Diy bracelets

In the modern world, when imposing other people's stereotypes, it is easy for a woman to get lost. The beauty of a woman becomes unnatural, catwalk. Therefore, many stylists offer women to get away from uniformity and similarity. For this, despite the fashion trends, we are advised to choose their own style in behavior, clothing, accessories.

DIY bracelets

Accessories - not an extra moment in the image of a woman. With the help of rings, earrings, beads, bracelets, you can express your individuality, show your femininity and peculiarity. Handmade jewelry has become popular in recent years. All because buying them, you will know for sure that you will not meet them on another woman (as a rule, handmade accessories are made in a single copy). It is much nicer if you have a beautiful decoration that causes admiring glances and questions: "Where bought it? " And you, smiling, say that this thing is your own design.

DIY bracelets

For decoration of hands, since ancient times women use bracelets. Let's try to make bracelets with such unpretentious material as ribbons with our own hands.

Bracelet braid ribbons with their own hands

To weave this bracelet you need to take three ribbons. Color can be one or three. We fasten the ribbons with pins on the base and weave an ordinary pigtail (we all know it). We fasten the ends and make a fastener on them. Or leave the long ends for tying the bracelet.

DIY bracelets

Bracelet-braided two ribbons with their own hands

  • Take two multi-colored (red, green) satin ribbons at least a meter long. Tie them in a normal knot.
  • On one tape (red) make a loop, not fixing it. Thread another loop into the red loop with another ribbon loop. That is, the green loop is inserted into the red and the red loop is tightened.
  • Now the same is done on the other side: the red loop is embedded in the green, the green is tightened.
  • Thus, the whole bracelet is woven. Exhaustable hinges should be smooth, uniform and neat. Tighten the hinges is not much.
  • Having reached the desired length, fix the edges of the bauble with either a clasp or tails of one of the left ribbons (can be different on both sides).

Bracelet with a flower made of ribbons with your own hands

In order to keep the bracelet better on the hand without any clasps and laces, you can sew an elastic band into the ribbon base. To do this, we will buy a rubber band in a specialized shop and sew it in the center of our bracelet base. Then we sew the edges of the ribbon, thus hiding the gum inside. We sew the edges and we immediately get a round bracelet. But this is only the basis. Now we will decorate the bracelet.

We make from thin ribbons for gift packaging preparation for a flower. For this you can use ready-made bows, slightly crushing them.

On the preparation for the flower we plant one or several small flowers. You can buy them in a specialty store or try to find them at home. Often there are unwanted things that no one else wears, and there may be small decorative flowers on them.

Thick bracelet with ribbons do it yourself

Sometimes you want to update the old bored bracelet, especially if it has already faded, lost its appearance. Surely you have thick plastic bracelets of pale inconspicuous tones. Even if a bracelet of bright colors or black, it will do. The main thing is that you want to remake it, having pleased yourself and those around you with a new bracelet.

  • Take a ribbon of the color and length you like. Wrap the whole bracelet with this ribbon so that the base is not visible. The bracelet is ready.
  • You can complicate and diversify it by winding another tape, but not so often that the old tape was visible.

You can also make a winding with thin multi-colored threads or lace. You can decorate the bracelet with beads, pre-strung them on the thread, which is wrapped around the base.

In addition, this type of bracelet can be decorated with a flower. To do this, the ends of the wrapped ribbons are pretty nice to tie.

Bracelets of ribbons leave a lot of room for your imagination. You can also make bracelets from beads!

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