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Among the indoor flowers, dieffenbachia is almost in the first place in the number of rumors and bad signs associated with it. Plants fear not only because it is poisonous, but also for many other reasons.

It is believed that it adversely affects the person. The danger of Dieffenbachia, according to many people, is childlessness, which it imposes on couples. According to signs for unmarried girls, life next to dieffenbachia can turn into celibacy. According to another version, a flower placed in rooms with a bad atmosphere absorbs all the negative energy.

Dieffenbachia: the effect on man

Dieffenbachia: can I keep at home?

Many people who believe in the effects of plants on humans, ask the question: is it possible to keep dieffenbachia at home? The answer is not so easy to find. Some people believe that the appearance of Dieffenbachia is directly related to childlessness. Others believe in the positive properties of the plant. It is recommended to plant in industrial areas due to the fact that the flower absorbs harmful emissions and various harmful compounds. By the way, that is why it is called a fountain plant. Toxins and formaldehydes are actively absorbed by its leaves. According to scientists, dieffenbachia copes with bacteria. Maybe that's why it can be seen in any hospital. It is believed that the flower is able to influence the human condition. His presence in the room stimulates perseverance and concentration.

A proven fact that discourages some people from growing this indoor plant is the poison contained in its juice.

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Dieffenbachia - the flower of celibacy: is that so?

With dieffenbachia associated many will and superstitions. Unfortunately, most of them promise nothing good to plant owners. The most frequent complaints about the flower are the influence on the representatives of the stronger sex living in the same house with the plant. Dieffenbachia is said to greatly reduce male potency. Perhaps it is associated with this omen, etc. It is not recommended to grow a flower for people trying to have children, to put a pot with him in the marital bedroom. In addition to infertility, according to the signs, dieffenbachia can cause other problems. Popular rumor ascribes to her foolishness. They say that because of the flower men cannot live in the house, they leave the family. That is why dieffenbachia is called the flower of celibacy.

Diffenbachia poisonous: the dangerous properties of the plant

  • In addition to rumors and bad signs associated with the plant, there are also more reasoned facts of harm to dieffenbachia. The fact is that it is poisonous. The poison is concentrated in the juice of the flower. This property was known at the time of slavery. So slaves in America called Dieffenbachia a dumb rod. As punishment, the guilty were forced to bite a leaf or a stem of a plant. As a result, the human larynx swelled, he could not speak.
  • Really, the milky juice of this indoor flower, falling on the skin, causes burns. Usually they look like small sores. Juice is most dangerous for human mucous membranes. When it gets into your eyes, mouth, or nose, it causes a painful burning sensation. The larynx and tongue are swollen, vision is lost and temporary blindness occurs.

Dieffenbachia: the effect on man

  • For an adult, a small amount of poison is not particularly dangerous. Exceptions are people with individual intolerance. They may have a strong allergic reaction, and even heart failure. Responsible need to approach the cultivation of flowers in apartments with children and pets. Dieffenbachia is especially dangerous for them. In children, the reaction even to a small amount of juice is more acute. The likelihood of tongue swelling and disorientation in space is very high. For animals, a dieted leaf of dieffenbachia can even be fatal.
  • Dieffenbachia is poisonous, but according to many reviews, the effect of its juice on people manifests itself in different ways. Someone, stained them, feels only a slight burning sensation. Other people get burns and sores on their skin. It's all about individual sensitivity. In any case, it is better to be careful with the plant. Replace it should be in gloves, do not touch the hands of broken leaves. It is better to put the pot with dieffenbachia in hard to reach places.

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Many have heard that dieffenbachia is a celibate flower or that it is poisonous. With the plant associated with many will and superstitions. For some, it promises childlessness and celibacy, for others it absorbs negative energy, improves concentration and increases attention. Should I believe all this, it's up to you. However, if you decide to grow dieffenbachia at home, do not forget about the safety rules. The juice of the plant is poisonous. That is why it is better to transplant it with gloves. Also, the plant is recommended to keep out of reach of children and pets.