Diy crafts for the garden

Many people often wonder: How to make your garden, summer cottage or a children's corner of the yard more beautiful? What is the original decorate it?

Modern decorative figures for the garden are expensive, because of this they can afford not everyone. But craftsmen have long found the answer to these questions - they make their own hands from practically nothing beautiful and interesting crafts for the garden. There is nothing difficult in this, because such crafts can make almost everyone and decorate their site with them.

DIY crafts for the garden

Many garden ideas- these are sculptures made of cement, ornamental figures made from wheeled tires, statues of polyurethane foam or foam plastic, figures laid out from logs, decorative stone locks, various crafts made of wood, designs made of hay and old clay pots, and much more.

Making your own garden

  • If you put pots with flowers into an old cart and put them in a quiet corner of your garden, then it will be wonderful decoration pots.
  • You will be able to find an application for the already unsuitable old rusty watering can, if you clean it of rust and paint it. She may become unusual flower pot. It will look great, especially if you hang it on a hook by the handle.
  • Also do not rush to throw away the old galvanized buckets, with a little effort they will turn into a charming base for small flowerbed, which can be framed with stone crafts.
  • Do not forget about the convenience of the available garden tools. For example - an old rake can serve as an excellent hanger. This decor will immediately attract attention.
  • An important aspect in the manufacture of crafts for the garden is the choice of colors. If you play a little with her, you can achieve a great result! If you paint a wicker bench in one color, then it can be used as a starting point for the design of the remaining interior.

Scarecrow for the garden do it yourself

  • Let old-fashioned, but perfectly fitting detail. garden decoration may become a garden scarecrow. It is very easy to build, even with children. This process will take a little time and will give a huge pleasure.
  • To make a scarecrow, you will need 2 sticks of different lengths, an old pillowcase or a bag, unnecessary clothes (trousers, scarf, hat, shirt), a bunch of straw, nails, a hammer, a wire, and a permanent marker.
  • The sticks should be perpendicular to each other (the short one should be placed horizontally) and nailed to each other with nails. The lower end of the vertical stick should be dug into the ground to a depth of about 30-40 cm and thoroughly tamped into the ground.

Scarecrow for the garden do it yourself

  • On the old pillowcase or bag with a marker you need to draw a face. Wrap the top of the bag or pillowcases with a wire to make it rounded, and then fill the head straw. The resulting "head" needs to be put on the "trunk" of the bogey and tightly tied to the stick with wire or rope.
  • After that, the scarecrow remains to put on his pants and pull them around the belt around the support. The shirt should be worn on a horizontal stick, thus creating frightening hands. By the way, pants and shirt must also be filled with straw.
  • Then the bottom of the trousers and shirt sleeves need to be sewn up so that the straw does not fall out. Now it remains only to wear a hat and tie a scarf. But where to place it - your fantasy will tell you!

Handicrafts from plastic bottles for the garden

  • Still one of the materials for the manufacture of garden decoration are ordinary plastic bottles. From them you can easily make simple crafts: various frames, butterflies, flowers, funny animals, palm trees, etc.
  • This trend in the decor has become popular because of the cheapness of the source material. It is very easy to create decorative figures for the garden from plastic bottles., it is enough just to cut out the necessary figure from the bottle and, using bends and paints, to give it the necessary color and shape.
  • Butterflies will be a great idea to decorate the garden area with plastic bottles. For the manufacture of butterflies need an empty plastic bottle, wire, beads, stained paint and scissors. To begin with, it is worth making a sketch, then, cutting off the narrow part of the bottle and placing it inside the wide part, and then securing the parts with a clip, transfer the sketch to plastic. After that, the butterfly should be painted and cut out after drying. Along the torso of the butterfly wings, you need to gently bend to give it a shape. The body is made of wire and beads and is connected to the wings.

Butterfly from a plastic bottle with his own hands

  • To date, the crafts of plastic bottles for the garden are very popular, many gardeners can often be found on the plots decorative plastic palm trees, each of which is individual, like everything that is made by hand. Such palm trees will give a special look to even the most inconspicuous area, for their manufacture will require scissors and empty green and brown plastic bottles. The barrel is made of brown bottles, which have a pre-cut neck. For greater pomp of the crown, at least eight leaves are made: green plastic bottles are cut in half and their edges are cut into strips. In the very bottle for the top, cruciate holes are cut, where leaves are inserted.
  • The result of handicrafts made of plastic bottles for the garden will be enjoyed not only by neighbors, guests, or simply passersby, but also by the author, because the process of making them is a way to show your talents.

Handicrafts for the garden do-it-yourself very simple in execution, do not hit the pocket and do not take much time and effort. The main thing in this business is to discern their new purpose in old and already unnecessary objects to anyone and correctly reflect it in the garden decor.

The resulting harmony of the plot will favorably influence its owner - it will lift your spirits and give peace and tranquility. Decorate your garden plots, and you will see that this is not a troublesome and very useful thing!

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