Curly bovizya - a very rare plant

Curly bovizya (B.volubilis) is an exotic plant from the lily family. Due to the shape of the barrel equated to the bottle. In the people it is often called "sea or climbing cucumber." Quite rarely found on sale, therefore, refers to rare species of plants.


Bovizya- very peculiar, stands out for originality. From the large bulb (half towering above the ground) in the winter season, weak, curling stems sprout, which branch out at the ends. The length of the stems ranges from one to two meters.

The leaves are small, appear in spring on bare stems.

The flowers are greenish, small, with pointed petals.


Most often found in the United States and in the UK.

Curly Bovizya


Bovizuluchshe best kept at moderate temperatures (or cold). It can quietly grow at 12 degrees Celsius.

The plant loves a bright light, but do not place in direct sunlight (so that thin stems do not get burned).

In summer, watering is stopped (Bovizya is at rest), and in winter, watering is gently introduced, tracking the drying out of the soil. With an excess of water, the main bulb may start to rot.

Top dressing

Complex mineral fertilizers about once every 2 months.


Due to the bulbs, kids when transplanting. Bovizyu can be transplanted at any time, except for the period of growth. If you need to transport the bulbs or the inability to immediately plant, the bulbs-kids keep in a dark and cool place.


Bovizya moves to a new place of growth in moments of rapid filling of the pot with small bulbs-kids.

To prevent the roots of the plant from souring, a good drainage should be made during transplantation. The soil was initially combined from 2 parts of leaf, 1 part of sod land together with 1 part of sand.

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