Cypress room

More recently, coniferous plants were considered unsuitable for growing at home. However, times are changing and now some species of conifers are cultivated as indoor cultures. Among them are cypress.

All room conifers grow very slowly. So that they do not reach a huge height (like a cypress), in early spring they need to trim the roots. The roots are small, which means that the increase in the ground part will also be small.

Appearance of indoor cypress

Room cypress is very similar to coniferous fence in the city center. And indeed, behind his barrel crown is not at all visible. Shoots from a young indoor cypress yellow feathery. Leaves scaly.

Cypress room: care at home

It makes no sense to talk about the flowering of cypress, since all conifers are not valued for that. BUT cypress room does not bloom at all (because it sells, as a rule, same-sex, often male plant). Room cypress is appreciated precisely for its beautiful coniferous crown. He belongs to the group decorative leafed indoor plants.

Types of indoor cypress

The cypress room has not one version.

  • Very beautiful and exquisite species of cypress with erect stem - golden cypress.
  • Another kind is not inferior to it in originality. Kashmir cypress.
  • More recently, scientists have introduced into the indoor culture the following types of cypress: cypress pea-shaped and baby cypress (with proper care, you can observe small fruit). Cypress trees differ from the cypress room even more miniature size.

Location in the house cypress room

It is best to place cypress trees in group compositions. They will serve as the perfect backdrop for bright, colorful, flowering houseplants.

In this case, the living room will be the most successful room for choosing a composition. It is even better if the size of your house allows you to take a separate place for a botanical garden or a corner (a room, a wall of a corridor, etc.). Such an unusual place will surely delight you and delight all your guests. Without cypress there is not enough.

How to care for home cypress?

Any room in your home is perfect for a single cypress.: bedroom, kitchen, nursery, even an entrance hall. But before you put it in the living room, think about whether it will strangle your room. If you still decide to put it there, then select the most inconspicuous place.

On the windowsills cypress will feel great only in the cold season. In the summer, in the heat, be sure to remove the plant from the window sill into the depths of the rooms so that it does not overheat.

How to care for home cypress?

Care for cypress (and conifers in general) is simple. It is only necessary to know the basic conditions for the optimal growth of the plant at home.

  • Lighting- bright diffused light.
  • Temperature moderate, in winter not lower than 8 ° С.
  • Air humiditymoderate. From time to time it is useful to arrange a light shower for a plant or to spray leaves.
  • Wateringplentiful from spring to autumn, but in winter it is moderate.
  • Breedsroom cypress with lignified cuttings in spring.
  • Transplantedroom cypress in spring once every two years.

The advantage of acquiring cypress as a representative of indoor conifers for a house is that you do not have to deal with pests. Cypress is very resistant to many diseases. Pests do not settle on it because of its smell (for a person, this smell is pleasant). In addition, conifers, and cypress, among other things, emit into the atmosphere certain substances that purify the air. For people with diseases of the respiratory system cypress will have the best possible way. Put it in the bedroom, where you sleep, and you will feel relief.

Cypress care is simple.You will not regret that you have brought such a wonderful and unpretentious houseplant!

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