Cross-stitch for beginners

You have a new hobby, and you would like to know everything in detail - how to embroider with a cross, which fabric is needed for this, which threads, where to get the schemes. Here you will find answers to all these questions. It's okay if everything does not work out right away, Moscow was not built right away either. But after a while you will get real masterpieces! And your friends will be happy to receive as a gift a picture embroidered by you with your own hands.

General Cross Stitch Tips for Beginners

When you go to the store for your first cross-stitch kit, try to make sure that your eyes do not run away at the sight of all the presented magnificence of the sets. For a newbie, not always expensive is the best. You can be bitterly disappointed when you see complex combinations of a cross in the expensive set, a fabric that will be designed for a professional and more. This can lead to the fact that you will fail, and you will abandon the embroidery forever. So pay attention to simpler sets. When you learn how to embroider them beautifully, you can move on to more complex ones.

Cross-stitch for beginners

  1. Do not choose such sets, in which you will need to embroider large paintings, leave them for "later". For a start, the best option would be small pictures - animals, fruits and vegetables.
  2. Pay attention to the manufacturer of the kit. If it is foreign, it is quite possible that the attached instructions will also be in a foreign language, without translation. And even the simplest picture may not be able to embroider.
  3. When buying a cross stitch kit, pay attention to what is in this kit. It must have an embroidery pattern, its decoding, instructions for cross-stitching, material, threads and a needle.
  4. Simple patterns for cross stitching can be found on the Internet. Most of the schemes presented are simple drawings that are best suited to the beginner.

Over time, when you gain experience, your drawings will become more and more complex and beautiful. And someday you will give someone of your loved ones a real picture embroidered with a cross!

I wish you success!

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