Design of a two-room apartment

The picture of living conditions today is such that many live in one-room and two-room apartments. Most often - in the houses of the old layout. In such apartments, the question of proper design is particularly acute.

Design of a two-room apartment: photos and tips

Design of a two-room apartment

With a two-room apartment, everything is usually simpler than with a one-room apartment. The main task of the owner is the visual expansion of the space, as well as the creation of maximum convenience while maintaining the full functionality of each corner. And if you can do cosmetic repair in Stalinka, Khrushchev in 99 cases out of 100 requires redevelopment.

For any of these apartments there are several factors that change the visual perception of the room. For example, light. The subconscious is arranged so that a room with a lack of lighting will seem smaller. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the light. This is not only a chandelier with six horns under the ceiling, but also built-in halogen lamps. Their location is permissible anywhere: between the racks, along the floor perimeter, in arched structures.

The space will give and correctly chosen color. Preference is given to beige tones, any light and cold shades. They not only refresh, but also shift the boundaries. But various rich and bright colors can only be accents. It is precisely by varying the shades that the space can be demarcated if the partitions are removed.

In two-room apartments with a small number of squares, it is advised not to go too far with the decor. This applies to heavy and lush curtains, a large number of cabinets and pedestals. Each item must be necessary and indispensable.

Interior design ideas for a two-room apartment

Design of a two-room apartment

Since zoning is easy to implement through panels, arches, and so on. not overall solutions, the walls are often demolished. How applicable is this in each case - the owner decides. Even if there is no desire to combine 2 rooms in 1, it is permissible to replace a thick brick wall with a thin wall made of plasterboard. Or a glass partition with a wooden frame. It will not necessarily be transparent. Frosted glass will hide everything from prying eyes, at the same time giving the illusion of expanding space.

If the bedroom is not a priority area, and there is no desire to make a studio from home, you can move the living room wall. The main part of the furniture will go to the hall. Be sure to have to think about the moment of lighting in the bedroom.

Often, a loggia is combined with a room. This is usually the hall. And in the case when it is adjacent to the bedroom, and there is a desire to make a studio apartment, all partitions are removed. The bed itself is transferred to the zone that was a balcony (the walls and the floor are pre-warmed). As a result, the rest of the space is suitable for creating a large living room. The wall between the loggia and the inner room is bearing. Therefore, working with it requires accuracy. It is not always subject to complete elimination.

Another trick known to many is the combination of a bathroom and a bathroom by removing the partition between them. Here, to save space, they often put a shower cabin. Washing machine often moves to the kitchen. You can resort to a different trick. Above the toilet cistern of 20-30 cm is mounted shelf, which occupies the technique. You can decorate it with a sliding or hinged screen.

Design of a two-room apartment

Designers do not advise in a small bathroom to have lockers and cabinets. They will take a lot of space. It is better to replace them with shelves along the walls, open vertical without walls and angular hinged shelves.

There are 2 techniques that expand the space. The first is a pair of mirrors attached opposite each other, as well as a mirrored ceiling. The second is a sliding door. The choice falls on it when the usual is not too convenient to use.

Apartment design: photo Khrushchev two-room

As mentioned, Khrushchev puts before the owner the need for redevelopment. If the bathroom at the front door is not always catastrophic, then the aisle room and the tiny kitchen do not please everyone. Especially a negative factor such a situation can be considered in the presence of children.

Initially, you need to decide what tasks the apartment will perform. Who are they for? A studio apartment is hardly suitable for a family with children, and recent students are not always wise to think about a nursery or an isolated office.

Design of a two-room apartment

Studio apartment - the output is almost perfect if the accommodation is single, or the dwelling is oriented for 2 people. For its implementation, the walls between the bedroom or between the kitchen and the living room are eliminated. In 2 situations a large hall is formed with a cooking zone. In 1 - the same large room, but with a sleeping area. The latter is easily hidden, if you resort to the use of built-in beds and folding sofas.

With this layout, all zones into which space can be divided have borders in the form of thin partitions made of drywall, glass, and so on. less overall materials. In some cases, and in them there is no need. For example, for the "kitchen-room" version it is enough to bring a bar counter into the interior. It will become a kind of separating element. The bedroom may have a drywall add-on above the general floor level. Under her driven bed. Above is a working area: computer desk, shelving.

Taking into account the height of the ceilings, which leaves much to be desired in the Khrushchev houses, you should not pick up hanging chandeliers. It would be advisable to think about the lamps built into the ceiling. And for visually pulling the walls and, consequently, increasing the distance between the ceiling and the floor, you can pay attention to the wallpaper having a vertical pattern.

The style in which the design of a two-room apartment will be executed in Khrushchev, plays not the last role, but here it is difficult to give one piece of advice for everyone. The most viable modern, as the most minimalistic. But this does not take away the opportunity to work in the direction of country or classicism. But the baroque is definitely better to refuse. Stucco and bas-reliefs, massive arches look gorgeous, but only on large areas.

If you decide to redevelop, you should decide on the style and coordinate all major changes with a number of organizations. Otherwise, the risk of paying a fine increases and the demand to return the scheme to its original form.

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