Dendrobium is a genus of orchids, quite popular in recent years. Dendrobiums are extremely diverse. The flowers of varieties and types of dendrobium are very attractive for connoisseurs of beauty. This type of orchid is quite suitable for novice flower growers.

Appearance of dendrobium

Dendrobiums - very different in appearance plants. These are mostly epiphytes. They have cylindrical stems resembling reed stems. Due to them, plants accumulate moisture. Dendrobium needs support.

Appearance of dendrobium

The leaves are located all over the stalk. Flowers are formed on peduncles. The color of dendrobium is varied: yellow, red, pink, lilac or pure white. Some dendrobiums smell good, reminding of the smell of exotic fruits.

The largest dendrobiums can reach a height of 50 cm and above.

Types of dendrobium

Types and varieties of dendrobium extremely many. Many growers have more than 1000. However, this includes the work of breeders. But still a large variety of dendrobium species is due to the natural, not human factor.

  • The most famous denrobium is dendrobium phalaenopsis, which is more correct to call dendrobium bibibbum. It is very common as a shear and as a room culture.
  • Very much love growers hybrid forms dendrobium noble. They have a lot of brightly colored flowers.
  • Best for growing on the windowsill at home is suitable dendrobium king.
  • Extraordinarily beautiful dendrobium paniculata and dendrobium is densely colored.

Types of dendrobium

But this is not all types of dendrobium, common in room culture. Of course, most species of dendrobium are adapted only to natural habitats, which can only be recreated in greenhouses.

Location at the denrobium house

Depending on the species, choose a place for the plant on the window sill, on the floor in the living room or bedroom, on the shelf, etc.

Dendrobiums are extremely beautiful exotic plants. They will bring special charm and charm to every room of your house. Suitable for plants living room, nursery, bedroom, as well as the kitchen and other rooms of the house.

Dendrobium can be placed anywhere on the room: on the floor, on a shelf, but on a table, on a closet (if dimensions allow), and on a windowsill, etc.

Dendrobium care at home

  • Lighting should be good, but shade the flower from the hot noon rays.
  • In winter, with a lack of sunlight, artificial lighting is very useful.

Dendrobium care at home

  • The temperature varies with the type. Evergreen dendrobiums and pseudobulbs are kept in a cool temperature, and dendrobiums with periodically falling leaves and thin shoots in moderately warm temperatures. Species with vertical shoots and leathery leaves must be kept warm.
  • Humidity is high and high.
  • Watering moderate, be sure to soft water. In winter, much watering is reduced. Take care not to overwet the soil - this is very harmful for all types of dendrobium.
  • Different types of dendrobium multiply in different ways. Species with pseudobulbs - using bulbs. Other species - with the help of babies on long shoots.
  • Dendrobium transplanted as needed after flowering, as well as the beginning of the growth of roots. It is better not to transplant an adult plant more than once every 2 years.

Dendrobium is quite a popular and extremely beautiful exotic genus of orchids. Flowers of different types are expressive in color and shape. Dendrobioids are especially adorable at night with artificial light. However, efforts to care for them need to make a lot. Despite the complexity of the maintenance of dendrobiums, many of its species have become favorite gardeners.

General rules for caring for orchids can be found in the article How to grow orchids ?.

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