Date palm at home

Date palm belongs to the dynasty, consisting of 17 species, but only 3 of them are suitable for breeding at home - this is the Canary date, Robelain date and Palchaty date.

Date palms growing at home do not produce a crop, because the appearance of dates occurs only at a palm height of 15 m. But the advantage of this tree is the ability to grow it from seed.

Date palm at home

For decoration of lobbies, offices, winter gardens and hallway beauties - date palms - simply irreplaceable. However, they require attention and constant care at home.

Date palm: care

  1. Date palm belongs to the capricious plants, it requires an abundant amount of moisture and a lot of light. But every year it becomes easier to care for her.
  2. To palm tree became sprawling, the pot with it must be turned towards the sun so that the arrows of the leaf are directed into the room. If possible, date palm in the summer is better to bring into the garden, hiding from the rays of the sun.
  3. In spring and summer, it needs abundant watering, but waterlogging should not be allowed. In the autumn and winter, watering should be moderate, because insufficient watering can lead to wilting of the leaves, which will no longer recover. All dead leaves must be removed.
  4. Spring and summer 1 p. a week, the date palm at home should be fed with mineral or organic fertilizers.
  5. TO major palm pests The mealy buckworm, scybite and spider mite belong. The use of hard water can cause chlorosis, stunted growth and brown spots on the leaves.
  6. Sometimes the leaves of the date palm from a lack of moisture turn yellow. Also in summer it is very important to keep track of the roots so that they do not dry out. A moisture-loving date palm can lower the leaves because of this, then it is better to tie them to the support.
  7. In winter, the temperature should not be below 170C. With a soft brush or sponge, palm leaves can be washed with water at room temperature.

How to grow a date palm out of a bone?

  • It is better to start growing palm trees from the pits of a date in February or March. To do this, you need a soil and bone.

Date palm at homeDate palm at home

  • Raw date should be cleaned of pulp and peel. Then leave a clean bone to dry for 24 hours to avoid the occurrence of decay. Since the bone is too hard, it should be soaked for 5 days in warm water until it swells and the water is changed every day.
  • For speeding up the growing process scalp scalded with hot water and lightly scratched so that water penetrated faster. In the bone, you can make deep cuts to sprout more easily. For the soil mixture, a special ground is prepared with sawdust or peat mixed with earth.
  • After the stone is soaked, it is placed in a vertical position in the soil to a depth of 1.5 times the length of the stone.
  • For germination it is necessary to maintain a high temperature from 20 to 250C. You should also regularly moisturize the soil. After planting, the stone should germinate in 5 months.
  • As soon as the sprouts reach a height of 10 cm, they are planted in separate flowerpots with a diameter of 12 cm. The soil can be used for adult plants. For self-preparation, you need to take 2 kg of clay-sod and humus-leaf soil, 1/3 of charcoal, 1 part of river sand, peat soil and rotted humus.
  • When the roots penetrate the drainage holes of the pot, the date palm is transplanted into a pot of larger diameter.
  • For growing it is also very important to observe a relative humidity of 50%, temperature conditions - in summer from 18 to 200from, in the winter - from 9 to 150C and 1 p. per week irrigate the leaves. Fertilize growing palm need 1 p. in 30 days with a special fertilizer complex.

Palm date room: transfer

  • Having grown a date palm out of a stone and having waited for the first shoots to appear, they must be transplanted into a pot with a mixture of sheet, sod land, sand, peat and humus in a ratio of 2: 2: 2: 4: 1, and crushed charcoal should be added.
  • Transplanting small seedlings, you can not tear off the remnants of the seed from them, because they provide the date palm with nutrients. When the first leaf appears on the seedlings, the young plants should be transplanted into larger flowerpots with a diameter of 9 cm and removed in a bright place.
  • Young palm need to replant 1 p. Every year. To do this, it is necessary to carefully remove and wash the roots. The root system is very large, so the roots can be slightly trimmed, removing all sore spots. Sections are sprinkled with ash or wood charcoal and allowed to dry.
  • Each transplant requires a pot with a diameter greater than the previous one.. At the bottom of the pot you need to pour drainage from broken bricks or expanded clay. Then add 1/3 of the soil. After put the plant and cover it with earth. Lightly tamp the soil around, pour.

Date palm at home: transplanting

  • Date palm does not like drying out soil, therefore, it is better to water it after 2 days, and spray 3 p. in a day. When the palm tree reaches the age of 5 years, a transplant will require only 1 p. in 3 years. But the top layer needs to be changed every year, not less than 10 cm and add sod land. When you reach 15 years old, you can replant a palm tree 1 p. at 6 years old.
  • Each transplant requires an increase in the proportion of land in the soil. The best fertilizer for date date palm at home will be ash extract, with partial addition of phosphorus and potassium.

Date palm began to grow in the early XIX century. and not only in greenhouses, but also at home. Today in the flower shops a huge number of different types of palm trees are sold, but the date is different from them by its unpretentiousness. Due to which she remains the favorite of florist. It can even be grown from a date stone. But still care for a date palm at home should be serious.

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