Cymbidium is an exotic houseplant that belongs to the orchid family. This is quite a popular species in room culture.

Caring for him is not as difficult as for some other types of orchids.Even compared to phalaenopsis, cymbidium wins in ease of cultivation.

Appearance of Cymbidium

Cymbidium is a miniature orchid. It has waxy flowers reaching 4 cm in diameter.

The height of some species of cymbidium can be 2 m, but at home other hybrid types of smaller sizes are suitable.

Types of Cymbidium

Types of cymbidium differ in some features of the structure. The most frequent division is by the color of flowers. There are species with white, cream, yellow, brown, pink green, red flowers.

Crossbreeding between species does not stop. Appears more and more hybrids of cymbidium with flower color of strikingly beautiful flowers.

Location in the house of cymbidium

  • Miniature species of cymbidium should be grown on the windowsill of the southern, eastern and western sides of the house. Shelves on the wall will do.
  • For high species of cymbidium, a winter garden or greenhouse is best suited. Place them in the large, spacious rooms of your home.

Cymbidium Care

  • Lighting - bright diffused light. Orchids need 10-15 hours of sunlight per day. In winter, due to the lack of natural light, cymbidium is artificially illuminated.
  • Temperature. The daily temperature in summer should be 20 ° С, in winter - 17 ° С. Night temperature should not fall below 10 ° C.
  • Humidity is high. Leaves should be sprayed from time to time.
  • Watering plentiful. In the warm season, the soil should always be wet. In winter, watering is reduced. Cymbidium should be watered with warm soft water.

  • Cymbidium propagates by dividing during transplantation. The transplanted plant is tied to a support.
  • Cymbidium transplanted as needed and only after the end of the flowering period.

If you are very attracted to orchids, then stop your choice not on the usual phalaenopsis, but on the cymbidium. It is much easier to take care of him, and in appearance he is not inferior. And remember the general rules of orchid care. Read about them in the articles How to grow orchids ?, How to water the orchids ?, How to replant orchids ?.

Cymbidium is an excellent plant for indoor conditions.

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