Diseases of cucumbers in greenhouses

Summer residents often prefer greenhouses over open ground. Not surprising! Indeed, in a greenhouse there is always a relatively constant air temperature, the humidity of the air can also be easily controlled. Therefore, choose greenhouses for growing different crops.

The problem of growing cucumbers in greenhouses can only be a disease. Unfortunately, cucumbers have a lot of diseases. We will talk about them in this article.

Diseases of cucumbers when grown in greenhouses


  • This is a disease that can be recognized by light brown rounded spots on the leaves and elongated spots on the petioles and stems.
  • With the development of the disease leaves dry up fall off. The cucumbers themselves (fruits) are damaged by pink mucus.
  • Causes of disease are high humidity (90% - 98%) and a temperature of 23 ° C -25 ° C.


  • The disease also manifests itself as spots on the leaves. They are large, brown, located on the edge of the leaf plate of the sheet.
  • Called askohitoz mushrooms of a certain kind. Later on, black fruit bodies of the fungus appear on the plant.
  • The cause of the disease is a prolonged decrease in temperature.


  • With this disease, dark green spots appear on cucumber leaves. They have an oily consistency. Sometimes there are small droplets of liquid on the spots. They dry up, turn into membranous formations. Further spots get a grayish-brown color.
  • Damage sites crumble. Cucumber leaves are perforated, then dry.
  • The whole plant is affected by round ulcers (spots).
  • Causes of disease are increased humidity and high temperature, as well as wet leaves and other parts of cucumbers.

White rot

  • This disease is fungal in nature. A piece of the stem or fruit first becomes wet, then covered with a light white bloom. Later on, black bodies of the fungus are visible on the damaged parts of the plant.
  • Causes of disease are high humidity and mechanical damage. In addition, a sharp decrease in temperature to 14 ° C and even 16 ° C can infect plants with white rot.
  • The development of the disease is favored by thickening of the landings, poor ventilation of the greenhouse.


  • With this disease, watery brown spots appear on the leaves of the plant. They can be of various shapes. Have a yellow edging.
  • The affected areas quickly die off. Sometimes they become moldy.
  • Causes of disease are wet weather, non-compliance with recommendations for growing cucumbers.

How to deal with diseases of cucumbers in the greenhouse?

It is not a secret for anyone that diseases in cucumbers appear only when non-compliance with the growing conditions, in violation of favorable content factors. Even one, for example, increasing the humidity of the air is enough to hit the cucumber with a fungal nature of the disease.Therefore, any disease is easier to prevent than to treat.However, if the moment is missed, the plant is infected, then a set of measures will help. The sooner you start treating a disease, the better. There is a chance to save the rest and save, even if not fully, infected plants.

To combat diseases of cucumbers, not one specific method is needed, but a whole set of methods. This set of methods is represented by a complex of agrotechnical, preventive and chemical measures.

Agrotechnical measures involve the observance and maintenance of the right growing conditions. This is not only proper tillage, as we used to think, but other methods. To prevent the development of diseases, it is necessary to create the right conditions for growing cucumbers in a greenhouse. This also applies to agrotechnical measures.

Rules for growing cucumbers in the greenhouse

Anyone who decides to grow cucumbers in a greenhouse needs to know the following:

  • optimum humidity for cucumbers - 80%;
  • soil moisture, optimal for cucumbers, should be from 80% to 85%;
  • the temperature in the daytime should be 26 ° C, at night - 20 ° C;

What to do if cucumber disease has come?

If the disease could not be prevented, the following is done:

  • With cladosporia it is necessary to treat the affected places on the whole plant. Then powder them with chalk, crushed coal or lime. Strongly affected leaves must be torn off and destroyed.
  • For ascochitis, anthracnose and white rot It is necessary to reduce the humidity of air to 70%. This way you prevent diseases from spreading to healthy plants. It should be well ventilated greenhouse (create good ventilation), as well as reduce watering cucumbers.
  • To chemical measures should be resorted to in cases where the rest are powerless. It is necessary to ventilate the greenhouse well after spraying with chemicals.
  • In the spring, before planting cucumbers, be sure to clean the ground well and burn it. Collect and disinfect the topsoil by calcining, or rinse with hot water, bleach solution or liquid ammonia. This prevention is best done even in the fall. After such procedures, a three-day airing of the greenhouse is necessary.
  • In the fall, you can fertilize the land, making rotten compost or other fertilizer.

Now that you know about the diseases of cucumbers in the greenhouse, the reasons for their appearance and methods of dealing with them, you can not worry about the quality and quantity of the crop. It is easier to prevent cucumber diseases, but it is not so difficult to treat them. Who knows, he is armed.

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