Diy bear costume

Carnival costumes are a must-have attribute of most children's parties, but in each of them a child may want to try a new image, which is quite expensive. Therefore, parents try to sew costumes on their own. For example, you can create an image of a forest owner - a bear - in several ways, varying in degree of difficulty, but each of them perfectly conveys the intended character.

We sew a bear costume for the boy

New Year's bear costume for a boy

How to make a quick bear costume

If you can sew, especially - work with thick and heavy fabrics, you can start making a bear costume from scratch. But it takes a lot of free time, which is usually already in short supply, so for those who need an easier way out, there are several simple express options.

  • First, you can always take advantage of things in the house and do their "transformation". In particular, a free jacket with a long front zipper will be required for the New Year's bear costume, and it is desirable that it be with a hood. Straight wide trousers of brown or white color, made of soft material (for example, fleece) are also useful. The shade of the jacket does not play a special role, since it will be strongly modified. The store will only have to purchase a sufficient amount of brown or white fleece, find suitable threads and related tools - scissors, soap, pins, etc.
  • The dimensions of the cut brown or white fleece are calculated in advance: the fabric should be enough to completely cover the original material of the jacket. The preliminary pattern can not build, because the frame you already have, and you only need to "wrap" it with a new layer. On the stretched and ironed fabric, the jacket unfolds, outlines along the contour, first in front and back, then a hood, and then attention is paid to the sleeves. All parts need to be cut, not forgetting the increase for the seams, and carefully sew over the jacket.
  • Special attention - the hood, i.e. future head of a bear. To arrange it properly, 4 circles with a diameter of 15 cm are cut out of brown fleece. They need to be folded together in pairs with the front sides inward, sewed so that only 2-3 cm of the edges are left intact, and through this opening is turned out. These will be the ears of a bear: inside they are filled with either a dense padding polyester or scraps of other fabrics. In the middle on each "ear" you need to place a circle of a lighter fleece, with a diameter of 7-9 cm. After that, the "ears" can be sewn to the hood, with a hole through which they are stuffed down. In addition, from 2 small circles (diameter 6-7 cm) of black color, sewn together and also stuffed with padding polyester, the nose is obtained. Eyes can be drawn or embroidered with dark threads.
  • The last detail of the bear costume is the cuttings that will imitate his paws. Sewing technology is very simple, and even the pattern is drawn in minutes. It is enough just to circle the palm of the child with his fingers, making a small increase, so that his hand feels free inside the thing. From the same brown fleece, details are cut out, which are again connected in pairs by the front sides, stitched and turned inside out. On the inner sides of each mitten need to place smaller copies of the same pattern, made in a lighter shade - it will be "pads" on the legs. And to keep the mittens on children's hands, the edge is bent, turning into a drawstring, and a simple clothesline is inserted into it.

Bear Costume: Pattern and Recommendations

Bear Costume: Pattern

Bear Costume: Pattern

bear mask

How to make a quick bear costume with your own hands?

If you decide to sew a bear costume for children from scratch, you will need to build a pattern. In fact, there is no uniform pattern for such a suit, because it can be solid and separate, it can vary certain details, so choose from the existing assortment what you can do.

The common components of the image of a bear are free top and bottom, soft slippers, paws, mittens, round ears that can "sit" on a cap or on a rim. Additional details like ears and mittens were discussed above, and now you need to pay attention to the main things: the top and bottom of the suit. These are wide straight pants, which can even be combined with slippers, and the same wide jacket, also often sewn with mittens. For completeness, it is recommended to add a round pillow-belly to the sweater to make the bear plump.

The pattern of the upper and lower parts of the suit is the standard patterns of simple trousers, the legs of which can be gathered at the bottom with an elastic band, as well as the classic pattern of a jacket with a long sleeve and with a zipper. The increase in shrinkage of fabric and seams is determined on the basis of a specific type of material: it is recommended to choose soft loose options for a bear costume — for example, fleece, or fabrics that imitate fur. But since in the latter the child can be hot, it is better to apply them to separate areas: a cap, a back, and a neck finish.

If you want the costume to be solid, be sure to enter a secret zipper in the side seam. It is unreasonable to put it in the middle of the "trunk", because often in the abdominal area there is an additional bear belly that cannot be divided in half, and the baby’s opening chest may not be enough for a painless removal of the costume.

You can add volume to a bear body not only due to a pillow: in a one-piece suit sewn from trousers and sweaters, a whalebone or another is inserted into the place of their connection (often close to the hip bones), connected to a circle. But this technology is more suitable for a suit for a boy of 8-10 years old: it will be inconvenient for a preschooler to move around in such clothes.

How to make a quick polar bear costume with your own hands?

How to make a quick polar bear costume with your own hands?

An interesting express method of creating a polar bear suit is suitable for parents of toddlers about 2 years old. To bring it to life, you need a big toy polar bear, equal in height to your child. Carefully, several seams are dissolved in a toy: the one that connects the head and torso, and the middle one, or the side. As soon as the bear can be "uncovered", all the stuffing material is taken out of it, and the toy is stretched by hand.

Since such products are not designed to be worn on the body, care should be taken to ensure that the baby is comfortable in such a costume. Therefore, you will need a soft, but not warm (the material of the toy itself is already dense) fabric in an amount that is enough to create a full-backed layer. One should not worry about special care with regard to the cut parts or seams: the main thing is that they do not bring discomfort to the child when they are attached to his body.

A zipper must be sewn into the side seam, so that the costume is easy to put on and take off. The seam that connects the torso and the head of the bear does not connect back. The free edges of the fabric should be processed to prevent them from shedding; a thin elastic band, the length of which corresponds to the girth of the child’s head, is sewn into the edge related to the toy's head. If necessary, you can make from 2 fleece circles, connected in a round pillow with padding polyester inside, tightly stuffed belly of a bear. This pillow is sewn on the center of the body from the front side, the seam is applied secret.

The latest fast version of a polar bear's childish costume is no longer focused on remaking old things, but has simple sewing technology, so any mom will be able to do it. The whole costume will consist of a vest, short pants, a cap and mittens. How to build the last 3 elements was described in detail above. If you do not have the opportunity to make a full-fledged cap, you can get by with simple round ears filled with batting and attached to a plastic rim, which is necessarily covered with a suitable fabric.

The vest is a traditional sleeveless: a solid back, separate front halves, fastened with a button or hooks. It has already been recommended to work with fabrics that imitate fur, since the fleece will not be enough, and the baby will not overheat due to the openness of the costume in the fur "shell". The vest has only 4 seams: 2 side joints connecting the front halves with the back, and 2 upper seams on the shoulders. Additionally, the edges of the parts are processed, especially the opening for the hands and the neck. The hooks are sewn opposite to each other on the front halves, from the seamy side, so that the fixation turns out to be a secret one.

It is easy to sew a New Year's bear costume with your own hands: the only thing that can cause difficulty is working with thick fabrics. How exactly to build an image is up to you: it is important only to preserve the main details: ears, round tail, gloves-paws, fur on the body, which does not necessarily cover the entire body of the child. And if there is no opportunity to make a full-fledged cap-head, you can build a paper mask: it will give the idea no worse.

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