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Bottles will make a wonderful holiday gift, if they are properly decorated. With the help of decorated bottles you can transform the interior of any room. A decorated bottle can serve not only as an interior decoration item, but also to carry a functional sense, for example, be used as a vase or a lamp.

Decorating bottles only at first glance may seem a useless exercise. But when a beautiful vase comes out of an ordinary green bottle, all doubts about this activity disappear.

How to prepare a bottle for decoration?

Decorating bottles with their own hands: preparation

  1. To begin, you will need to clear the bottle from the labels; to do this, immerse the bottle for a few hours in hot water and remove the residues with a solvent.
  2. Glue is better to pick, designed for wood or metals. Paper glue should not be used.
  3. Be sure to degrease the surface of the bottle with acetone before you apply glue to it.

Ways to decorate bottles with their own hands

You can decorate the bottle in any way, everything will depend on your imagination and desire. You can decorate the outer part of the bottle, wrapping it with threads, decorating with beads and rhinestones, wrapping cords, and inside, filling the inside with fruits of vegetables and fruits, cereals or other material. And if you are a born artist, you can simply paint the bottle with paints.

Decoupage bottle decoration

One of the easiest and most common ways to decorate is decoupage bottles with napkins, or application - This is the decoration of bottles with the help of various pictures that are glued to the surface.

Decorating bottles with doilies with their own hands

Decorating bottles with their own hands using decoupage technique

Various figures are cut out of suede, leather, paper, cloth or from any other material and attached to the bottle.. Such a gift using decoupage technique on glass will be appropriate for any holiday, for example, for a wedding, you can give a bottle with the image of happy newlyweds, for the New Year with a picture of a fir tree or a symbol of the year. After the picture is stuck to the bottle, the rest is decorated to your taste.

Dressing bottles of thread

Decorating bottles with their own threadsDecorating bottles with their own threads

The original decor will turn out if you decorate the bottle with ribbons, bright threads, various ribbons. In order to glue the selected material on the bottle, you need any transparent glue, as long as the glue does not change its color in the future. You can start decorating from the bottom of the bottle or from the neck. The bottle must be carefully lubricated with glue and begin to reel the tape as your fantasy tells you.

Decorating bottles with salt and cereals

For decorating bottles from the inside use bulk products eg salt or grits. For decorating with salt It is necessary to thoroughly wash and dry the bottle for at least 24 hours. For the preparation of colored salt will need to dilute the gouache with water, shake well and pour into a jar of salt. The resulting mixture is mixed and sent to the oven heated to 110 degrees and let the salt dry. After drying, knead the salt with a fork and pass through a sieve so that there are no lumps. Thus, we prepare salt of different colors.

Decorating bottles with salt do it yourself

Decorating bottles with salt do it yourself

When the salt of different colors is prepared, insert the funnel into the neck of the bottle and start pouring salt in different colors one by one. Neck decorate at its discretion. Cereal decoration passes even easier. All the suitable, as you think, cereals are well dried for decoration, and then alternately poured into a prepared bottle.

Decorating bottles with fruits and vegetables

Recently it has become popularfill bottles with fresh vegetables and fruits. To do this, you need to take any fresh vegetables or fruits, the most important thing is that they crawl through the neck of the bottle: these can be small cucumbers, carrots, pods of pepper, beans or peas, also citrus slices. Needle or any long stick will help to distribute objects in the bottle.

Decorating bottles with fruits do it yourselfDecorating bottles with vegetables do it yourself

After the items are distributed in a bottle, it is necessary to fill the contents with acetic acid or ethyl alcohol. The neck of the bottle must be sealed with wax or sealing wax. It is possible to decorate a neck with twine or any beautiful ribbon.

Decorating bottles in nautical style

Will look great bottles decorated in nautical style. For decoration, we will need a bottle, threads of a neutral shade, seashells brought from the sea, sand or shell rock, superglue. To begin with, we wrap the bottle with the prepared threads, then we put seashells on the glue, and fill the space between the shells with sand or shell rock, which will complement the composition well.

Decorating bottles with their own hands in a nautical styleDecorating bottles with their own hands in a nautical style

Decorating bottles with their own hands in a nautical style

Decorating bottles with acrylic paints

It is possible to decorate a bottle not only with applications, but also to paint with fancy drawings.. To draw, you will need acrylic paints, which, unlike gouaches, are not washed away when exposed to detergents, but after drawing you must apply an acrylic varnish on top of the pattern in order to fix the drawing you have painted!

Decorating bottles with their own paintsDecorating bottles with their own paints

If you have an interest in creativity, there is a desire to embellish the interior of the apartment or make friends an unusual gift with your own hands, and there is a glass bottle of beautiful shape and vigorous imagination of a born decorator, then go ahead.

Let unlimited imagination inspire you to create beautiful products that will delight not only you, but also your loved ones!