Diy flower arrangements

A hand-made flower arrangement will help you not only to decorate the interior of the apartment, to please someone with an unusual gift, but also to give an opportunity for self-realization and self-expression.

Floristics is a kind of art that can provide a lot of impressions. Bouquets and flower arrangements can say a lot. With the help of colors you can express your feelings and emotions. This is a terrific and wonderful communication tool when words are superfluous. In addition, such compositions will bring a lot of comfort, body and joy to your home.

DIY flower arrangements

Arrangement of flowers with your own hands: where to start?

Creating flower arrangements is quite a difficult task. Therefore, before you start it, you need to master a few simple steps that will allow you to achieve your goals.

  • You need mentally imagine, what the complete composition will look like. First of all, you need to choose the type of the composition, the form of which will soon be taken by flowers, as well as decide on the color scheme, and then choose the flowers that suit you.
  • It is also important selection of the vase. It should be remembered that this vessel should be a continuation of the composition and complement it. All materials necessary for the manufacture of the product, you need to gather together and put them in a spacious place, which will be quite brightly lit.
  • If the front of work becomes artificial or dried flowers, then you will need floristic foam to work with them. It is necessary to ensure that the flowers are securely held in the composition. At the same time, there is no need to worry about the shape of the vessel where your creation will be located. The fact is that from foam you can cut blocks of any shape at all. The foam block should be placed in a vessel so that the foam covers almost the entire bottom of the vessel. When placing the foam in the vessel, remember that it should not reach the upper edge of the vessel.

Arrangement of flowers with their own hands

  • In the middle, start arranging the main flowers of your composition. As a rule, these are the highest flowers. In order to shorten the stems of flowers included in the composition, use scissors to trim the stems. They must be very sharp.
  • When placing flowers in the composition, do not forget to periodically move aside and watch what the composition looks like from afar. This will help to avoid various errors: symmetry breaking or too many gaps. If, at the end of your work, you still notice small gaps between the constituent parts of the composition, you can fill them with moss. When creating a composition, make sure that the various flowers in it are arranged evenly, according to the color and appearance of the plants.
  • If you make a composition of artificial or dried flowers, they need to ensure stable position in a container. To do this, fill the container with pebbles or colored pebbles. Pebble has a natural color, so it can be safely used in any compositions. Colored stones will help either to complement your composition, or create a contrast with it, which often looks even more impressive than matching.
  • If your job is to create flower arrangements, then you can follow the same rules. The main thing is not to forget to fill the container half with water. In addition, flowers should be cut and all wilted and wilted leaves should be removed from the plants.

Creating a composition of fresh flowers

  • Creating a composition of fresh flowers is better to start with the primary colors, which will be in the center of the composition, then adding auxiliary ones to them.
  • At the end of the work can make a little green. She perfectly otenit flowers that are in the composition.

Flower arrangements in a high vase

Properly created bouquet in a high vase looks just great. To create this magnificence, you need to know some rules.

  • The first thing you need to remember is proportions. To create a bouquet in a high vase, the ratio of 2.5 to 1 is correct. This means that the height of your composition must exceed the height of the vase 2-2.5 times. If you make a composition of short, but large colors, then the inverse proportion is appropriate. In this case, the vase should be higher, but it should be remembered that the flower arrangement should then be approximately twice as wide as the vase. If you keep these proportions, you will get a beautiful complete composition. After all, it depends on the ratio of the height of the vase and the composition how it will look in the end.
  • Roses, lilies and other flowers that have a long stem and a single flower will look best in a high vase. It should be remembered that flowers such as gladioli and delphiniums (and similar ones) are not very suitable for tall vases, because there are too many flowers on them. It is possible that you just have to cut some flowers from the stem.

Flower arrangements in a high vase

  • If the roses are not too tall, do not despair. Sand, pebbles or shells can be poured into a vase. This will help raise the bottom of the vase, and also add stability to it.
  • For flowers with wide stems, you should use a vase with a wide neck, and for a vase with a narrow neck, flowers with thin stems are preferable.
  • It is necessary to make a bouquet for a high vase, starting with greenery and complementary flowers. You need to have them in such a way that they turn in different directions. So the composition will look natural, and the main flower will have good support.

Crop flowers in the composition with their own hands

Flower arrangements for children do it yourself

Flowers presented to children will bring a lot of joy - the bouquets are so beautiful, bright and as if filled with mood. Children will not remain indifferent to the cute little bunches. They will be able to amuse their curiosity by receiving a flower with a bud that has not yet opened, which will gradually turn into a beautiful flower before their eyes.

  • Floristics specialists believe that a bouquet made up of small delicate flowers (violets, daisies) that will surround a larger and brighter flower located in the center will be suitable for children.
  • For girlsA bouquet should be made of miniature roses, daisies, lilies of the valley or carnations.
  • For future defenders suit various colors of blue and blue hues. For example, irises, cornflowers, violets, delphinium and forget-me-nots.

Flower arrangements for children do it yourself

  • Miniature bunches should be presented to kids for the holiday with a more meaningful gift, by attaching flowers to the desired box.

Regardless of whether you are making a flower composition for yourself or someone as a gift, let it bring a lot of joy and positive emotions.

Other helpful tips can be found in the article Florists for beginners. Good luck!

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