Diy bunny costume

Costumes for New Year's mornings are now available in many stores, but if you want your child to have a unique look, then sew an outfit for the holiday yourself. Most often prefer the costume bunny. It is easy to make, and it fits both boys and girls.

Bunny costume with his own hands: description

DIY Bunny Costume

Bunny is one of the most beloved children's carnival costumes for young people. It is easy to make at home.

Before you start making a bunny outfit, think carefully about the accessories:

  • Small size fluffy tail
  • Sticking long ears
  • Remember that the suit should be white, light gray or blue.

All this you can make from scrap materials - cardboard, glue, rubber, small fur flap.

White blouse, shorts can buy ready-made or sew from the desired fabric.

Ears for a bunny carnival costume can be cut out of cardboard, glue over them with fabric, artificial fur. You can sew them to the cap, attach it to a plastic bezel or fasten it on an elastic band, which will be fixed under the chin.

Tail made from a small piece of white fur. Carrots - cut out of foam rubber, paint with paints (watercolor), and sew greens from a fabric of green color.

Let the shorts be a little free, it is necessary for ease of movement. Do not decorate a white shirt of chintz (satin). Sew on the long sleeves gum, it is beautifully collect cuffs.

If you wish, you can make a vest using white fur. Here on this detail work well. The edging of white down, fur, rain along the sleeves, along the bottom of the vest, along the neckline will complement the image of the fluffy bunny. But keep in mind that a child in such a vest may be too warm.

Dress the baby with white tights, black shorts, a white shirt, cardboard ears, a ponytail — the outfit is ready.

You can also use another option to create an image of a bunny. Sew a hat with ears of white fur, attach a black spout and antennae to it. Collar, sleeves, tight fur. You can use the purchase hare mask. Put on a white shirt and pants, and highlight the chest bright shirtfront with applique-carrot. In conclusion, do not forget to sew a fluffy little lump of white fur - a tail to your pants.

Sew a bunny suit for a boy

If you have free time, you can sew a carnival outfit completely. Especially since the pattern of the bunny costume is very simple.

To sew it, you need to correctly take measurements of a child and make patterns

Measure the length of the pants from waist to floor (use any cloth, but preferably soft, fluffy); top from shoulder to waist plus 10 cm (about 50 cm of fur), width of the back (distance from armpit to armpit).

  • Tailoring the hood. Fold a wide (15-20 cm) strip 60 cm long from the fabric that you use for pants. This will be the part covering the bunny's head. Behind the back of the hood, covering the back of the head. It should be semi-oval shape, sew 2 the resulting parts, leave in the center of the non-sewn place for the ears.
  • Ears can be of different sizes. Cut one part from thinner lining fabric, etc. - from the main one. Make a base of flexible wire, stretch the ears sewn on fabric. Then thread them into the slot in the hood.
  • The vest is drawn out of the fur fabric. The back is square, and the 2 vest stripes are rectangular. Do not get carried away with cutting out details, because small errors are not noticeable on the fur. Sew 3 pieces of vest together. Attach a hood to the waistcoat from the back (from shoulder to shoulder). Make a fitting on the child, if necessary, then sew.
  • Trousers should not hamper movement, the child needs to sit down, stand up. For their patterns, you can use any patterns of trousers that are suitable for your baby. Remember, small details are not essential, it is important to do everything in size. Sew 2 trousers together.

Twist the tail out of the fur fabric, sew it into the pants. The tail needs to be fixed not very low, so that when the child squats, he does not create discomfort. Leave 10 cm unstitched on the front of the pants so you can easily put on the jumpsuit. At the end of the trousers sew a buttonhole, in front of her attach a white button. If the slot is visible, insert the zipper.

Then connect the top to the bottom. If any of the pieces are wider, fit it.

At the end of the work of the remnants of fur make cuffs, sew them on the bottom of the pants. Thinner fur strips, sew along the edges of patch pockets on the sides of the trousers. Wear a white t-shirt (shirt) under the bottom of the suit.

Remember that the costume will be very warm. Hood can be worn, removed, as you like.

It is also worth remembering that in a bunny outfit not only a costume is of great importance. Make makeup for your child - draw a rabbit face on the face.

How to make a beautiful costume for a girl?

DIY Bunny Costume

If the bunny suit is meant for a little girl, then cute ears, a white fur hat can be complemented with a dress made of plush or satin. A unique apron will look unique, covered with a shiny canvas. This costume will give the baby an opportunity to be not only a bunny, but also to feel like a fairy-tale princess in an amazingly lush dress.

For children it is of great importance that everything corresponds to the image in which they stay during the celebration, event, performance. If you sew only ears, this will not be a particularly original solution. Be sure to think about the outfit in detail.

Bunny costume can be sewn to any child, the difference will be only in nuances. Girl make a magnificent skirt, bow, the boy can also wear a bow tie. Creative approach will help to avoid the accepted standards in the manufacture of carnival attire. Let your baby be special during the holiday!

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