Diy cards using quilling technique

Technique quilling different markedly popular. Beautiful and exquisite pictures made in this technique of needlework, many people like and are in demand. Postcards in the technique of quilling are considered a valuable gift, as they say about the fine manual work of execution. You can create such a card yourself, the main thing is to know about the features of this technique.

What is quilling?

What is quilling?

This kind of needlework has another name - paper-twist. Translated from English, the term stands for "bird feather", which symbolizes a fine, skillful work. The essence of quilling is to twist thin and narrow paper strips in such a way that harmonious compositions are obtained, three-dimensional or flat.

Quilling originated as an art form more than 5 centuries ago. There are suggestions that the monks invented it when they cut off narrow strips from old books to decorate the church. In the past century, technology was considered solely as female entertainment, and in England it was considered the most noble.

All quilling technique is based on the creation of certain elements or modules, which then decorate various pictures. In order to learn how to quilling, you need to create some beautiful and original modules, after which you can make any image.

How to make cards quilling?

How to make cards quilling?

To learn how to create cards in the technique of quilling, you will not need too much money, but still the list of materials will not be small. This paper requires special paper, which can be of different lengths, widths and densities. Troubled, but it will be more economical to cut the necessary sizes of paper strips by yourself.

In addition to paper, you need special tools to work with it, for example, tweezers and a tool for twisting paper strips. The last device can be made from a thick needle: the very edge of its ear should be cut off with the help of forceps so that the edge resembles a pitchfork. So that the sharp end of the needle does not prick, the point can be inserted into a pencil.

Also, to create neat, miniature cards, you need a thin awl, rulers and various machines for cutting and shirring paper. But in such devices there is a need when the skills of quilling are improved. To create simple and cute cards for birthday greetings, you can start with an elementary base:

  1. strips of paper, colored from 2 sides;
  2. toothpicks or thin awl for twisting;
  3. scissors;
  4. paper glue;
  5. cardboard base under the card.

postcards quilling

The simplest quilling module is a spiral. To create it, you need to wind a strip of paper on a toothpick, as tightly as possible, and then carefully remove it, loosening the coils. The resulting module must be glued at the bases. By clamping and bending the helix in different places, you can get different elements of quilling: for example, a leaflet, a boat or a heart.

Having learned to make the simplest element of quilling, you can create a real card with a volumetric flower. To do this:

  • Cardboard sheet folded in half - it will be the basis of the postcard.
  • The head of the flower will consist of 9 spirals. One of them should be placed in the center, and the rest, slightly pressed from one end, - around it.
  • To make a flower stem, you need to bend a paper strip and put an edge.
  • A pair of leaves should be glued to the stalk - spirals sandwiched from 2 sides.

Postcards in the quilling technique can be more complex, but this requires more experience. For example, one large heart can be made from many multicolored spirals. Such a composition can be presented on a birthday or on Valentine's Day. Having made several pieces of spiral paper from green paper and holding them on one side, you can place a pretty Christmas tree on a postcard and coincide with such a present for the New Year holidays.

The technique of quilling is amazing, because from it you can make not just postcards, but real masterpieces. Fancy butterflies and plants, fluffy cats, famous buildings, as well as a great variety of amazing flowers are born from simple paper strips. Quilling is still a true exquisite art, learning it is very honorable.

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