Croton dry and fall leaves

Have you met people who do not even have big problems, but they are still unhappy? So among the plants there are the same whims. One of these difficult inhabitants of the windowsills and greenhouses is Croton. Dry leaves and fall - all these are manifestations of the complex nature of the inhabitants of the tropics. How to get along with him?

Poisonous handsome

This representative of the euphorbia family - Croton, or Codiaum - came to us from Southeast Asia. Its leaves can be of different shapes:

  • oval;
  • wavy;
  • linear;
  • guitar;
  • smooth;
  • twisted.

The color range of the plant is no less attractive:

  • yellow;
  • orange;
  • red;
  • black.

Under greenhouse conditions, croton can reach a height of 3-4 meters, and on the windowsill it stretches up to 80 cm. However, the juice of this plant is poisonous, so it is not recommended to wind it in dwellings where there are small children or pets that are not indifferent to room colors.

Why is croton capricious?

Why does croton dry and fall leaves?

Codia requires a lot of attention. About all the problems in his green body, he reports the state of foliage. Quite often, the tips of the leaves begin to dry in a croton. The peculiarity of an exotic flower is such that due to the bright and unusual colors it is rather difficult to notice pigmentation disorders. But if you see that the croton leaves dry and fall, then, before you take up the problem, you need to figure out why it arose.

  • The inhabitants of the tropics have little water due to non-compliance with the irrigation regime.
  • The leaves are burned by the sun. Most often this happens after spraying a flower on a sunny day.
  • Codia is struck by a red spider mite that leaves a cobweb with red dots on young leaves. Or the plant has become a refuge for the colonies of the scale insect, a waxy pest.
  • The flower stands in a draft or near a heater.

Ways to troubleshoot the problem

To restore Croton's health, it is necessary, having established the reason, to comprehensively approach the search for a way out of the situation and provide competent care.

Why does croton dry and fall leaves?

Adjusting the irrigation mode

Codiah needs moisture. But this does not mean that there should always be water in the peas - it is enough that the soil will be slightly moist. An important point: Croton should be watered with warm water. In addition, a weekly flower should be bathed under the shower, and on dry days, once every 3-4 days, wipe the leaves from both sides with a damp soft cloth. In winter, the plant is watered 1 time in 4-5 days, but in the summer watering can be intensified up to 1 time in 2-3 days. Be sure to monitor the humidity level of the codium environment. It is recommended to put the vessel with it on wet pebbles or expanded clay.

Ensure acceptable air temperature

Optimum temperature for croton in summerOptimum temperature for croton in winter

For croton stressful situations are temperature surges. In the conditions of maintenance that are not suitable for him, the flower gives a signal through the dried tips of the leaves, and then drops them altogether. Therefore, in the summer, the indoor temperature should be from +23 to +26 degrees, and in winter - from +16 to +20.

In the hot period, the flower is recommended to be sent to the open air, for example, to the balcony. Just do not forget that Croton will need to pritenyat, otherwise sunburn can not be avoided. And no drafts, open vents or heaters near the codiaum! It is better if his place of residence is a spacious windowsill on the east or west side without a large number of neighbors.

Fighting pests

If, after examining the pet, you notice the red dots of the spider mite, then the first thing to do is to clear the leaves of the pest by moistening a cotton pad with alcohol. After that, the flower is treated with an insecticide, for example, "Aktellik" or acaricides - drugs that infect ticks.

As a folk remedy, garlic infusion is used - on 3 liters of water 100 g of garlic crushed in a garlic pot and 10 g of rubbed soap. During the period of treatment, it is advisable to indulge more often Croton with water procedures in the shower, but the water should be cool.

During the attack of the shield, the procedure is the same: first with alcohol we remove the pest colonies, and then we treat it with an insecticide. These tips are relevant and to combat the mealybug.

And a few words about the care

Croton breeding

In addition to what has already been said, the fertility of the soil in the pot is no less significant. Particularly acute shortage of nutrients experienced codiaum in summer. As for the composition, it is better to take special complexes for exotic cultures. Croton transplantation is possible only once a year. But if the flower has grown strongly, then it can be twice. But an adult plant is resettled only when necessary.

Another important aspect of flower care is reproduction. For this, cuttings are used. But for rooting a small "croton" you need to use heating and phytohormones. Although some growers immediately insert the leaf into a special pot and cover with a glass jar.

Consider that in the conditions of the house the codiaum should not be allowed to bloom. Small bright flowers collected in the brush, will weaken the health of the green pet, pulling from it all the vitamins and minerals.


In order not to look for drugs for treatment, it is necessary to find a suitable place for croton before buying and carefully study how to care for it at home. In the period of acclimatization, you should not touch the codiame, but after that you even need to. At this point, it will be very timely to plant it in a suitable soil: a 1: 1: 1 mixture - sod and leaf soil, and drainage at the bottom of the pot.

There are few such demanding colors as Croton. Dry and fall off his leaves often enough. This is a hint to the owners that you need to reconsider the mode of care for codomyum. But if there are no visible reasons for such manifestations, then perhaps the plant just wanted attention - wipe the leaves with a damp cloth. And, having calmed down, it will again delight you with its revived variegated sweeping leaves.

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