Cyclamen - a beautiful small plant that can be found in any flower shop. It is extraordinarily good for its heart-shaped marble leaves and flowers of various shades and colors. And the price is very, very attractive.

Cyclamen appearance

Cyclamen is a decorative flowering pot plant (read the article Varieties of indoor plants). The leaves are often also very decorative. They are usually heart-shaped or close to this marble shape. In addition to green, the predominant color in the leaves there are white, silver and beige colors. On leaves of different varieties of cyclamen may be white, silver or beige stains, borders or stripes.

The flowers are small, petals tucked up and hide the stamens. A variety of colors of flowers of cyclamen never ceases to delight and delight: white, pink, fiery red, dark red, purple, lilac, purple, etc.

Cyclamen Types

The originator of a large variety of indoor cyclamen-Persian cyclamen. It grows in the Middle East. It is a wild species with flowers of pink color. From it all hybrids and varieties of cyclamen known to growers occurred.

Florists allocated several varietal groups of cyclamen.

  1. Standard varieties in height reach 30 cm. The flowers are medium and large, varied colored. The leaves are also very decorative.
  2. Medium-high varieties slightly lower than the previous ones - 22 cm. Valuable flowering is appreciated. In some species, there may be up to 35 flowers on a single plant.
  3. Low-growing varieties - from 15 cm and below. Miniature, often smell good, elegant and beautiful.

The location of cyclamen in the house

Cyclamen loves sunshine, but not bright. Well he will suffer and partial shade. However, he can not stand the heat. Therefore, cool rooms of your house will be suitable for cyclamen. In winter, cold windowsills are favorable for him, but do not put it near the battery. If you have nowhere to go, then monitor the humidity of the air.

Practically any of the rooms in your house can be recommended, because the plant is neat, compact and pleases the eye. The living room, bedroom and nursery will be best for cyclamen. The kitchen is hot enough for him, consider this. From the windows, the northern ones are most favorable for him.

Cyclamen care at home

  • The lighting is bright diffused sunlight.
  • The temperature is moderate. Cyclamen prefers temperatures from 15 ° C to 20 ° C.
  • Air humidity. It is useful to periodically spray the air around the plant or place the pot in a container with wet pebbles or wet peat. It is better not to keep the cyclamen near the battery in the winter season. If the window sill is cold, this is the best place for cyclamen.
  • Watering plentiful. For watering use soft water and do not water the plant from above. For this, the plant pot is placed in a container with water and held until the earth in the pot is saturated with water. It is possible to pour water into the pan of the pot, but in this case it will not be possible to guarantee full saturation of the earth with water. It may be necessary to pour water into the pan several times. Cyclamen does not like top watering, so it is not advisable to use it.
  • Propagated at the end of the summer seeds. However, cyclamens grown from seeds bloom only after a year and a half.

Cyclamen pests and diseases

  • Cyclamen sometimes suffers from aphids and ticks. Provokes the appearance of insect parasites non-compliance with growing conditions. Read how to get rid of these pests in the article Pelargonium - fragrant geranium.
  • Waterlogging provokes putrid roots diseases.
  • The leaves may turn yellow from lack of water, as well as from lack of sunlight.
  • If cyclamen does not bloom or blooms very briefly, then it is too hot. It is also possible that the air is too dry or it lacks sunlight.

Do not forget that cyclamen can not live with you for a long time. For some, he lives for several weeks or months, and for someone for several years. It all depends on the growing conditions.

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