Crochet women jackets with diagrams and descriptions. how to

With the arrival of the cold season, each knitter seeks to complement her wardrobe with new and stylish things. The times when bag-like sweaters and shawls were in fashion had long since sunk into Summer. Nowadays, a warm thing must meet all the standards of fashion and style. The highlight of this season at the fashion shows of the world have become jackets. But not only factory products look beautiful and stylish. Women's jackets associated modern needlewomen, not far behind the fashion trends and look no less seductive and attractive.

In this article we would like to share some ideas for creating crochet jackets with schemes for women.

Crochet jackets: Japanese, Chinese, Korean schemes with description

Crochet jackets: schemes

Chinese and Japanese knitting patterns look especially tender and attractive. So you want to tie yourself like that. But many of us are stopped by ignorance of the language and fear of confusing something. How to be in this situation? In this article we will show by example how to understand such schemes for knitting.

The easiest way to understand how to knit properly is by looking at the general scheme of the product.

Crochet jackets: Japanese schemes

And it stands for it:

  • The arrows indicate the direction for knitting, so, for example, our work will start from the bottom up.
  • In the center of the diagram in Japanese, the name of the part is indicated. On the sides of the figures: with the addition of the letter c - size in centimeters, without adding - the number of required loops.
  • All decreases and additions of the loops indicated on the front of the product always correspond to the back.

With the basic concepts figured out, go to the basic scheme of knitting.

Crochet jackets: Japanese schemes

Reading it is as easy as a regular Russian scheme:

  • The pattern of the pattern begins with the finish, but we have not affected it yet. For her knitting loops are recruited to the finished work.
  • The numbers on the top indicate the knitting row, and the bracket indicates the main pattern.
  • The bracket with the number on the right is the main rapport consisting of 23 loops.
  • All other designations of the eyelets comply with crochet standards according to general patterns.

The general scheme of knitting the back is as follows.

Crochet jackets: Japanese schemes

Here all the symbols correspond to the basic knitting pattern. It remains only to add that the numbers under the air loops indicate the required number.

The right and left shelves fit in symmetrically to each other, therefore, in Japanese, Chinese and Korean journals, a diagram is given for one of the details.

Crochet jackets: schemes

The direction of work is indicated by arrows in the figure below, the main ornament is knitted according to the first scheme.

All additional meanings of hieroglyphs can be found in the Japanese-Russian knitting dictionary. And do not forget, in order to get the size you need, you need to bind the prototype and calculate its density.

Stylish openwork jacket

Crocheted jackets with the addition of openwork elements will look spectacular with any clothes - be it casual trousers or an evening dress. Knitting them is no more difficult than any other crochet products. In this article, we offer you a beautiful poncho vest, which is perfect for any clothes.

Necessary materials:

  • acrylic yarn;
  • crochet hook №4;
  • buttons to match.

Description of work:

  1. All work is built on knitting of individual motifs and semi-motives, which in the process are connected to each other with the help of columns. The principle of operation can be understood by looking at the picture.
  2. Backrest fittings knit according to scheme A.
  3. The main motives of the poncho jacket are knitted according to this scheme.
  4. Ornament, which is located on the back of the back in the center, follow the scheme B.
  5. At the bottom of the finished product and the rest of the jacket, strapping according to the scheme.
  6. Cross the neckline and the necklines of the shelves and tie them with crochets without crochets. And on the left shelf of the jacket, make 4 holes for the loops with air loops.
  7. Sew on the buttons to match, and the multifunctional jacket is ready.

How to crochet a warm jacket?

How to crochet a warm jacket?

Many women believe that crocheted jackets can only be light and airy and are suitable for cool evenings. But the hook involves the use of any yarn. So, for example, linen and cotton threads are more suitable for openwork products, and wool with the addition of angora - for warm jackets. If your figure does not differ in ideal parameters, choose products of free fit that will hide flaws and emphasize ideal forms.

Warm jackets knit from individual parts, which in the process are connected by an invisible seam. The ideal option for winter will be products with buttons and zippers on the front of the finished work.

For some reason, needlewomen consider warm jackets to look tighter. But to decorate the finished work and thus add to its attractiveness can be a different frill or border. It will look good on warm products lining of fringe, beads and other decorating parts.

Knitting crochet jackets is quite difficult, but such things are not inferior to the products on the needles. It does not matter whether it is an openwork or warm jacket, the main thing is that the owner of the finished item should like it.

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