Crochet tablecloth on a rectangular table

Crocheted tablecloths can be of various shapes, sizes and colors. Such handmade lace products will be not only a decoration in any home, but also an excellent holiday gift. If you are looking for how to tie a tablecloth to a rectangular table, diagrams and descriptions for them, our article will definitely interest you.

Craftswomen tips

Crochet tablecloth on a rectangular table

All experienced craftswomen know that crocheting various napkins, coasters, vases and tablecloths can be a great pastime. However, some are firmly convinced that creating such interior parts is a rather complicated, time-consuming and ungrateful work. In fact, there is nothing tricky about it if you preliminarily practice a little and learn a few simple tips:

  • Start small, for example, with a small napkin or a miniature cup holder. When you master the basic techniques of working with schemes, rectangular tablecloths, crocheted, will be given easily and simply.
  • Choose a small hook and a thin yarn if you want to get a delicate and almost weightless tablecloth. Threads from coarser materials are more suitable for creating crafts and wardrobe items.
  • An experienced needlewoman may not use the scheme at all. Patterns themselves line up in her head, and her hands bring ideas to life. But for beginners it is still better to strictly follow the proposed scheme.

Of course, the easiest way is to knit a tablecloth on a round table, but in our houses almost all the furniture has a rectangular shape, to which we adjust. Good today you can buy a lot of auxiliary materials. For example, it will be much easier to knit a rectangular tablecloth with a crochet if you take the finished material as a basis, and then simply tie it around with a lace border or motif. Such a tablecloth will also be more functional.

Rectangular crochet tablecloth: diagrams and description

The easiest and fastest rectangular tablecloth is to knit from several square motifs connected by columns. The finished product will be original, especially if you use colored threads in your work.

Rectangular crochet tablecloth: diagrams and description

Necessary materials:

  • mercerized cotton;
  • hook 1 or 2 mm.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Knitting such a rectangular tablecloth consists of several separate motifs connected to each other and starts from the net. The net itself is just enough to link using the scheme.Rectangular crochet tablecloth: diagrams and description
  2. In the photo, circles are indicated by air loops, and vertical and horizontal sticks with dashes are columns with nakida. Sticks without dashes represent the usual column without nakida.
  3. As a result, you should have a grid of 6 by 6 small squares. Now you can proceed to its binding. To do this, use the following scheme.Rectangular crochet tablecloth: diagrams and description
  4. We knit the first loop of the air, when the row ends, combine it with a connecting stub.
  5. Then we knit 3 columns without nakida, forming them in 1 cell of the net, and then we pick up a chain of 12 air loops on the hook, securing it with 2 and 3 grid cells.
  6. After this, we tie the resulting arc to columns without crochet and form a picot of air loops.
  7. The same action is performed on each side of the mesh.
  8. Now proceed to the second row of strapping, the pattern of which will correspond to the diagram below.Rectangular crochet tablecloth: diagrams and description
  9. It is very easy to knit: it is only necessary to gather air loops and connect them with single crochets in the indicated places.
  10. The third row is the final one, and it fits in according to the following scheme.

    Rectangular crochet tablecloth: diagrams and description
  11. By the same principle, other motifs are knitted, and subsequently they are interconnected.Rectangular crochet tablecloth: diagrams and description
  12. When the required number of patterns will be connected, you can begin to strapping the tablecloth. The first row will look like this.Rectangular crochet tablecloth: diagrams and description
  13. In conclusion, we make an openwork edging.Rectangular crochet tablecloth: diagrams and description
  14. When the tablecloth is connected, it must be washed, starched, and the product is ready.

Crochet square motifs: master class

All rectangular tablecloths consist of various square motifs, which are interconnected in the knitting process. The exception, perhaps, are only products in which there are inserts and elements from various fabrics. Using all sorts of rectangular, square and triangular motifs, you can create unique and very beautiful drawings on the tablecloth. For example, if you want to get delicate floral motifs, use one of the following schemes.

Crochet square motifs: schemes with description

Due to the many air loops, pico and connecting posts, such patterns are delicate. But note that this tablecloth will be very thin, so you need to wash it very carefully. And in order for the finished product to keep its shape and stretch less, it will need to starch.

Lovers of classic drawings fit such square motifs. Here, knitting is more dense, due to which the tablecloth will be quite practical and will look beautiful even on a very large table.

Crochet square motifs: schemes with description

Knitting any square motifs begins with the center of the scheme and continues in a circle in several rows. When the last row is connected, it is necessary to perform a smooth transition from one pattern to another in the places indicated in the diagram. If such designations are not indicated in the figure, then the connecting bars are knitted at the corners and in the center of each side of the square.

Having bound the required number of square motifs (calculations are made on the basis of the desired length of the tablecloth), the product needs to be decorated with lace trim or fringe. A tablecloth decorated with a jagged edge will look nice enough. Crochet pattern can be according to this scheme.

Crochet square motifs: schemes with description

For lovers of original products fit in the form of numerous droplets. Such a rim of a certain number of air loops is knitted according to a rather simple scheme.

Crochet square motifs: schemes with description

It is possible to use simple square motifs not only for knitting tablecloths and napkins, but also when creating original stoles, capes and shawls.

Crocheted tablecloths on a rectangular table - it is always an original and beautiful version of the decor. Especially if you use colored threads in your work and decorate the finished product with white yarn. Creative success!

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