Design of the corridor in the apartment

If the theater begins with a hanger, the apartment, in turn, begins with a corridor. That is why the design of the corridor should be given no less attention than the design of the apartment. What design is suitable for the corridor in the apartment? What to consider?

General recommendations for the design of the corridor in the apartment

First, don't forget about functional corridor load. After all, this is not just part of the room. The corridor has its own functions. In the corridor there may be a place where you must place the outerwear, coming from the street. Either a place or a shelf where you will place shoes - street and home.

  • Do not forget that there should be a mirror in the corridor so that when you go outside you can look at yourself and make sure that your appearance is all right. Ideally, of course, the mirror should be in full growth. It will not be superfluous to take care of a small stool or ottoman, so that it is convenient to take off your shoes and shoes.
  • Standard solution for corridor design - closet. It is quite roomy, you can hang outerwear and even place shoes. In addition, most wardrobes are equipped with large mirrors. Thus, it is possible to combine several functions in one solution.
  • And, of course, do not forget that the corridor should correspond in style and design to the rest of the apartment.

Floor design in the apartment

Currently there is enough large selection of flooring, as they say, for every taste and wallet. But do not forget that the floor in the corridor is quickly contaminated, which means that it will have to be washed frequently, therefore, the coating should be one that is designed for frequent contact with moisture, and have a washable structure.

  • You can lay the floor with beautiful tiles. If you decide to opt for this coating, take the one with a rough surface. Otherwise, the risk of slipping is high.
  • Great solution for floor coverings in the hallway - moisture resistant laminate. It can be washed quite often, it is not afraid of frequent contact with water. At the same time it is safe, environmentally friendly and fairly stable.
  • It is not recommended to choose linoleum to cover the floor in the hallway. Frequent contact of this coating with sharp heels on shoes can quickly cause the material to become unusable. Or at least the whole view will be lost.

Design of the walls of the corridor in the apartment

Now there are very few such apartment layouts in which a window is provided in the corridor. This means that in this room is quite dark. This problem can be solved in bright colors of wallpaper or tile. In addition, artificial lighting can make the room brighter.

  • The best tones of the walls in the hallway are milky, white. (they can be supplemented with the color of fresh greens), white in combination with blue, beige.
  • Great corridor design elements - accessories. Various shelves with statuettes placed on them, panels, weaving will emphasize originality and individuality of your interior. In addition, they will give the corridor brightness.
  • Beautiful design element of the corridor in the apartment can serve as an insert of stained glass or stained glass. Often, stained glass windows are made instead of one of the non-bearing walls.
  • If you chose a material such as wallpaper for the walls of the corridor, you should not buy thin paper wallpapers. They will very quickly become worthless. Choose your sturdy wallpaper that you can wash. These wallpapers will last you much longer.
  • You can, of course, cover the walls of the corridor with decorative plaster. But the fact is that with this material it is very difficult to wash various contaminants.
  • An excellent material for covering the walls in the corridor is tile. The rich choice that exists today will allow you to choose a tile that will fit the rest of the design elements of the corridor. In addition, this coating is fairly easy to clean and is not afraid of contact with water.

Design a corridor in the apartment using lighting

The most a winning corridor lighting option is the lighting combination. That is, the main lighting is quite a rather big lamp, and the lighting is local - as a ceiling edging (spot lighting), next to a mirror or on the walls.

The so-called loop-through switches are very convenient. That is, you went from the street into the corridor and turned on the light, undressed, took off and went to another room. At the same time you turn off the light when you reach the end of the corridor. Isn't it convenient?

If you have local lighting, remember - to highlight better those design elements that need to be highlighted, focus on them.

Design solutions for non-standard corridors - narrow or with low ceilings

  • Visually, such non-standard corridors can be made wider and taller. It is important to know how to do it correctly. For example, low ceilings can be visually higher, if you cover the walls with wallpaper with a horizontal pattern.
  • In addition, the visual overestimation of the ceiling can be achieved with the help of a wall lamp, the beam of which is directed to the ceiling. But consider the moment that the part of the wall that is illuminated by a ray of light must be perfect. There should be no irregularities, dirt, inaccuracies. Otherwise, the light will highlight all these flaws.
  • If your apartment has a narrow corridor, You can increase the space with the help of mirrors. If you place one or more mirrors on one of the walls of the corridor, it will become, visually, wider.
  • Another way make a narrow corridor wider visually. To do this, placed in this room lamps, the rays of which are directed into the walls.
  • Much more and wider will look that corridor, from which the doors to other rooms do not lead. Instead, a passage to the room is created in the form of an arch.
  • A narrow corridor must be well illuminated, otherwise it will seem even narrower than it is. So make some spotlights on the ceiling.

Besides finishing design work, It is important to choose accessories that will complement the beautiful repair. As accessories for the corridor, paintings, panels, plants and shelves with books or statuettes can be used. The main thing - do not overdo it in choosing accessories, and do not forget about the main thing - the functionality of the corridor. It should be spacious, and the passage - free.

If your repair has just begun, and you have to choose the interior of your home, You can arrange the space by Feng Shui. Will help you tips article Zones in the apartment on Feng Shui.

Successful to you creative decisions!

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