Daisy is a beautiful perennial plant that is easy to care for. In almost all cases, these flowers are grown as biennials, and, since mid-spring, they become the perfect decoration for the garden bed. Externally, the daisy looks like a compact and not very tall bush with bright colors, which can be a variety of colors.

Daisy: growing from seed, landing features

Daisy: Cultivation

Considering the attractive photo of a daisy, few people know how to grow it from seed:

  1. Sow seeds need in June and July.
  2. It is best to sow the seeds in hotbeds or cold mini-greenhouse, which are covered from above with a transparent film.
  3. Seeds are placed in grooves, previously made, sprinkled on top of a layer of earth and watered.
  4. The first shoots begin to appear about 7 days after sowing.
  5. It is necessary with particular attention to monitor the soil moisture and try to prevent strong overheating of the seedlings.
  6. About a month later, it is necessary to perform a pickup of the seedlings and transplant them to the garden bed. It is necessary to adhere to the calculation of 5x5 cm. It is important to remember that the landing on the final place of growth of daisies is performed no earlier than in September. Also, the landing can be carried out next spring.
  7. Growing daisy seeds out is quite simple, the main thing is not to forget to water the plant regularly and not to bring the soil to a strong drying out.
  8. The plant needs periodic loosening of the soil and proper moisture.
  9. During the season you need to perform 3 dressings with the use of mineral fertilizers. It is advisable to use fertilizer solutions that can be added during irrigation. For the first feeding you can take full-ratio, as well as nitrogen.

Daisy Varieties

Annual daisy

An annual daisy is a tender and small plant that prefers to grow in nature on damp green meadows. Characterized by beautiful non-terry white flowers. This variety is recommended to be planted in flower pots and grown at home, but can also be used to decorate the garden.

Perennial Daisy

Perennial daisy in height can reach 30 cm. The flowers are tubular or reed can of different shades - red, pink, white, reach 5-7 cm in diameter. Buds and leaves are laid in the autumn, and flowering occurs at the beginning of spring. Abundant blooms can last until the fall and the onset of cold weather, of course, subject to sufficiently cool and wet weather. If this species is grown in a hot climate, over time, terry is lost, and the inflorescences themselves become smaller. You can independently collect seeds that remain viable for 2-3 years.

grow a pompon daisy from seed

It is easy to grow a pompon daisy from seeds, as this variety withstands various negative external influences and is frost-resistant. Special care is not required, but for landing it is recommended to select a well-drained earth. When grown on too moist soil, there is the likelihood of daisy blooming. The plant needs abundant watering during dry periods, it is necessary to periodically feed.

Knowing how to grow daisies from seed, you can replenish your garden collection with a new instance. Among the advantages of this flower is a long flowering period, unpretentious care, resistance to pests and diseases. Daisies can be used for landscaping borders, garden compositions, arbors and balconies.

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