Diy bead necklaces

Beadwork is one of the most popular trends in needlework. From colorful, bright and different in the form of beads, you can make volumetric figures, hairpins, flowers, necklaces or beads. How to weave beads with your own hands, it will be discussed in our article.

Do-it-yourself bead necklaces: master class

If you are just mastering the art of beadwork, then start with the simplest models. For example, you can make bulk woven beads from beads or glass beads. If you do not know how to make bead necklaces with your own hands, carefully study our master class, and then you can clearly see that the process of creating an original accessory is not that complicated.

DIY bead necklaces

Necessary materials:

  • multi-colored beads of matching shades;
  • needles;
  • pins;
  • conical elements;
  • fishing line;
  • lighter.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Take a few blanks of fishing line. The length of the segments should be approximately 40-45 cm.
  2. Using a needle, thread the beads of a certain color onto each thread.Do-it-yourself bead necklaces: materials
  3. No knots should be done at this stage, and fix the first and last beads by threading the line twice.
  4. When you have woven 20 bead threads, proceed to their fixation.
  5. Start spinning the loose edges of the fishing line with a rope.Do-it-yourself bead necklaces: master class
  6. Then, by analogy, weave the bead threads.Do-it-yourself bead necklaces: master class
  7. Make a strong knot at the free edge of the fishing line. As you can see, all the beads are located at different distances from the node.Do-it-yourself bead necklaces: master class
  8. Gently pull tight all beads to the knot. Carefully ensure that the shape of the beads is not broken.Do-it-yourself bead necklaces: master class
  9. To fix the knot, on top you can tie another one.
  10. Now carefully straighten all the threads: they should not be twisted, and the beads should be placed clearly straight.
  11. Close to the bead from the opposite side, make another bundle.Do-it-yourself bead necklaces: master class
  12. Next, take the prepared pins and cone elements.Do-it-yourself bead necklaces: master class
  13. Bend the pin into the hook and pass it between the bead weave and knot on the fishing line.Do-it-yourself bead necklaces: master class
  14. We tighten the hook, cut the edge of the fishing line, leaving about 1 cm from the knot, and gently burn it with a cigarette lighter.

    Do-it-yourself bead necklaces: master class
  15. On the pin we string a cone-shaped element and form a loop.
  16. On the opposite side perform similar actions.Do-it-yourself bead necklaces: master class
  17. Twist the beaded threads in the harness, fix the clasp. These are the original multi-row beads you should get.

Give a second life to our beads

For the simulation of original accessories, you can use not only beads or glass beads. To make beautiful and unique necklaces and beads from your own beads, you can use beads of various diameters, pearls or other decorative elements. If you want to transform an old bead necklace, you can bead it over the top. Give a second life to your beads.

Beads and do-it-yourself beads

Necessary materials:

  • beads;
  • beads of suitable color;
  • needles;
  • fishing line;
  • toothpick;
  • tapes.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Beading old beads, you can make a new necklace, earrings, brooch or hairpin. Choose the right color and shape beads.
  2. Four beads are strung on a fishing line, and then, pulling the ends of the fishing line through their holes, we form a cross from them.Beads and do-it-yourself beads
  3. Between all the beads insert one more, so on the line should be 8 pieces.Beads and do-it-yourself beads
  4. Next, take the needle and pass it into the bead of the last row.
  5. Now we add two beads to the line, stretching them with a needle.
  6. Alternating the color of beads, we continue to weave the paired beads until we get the base of the desired diameter.
  7. We perform similar weaving for each joint.Beads and do-it-yourself beads
  8. Constantly we try on the basis for the bead weaved by us, so that it clearly matches the size of the bead.Beads and do-it-yourself beads
  9. If desired, you can alternate a greater number of flowers of beads. For originality, you can choose various bead shapes and glass beads.
  10. Now we take a toothpick and through the central hole in the woven base of beads we stretch it onto a skewer.
  11. From above through the hole we put on a bead.Beads and do-it-yourself beads
  12. Without removing the woven design from a toothpick, we continue to string the beads, observing the shape of the chosen bead.
  13. When we finished beads almost to the top of the bead, we need to make a decrease and a rounding.Beads and do-it-yourself beads
  14. In order to correctly make a decrease and close the weaving, we perform the following actions: in the first row we stretch the fishing line without beading, and in the next row we put on one bead.
  15. In this order, we continue to perform weaving until the surface of the bead is completely braided with beads.Beads and do-it-yourself beads
  16. By analogy, we braid the remaining beads to form a necklace.
  17. We can use different in diameter and shape of the bead, then the necklace will be more refined and original.
  18. Ready beaded braided beads are strung on a ribbon or a thick thread. On the edges we fix a fastener.
  19. These are the original beads you should get. For decoration, you can make bows between the beads.

When you acquire the skills of beading, you can easily make bead air beads from your own hands. This accessory will be a harmonious decoration for almost every day along. From beads you can create bulk and flat beads. It all depends entirely on your skills and imagination.

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