Crochet patterns for dresses

Knitting is one of the most popular types of needlework. And if not everyone is able to master all the wisdom of such a hobby with knitting needles, even novices do not have problems with a hook. Crochet patterns for women make it easy to do a wide variety of things that will undoubtedly give an uniqueness to the image.

Crocheted things have many advantages, among which there are two main ones:

  • simplicity of execution (you can create the most incredible products - just master the basic patterns and combine them);
  • quick result (in order to crochet, for example, a dress, it will take only a few hours).

The originality of knitted things makes them desirable items of clothing of the biggest fashionistas. True, there is one “but”: any crochet patterns are more or less delicate. Therefore, if you plan to knit a dress or a blouse, then be sure to attend to the issue of a sheath for an outfit.

Crochet Dresses for Women

Crocheted dresses look luxurious and very unusual. As a rule, these are summer or spring outfits, since it is difficult to knit with such a tool out of too thick yarn, and the pattern will not be embossed. To impress everyone with a new purchase, tie a dress with your own hands. It is better to start with things made of individual motifs: it is easier to navigate with the number of rows and loops. The only disadvantage of such dresses is that they should be adjusted to the shape after binding all the elements. But for this you can use the belt.

Crochet Dresses for Women

Crochet patterns for women


  • 500 g of cotton yarn;
  • hook number 1.5;
  • scissors.


  1. For the bodice at 44 size you need 24 motive.
  2. Throws 24 loops in a chain.
  3. 1st row. We knit a collar-free column, form an arch of 6 cap loops and again knit the capless column, clinging it to the previous loop of the base.
  4. Do repeat rapport before the end of the row.
  5. 2 row. Knit bezkalidnye columns.
  6. 3 row. Column without nakida, 2 of the same column clings to the arch, 1 beznakidnaya - for the column of the previous row.
  7. We knit it until the end of the current row.
  8. 4 row. 1 connecting loop, 4 loops cap to the center of the arch, 4 same loops down, linkless column, 7 loops cap, a connecting loop in 2 from the arch loop loop and 2 more loops, again a connecting loop.
  9. Another 5 times perform steps 2-8. The motive is ready.
  10. We connect motifs, clinging to the loops of the middle of the arches.
  11. For the bottom of the dress you need 60 motives.
  12. Connect the top and bottom of the product. We wear under the belt and catch admiring glances of others.

To create an incredible evening outfit, motifs can be applied to the fabric - the effect is stunning. This dress fits very quickly, so it is perfect for when you need to get together in one day.

Crochet evening dress


  • 1.5 m of fine fabric (silk, chiffon - to your taste);
  • pattern paper;
  • scissors;
  • pencil, ruler;
  • 450 g of viscose silk;
  • hook number 1.5;
  • needle.


  1. On paper we make a pattern. Measuring the half-girth of the chest and hips, build a rectangle, mark the waist line, reduce two segments to it. We make a dart, departing from the waist down and up by 5 cm, for the back - by 7 cm.
  2. We transfer the pattern to the fabric, we stamp the details.
  3. For the motive we knit 12 loops and lock them in a ringlet.
  4. We make 8 cap loops and in 4 of them we make 8 columns with 2 naquids to a common vertex.
  5. Further 3 cap loops.
  6. Before the end of the series we alternate steps 3-5.
  7. We knit the next row with beznakidny columns.
  8. Repeat 4 times steps 3-7.
  9. We thus knit 30 motifs and stitch them to the base.
  10. We moisten the finished product with water and steam with iron from the wrong side. The dress is ready.

Knit fashion vest

Any fashionista knows that to revive everyday attire, it is enough to come up with some kind of original new addition. And in this case, rescues the vest. Of course, the crochet sleeveless for women, the schemes of which we consider, are unlikely to add heat in bad weather. But just decorate the most boring office suit!

crochet vest


  • 300 g of yarn (better to take acrylic);
  • hook number 1.5.


