Diy door decoration

The door can tell a lot about a person. For example, we all observed in the American cinema KEEPOUT inscriptions on the doors to the teenagers' room. It is immediately evident that the occupant of the room is a teenager, and without knocking it is better not to go in there. Or the ever-closed door in the fairytale about Bluebeard clearly told us that there was something terrible behind it. The door is the “eyes” of the room. And these “eyes” at any time can tint, bring, cover with bright and memorable elements and not only. If your door urgently needs redecoration, help her find a second life.

“Fresh door” is always a pleasure, because perhaps the room behind it will also be renewed. And everything new in your home is definitely for the best. Novelty foreshadows emotions, ideas, plans. And they will all be new, light and incredible. There is also an element of individuality - such a door, as you will not have anywhere else and no one. Isn't it great?

Materials and ideas for door decoration

What would you like to say new decor? That the old door just needs a new finish? Or that you are tired of the routine and dullness of your apartment? Or the fact that your child was bored and you decided to entertain him? It does not matter for what reason you decide to do the decoration. The main thing - you want it. Now your ideas and desires should turn into a drawing or drawing of your future door. If you have thought of the main theme, go shopping.

You will need:

  1. decorative items
  2. slats
  3. paint, varnish
  4. furniture nails, including liquid
  5. Accessories: costume jewelry, fur, cloth, dry flowers, glass, velvet paper, brushes, scissors, hammer.

How to start decorating the door?

Clean the door surface of unnecessary elements before you start decorating. Sand it, putty the irregularities and cracks. Proceed to the realization of the plan. How to embody the idea to the smallest detail is the designer’s concern, in this case yours. We can suggest only a few finishing options.

  • Door as the brightest element of the room. This option is suitable for those who have all the premises done in pastel colors, then the central link, attracting attention, will be the door. Especially logical such a door will look in the nursery. Children love to do something with their own hands, so give the child the opportunity to "decorate" the surface, not without your help.

  • You can decorate the door to match the wallpaper, so to speak, fool the look. This option is not suitable for the classic type of interior. In any case, if you decide to take this step, it is unlikely that you have white columns and gypsum angels in your house. Feel free to create in this direction.
  • If in your house teenager - this is another stage of his life. Technician applying a lot: paint in cans, mosaic of glass, dry straw, buttons, etc.
  • Wall mural. Choose wallpaper should be careful. They can quickly get tired of you because of their routine. The fact is that it is not as exclusive as you might think. Photos of loved ones - another option decor. He may like many.
  • If you want to decorate the door, as they say in 3D technology, then be patient and familiar in carpentry workshops. Here, one desire is not enough, unless you can cut from wood. But beautiful wooden parts can be formed on your door to anything: heat - a bird, heroes of your favorite films, abstract designs.

  • The decor can be in the details. For example, you can cut a small hole for animals in the door. If you are loyal to the fact that your pets move freely around the house - this is an option for you.

All the ideas that come to your mind, it is better to sketch, so that in the future it would be easier to implement them. Get a notebook for design ideas and sketches, and let inspiration visit you more often!

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