Diy fence

Fencing suburban area - it is not just a way to zoning. The fence can be considered an element of landscape design. The perception of the house and the site as a whole depends on what and how it is made of. It is not always advisable to create high fences. The zest is attached to the site by hand-made decorative viewed fences of various materials. Anyone can build such a structure - there would be a desire.

Fence to give their own hands: materials and methods of work

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to end up with an interesting fence design. You can use a variety of available materials. It should be remembered that each fence is erected in a certain way.

Do-it-yourself fence: how to make?

If it is very heavy, then you should additionally strengthen it with a foundation. To do this, fill the track with cement. Preparation for the construction of fences perform, as in the construction of houses. The track is a bit like a strip foundation. For lighter fences, poles are used as a support. These can be logs or metal pipes.

If the budget is limited, it is worth considering cheap options for materials. Formerly used sheets of slate. Now it is more profitable to buy decking or mesh netting. The first material will help you to secure rather than decorate the site. Sheets weigh a lot, so attention should be paid to supports. Under them poured pillar foundation. You will also need a transverse steel beam. Mounting will be in the form of welding. Decking soldered to the supports and the beam. It is important to choose the type of sheets. For the fence most suitable is not very rigid sheeting with infrequent folds of corrugations (no more than 20 cm).

The fence for giving the hands with a grid of the chain-link build with if green plants are near. It perfectly passes light and does not shade flowers, etc. plants. Also, its advantage is that on the basis of the grid you can create a green fence. For this it is enough to plant any vines nearby. Looks very good on such bindweed fences.

The fence of the grid is extremely simple. Just as with any other designs, supports are dug in. It is best to use pipes. Their length is equal to the height of the chain-link. The grid does not need to cut into rectangles. Directly in a roll it is applied to the 1st support. In the right places connect with wire. Then the roll continues to wind off toward the other pipe to the end of the supports.

Master the fence of wood

Fence made of wood is the most attractive for many summer residents. This material is relatively inexpensive. In the final form, the design creates a pleasant impression of a well-kept plot. It is best for the construction of the fence to choose ready-made boards. It is necessary to process them with special means from rotting. The tree will be exposed to rain and sun. This can lead to its destruction. The mesh fence from laths unusually looks.

Do-it-yourself fence: how to make?

You will need:

  1. Logs for support
  2. Reiki
  3. Nails
  4. Saw
  5. Hammer

Manufacturing instruction:

  • Such a fence is best done in sections. Logs are used as supports, to which sheets of boards or slats are then nailed.
  • The section is very simple. Take a few rails or flat boards. Arrange them diagonally at an angle of 45 degrees. From above, start nailing new slats in the same way. Position them so that you get a rectangular "grid" of suitable size. If the slats extend beyond its edges, saw them off.
  • Dig holes under the pillars. Beat them in and sprinkle them with earth. Nail the rectangular billets to the posts. The finished fence can be painted or left untreated.
  • Another option involves the use of flat wide boards. It is necessary to dig up the posts for support, to cut the tree and to nail it to the dug logs horizontally. The distance between the boards can be any.

How to make a fence of stone?

Do-it-yourself fence: how to make?

There are several options for the construction of such structures. For a budget fence, you can use stones of various shapes and sizes. Due to the unevenness of an interesting decorative effect.

This type of fence should be made of natural stones, which can be found near the site. Usually used river cobblestones. Construction begins with site preparation.

Along the future fence dig a small ditch. Rebar is driven into it. Also make formwork. If the construction is one-sided and has support, then they use 1. They form shuttering from boards and enter in front of the reinforcement and behind the place where the stones will lie. It will help keep them, because cobblestone weight is large enough.

It is necessary to prepare a liquid cement mortar. He must fill all the gaps between the stones. In the cement, you can add small stones. We lay layers of cobblestones. Between them we make a layer of cement. We continue until the fence becomes the desired height. Pour cement on top. We give the design to dry. If armature sticks stick out, we cut them off. Carefully close up the obvious gap. You can decoratively plaster them.

Such a fence should not be made too high without proper reinforcement. Otherwise, the stones will not sustain their weight. If you do not have cobblestones nearby, you can replace them with artificial material.

Another option involves the use of flat stones. Such a fence made of stone is a stone wall. The material is laid in the same way as the brick - on cement.

Do-it-yourself fence: how to make?

You can make a fence with your own hands in different ways. Many gardeners use decking and mesh. They are fastened to the dug-in supports. Fences made of wood, stone and other natural materials also look very unusual. Such fences can be beaten, giving them a decorative look. Stones of different sizes are laid in the form of a wall. From koryag do something like a wattle. For all types of fences it is important to prepare the necessary support. For heavy ones - in the form of a foundation, and for light ones - as pillars.

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