wonderful. If you want to congratulate loved ones and give them an original gift, then make a gift wrap yourself. For decoration you can use any decorations: snowflakes, stones, tinsel, toys, etc.

New Year's gift box can be made not only in a simple classic version, but also to build it in the form of a symbol of the coming year, a ship, cars, a Christmas tree, a chest, a snowman.

Gift boxes for the New Year do it yourself

Necessary materials:

  • thick paper (colored or white) or cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Take a thick sheet of paper and transfer the template onto it.Gift boxes for the New Year do it yourself
  2. Bright color marked fold lines.
  3. Cut a pattern out of paper and fold it along the indicated lines.
  4. Fix the side walls of the box with glue.
  5. The top of the box is made in the form of a snowflake. To cut snowflakes, it is better to use small nail scissors.
  6. Lock individual elements of snowflakes, intertwining with each other.
  7. This is the original Christmas gift box you get.

For the same pattern modeled a large gift box with their own hands. It is used to pack a gift, candy or toys. You can take a color cardboard or paint white paper with paints. Also for modeling use bows, Christmas decorations, cones, cotton, snowflakes, rhinestones.

Beautiful gift wrapping for any celebration

To make the original gift wrapping, you need to show imagination. Of course, you will need certain skills and materials. You can take any template and cut it according to the desired size. By the way, modeling gift wrapping is a great pastime for both children and adults. Attract your baby to this activity. A very interesting and unusual is the packaging in the form of strawberries. It is suitable for any celebration. Even on a winter day, such packaging will give you a ray of summer sun.

Necessary materials:

  • red cardboard;
  • green cardboard sheets;
  • White paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue or double sided tape;
  • satin narrow ribbon.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. On a red cardboard draw in a chaotic order white or black dots.
  2. On the seamy side, apply a pattern of the desired size.Beautiful DIY gift boxes
  3. Cut out flowers and leaves from a cardboard of green color and white paper.Beautiful DIY gift boxes
  4. On each piece of the base of the gift box in the upper part make a slot.Beautiful DIY gift boxes
  5. Apply double-sided tape to the bottom, as shown in the figure.Beautiful DIY gift boxes
  6. Along the fold lines carefully assemble the box.
  7. At the top, thread the tape of any color and tighten it, gathering the edges into a bow.Beautiful DIY gift boxes
  8. On top, use glue or double-sided tape to fix the green leaves and flowers.Beautiful DIY gift boxes

Hand-made gift boxes: templates and blanks

Sometimes it is quite difficult to model a gift box of the correct form on your own. For this, many of us use blanks. With the help of a special computer program it is easy to enlarge the original template to the desired size. All gift boxes are modeled in the same way. You can use colored or white cardboard sheets, old boxes, wallpaper, drawing paper, etc.

For decorating the box it is better to take paints or colored pencils, and you can also decorate the gift wrapping with various accessories.

Many needlewomen put the appropriate lettering on the gift wrap. For this there are special templates and stencil blanks. We want to bring to your attention several different patterns. They will help you effortlessly make beautiful and unusual gift wrapping.

Template number 1

Such a box is made quite simply and quickly. The dotted lines on the template are applied to the bend. Transfer the blank to the paper from the wrong side. To simulate such gift wrapping it is best to use thick cardboard.

DIY gift boxes: templates

Template number 2

Gift wrapping made in the form of a handbag will be very original. In this box you can put any souvenir. The corresponding decor will allow you to make themed packaging for any celebration.

DIY gift boxes: templates

Template number 3

Lovers of romance, we offer to make a box for a gift with a beautiful decoration in the form of hearts. Such gift wrapping can be presented to your loved one for any occasion.

DIY gift boxes: templates

Do-it-yourself gift box made of cardboard cup

Do-it-yourself gift box made of cardboard cup

Gift boxes do-it-yourself triangular cardboard

DIY gift boxes made of cardboard

DIY gift boxes made of cardboard

DIY gift boxes made of cardboard

DIY gift boxes made of cardboard in the shape of candy

DIY gift boxes made of cardboard

Gifts, decorated in the style of hand-made, are very famous and appreciated. Making your own gift wrapping, you can once again silently tell the person about your feelings, respect and recognition. Do not be afraid to experiment. If you failed to make a beautiful gift wrapping from the first time, do not despair. As they say, patience and work are all necessarily ground.

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