  1. For vyvyazyvaniya backrest form a chain of 90 loops.
  2. From 2 loops of a row, we tie up 2 cover strings.
  3. 5 eyelets knit unbalanced columns.
  4. We form 8 columns of caps from 6 eyelets.
  5. 5 bespalidny columns.
  6. Alternate steps 2-5 until the end of the row.
  7. The next row is knitted with single crochets, combining the arches with one loop.
  8. Alternate 2 times steps 2-7.
  9. Make a row of stranded columns. One rapport ready.
  10. We knit 10-12 rapports for back details.
  11. For the shelves we knit a chain of 45 loops.
  12. We tie up the details and tie them with shells - we make 6 cap loops, which we plant in every 2 loops of the base.

Such a model can be without a fastener - it will give it lightness and elegant negligence.

The following model is more restrained, so it is necessary for it to choose the appropriate buttons.

crochet vest with pugitsy


  • 350 g of yarn (acrylic or cotton);
  • hook number 1.5;
  • 6 small beads-buttons.


  1. For a detail of the back, we form a chain of 70 cap loops.
  2. Knit 3 loops on the rise and make an arc of 3 air loops.
  3. We knit the pole-less column, form an arc of 2 ring loops, again a pole-less column, an arc of 3 loops, a cap column and again an arc of 3 loops, a pole-less column. Alternate until the end of the row.
  4. The next row of knit, starting with an arc of 3 loops.
  5. Repeat the rapport to the required length.
  6. We knit the shelves in the same way, for them we form a chain of 40 coupling loops.
  7. We bind the details, make the armhole.
  8. Tie the sleeveless with 2 rows of stranded columns.
  9. On one of the parts of the shelves during strapping we form nakida for buttonhole loops.
  10. Sewing buttons - sleeveless ready.

How to crochet a cardigan?

Cardigans are very comfortable for cool weather. Even if it is slightly windy, you put on such an elongated jacket - and immediately feel comfortable and cozy. As for knitted products, even a needlewoman, who doesn’t know all the details of crocheting with a hook, can perform the basic model.

crochet cardigan


  • 650 g of yarn (acrylic or cotton);
  • hook number 1.5.


  1. For a detail of the back, we form a chain of 90 loop hinges.
  2. We knit the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th rows with non-crossing posts, starting with 3 loops for lifting.
  3. 3rd row. We make 3 coupling loops for lifting, 1 coupling loop, 1 connecting column. Alternate until the end of the series.
  4. 4th row. We tie 4 cap loops, a column with 2 nakida, again 4 lifting loops. Repeat until the end of the row.
  5. We thus knit a cloth to the desired length. We knit the last row with tie-free posts.
  6. For the shelves we form a chain of 50 loops and repeat the same number of rapports as for the back.
  7. We connect the details and we make the strapping of 2 non-crocheted posts alternating with 1 cap loop.
  8. On the shelves we knit from two sides along the chain so that the cardigan can be tied. The product is ready.

Cardigan can be made with sleeves. To do this, get into the armhole rapport pattern.

crochet cardigan with sleeves


  • 600 g of acrylic or wool yarn;
  • hook number 2.5;
  • 6 buttons (large).


  1. For detail backrest form a chain of 85 loops.
  2. We throw in 3 loops for lifting.
  3. Knit a series of captive columns.
  4. We tie 3 columns with nakida.
  5. Then 8 columns without single enamels in one loop of the base, while sharing them with 1 loop loop.
  6. We knit 5 columns cap.
  7. Again, do rapport, described in paragraph 5.
  8. Alternate 5-7 steps until the end of the row.
  9. The next row is doing the same.
  10. In the next row, we form 3 captive columns, 4 captive eyelets, and 1 column without single crochet.
  11. Alternate rapport until the end of the row.
  12. Knit to the desired length, repeating steps 2-11.
  13. For the part of the shelf, we make 50 loops in the chain.
  14. We associate the details of the back with shelves.
  15. In the armhole we bind the column besnakidny and knit in a circle rapport pattern.
  16. Tie the finished product, complement the fastener with buttons.

Crochet patterns for women allow you to create the most intricate patterns for basic clothes wardrobe. It is only necessary to take time and understand all the nuances of the description. And in a couple of days you will amaze others with your incredibly stylish new clothes.

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