Crochet knitted hats for newborns

Waiting for a child, especially the firstborn, is filled with a gamut of all sorts of emotions, worries, fears, experiences and dreams. All the words just can not convey - you can only feel it. When to wait for a long time, we usually try to distract ourselves somehow, to occupy ourselves with business. Expectant mothers, in order to relieve tension and stress, it is recommended to do needlework, for example, crochet. This monotonous process and calm down will help, and benefit will bring. Crocheted hats for newborns crocheted by the hands of a loving mother are the most precious gift for a baby.

Crochet knitted hats for newborns

And although he still does not understand this, but the warmth of her mother's hands, her love and tenderness, embodied in a hat, will warm and protect him.

Crochet knitted hat for a newborn: scheme and description of the process

A baby in a beautiful and unusual hat always looks just sweet. In addition, a cap is a necessary piece of clothing for a newborn: in the winter she will save the baby from the cold, and in the summer she will protect from the scorching sun. Today we will learn how to knit a hat with ears for newborns.

Materials for work:

  • 100 g of soft yarn from YarnArt Jeans yarn (the color of the yarns is at the request of the mother)
  • hook number 3.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Beginner skilled workers first have to learn how to knit crochet crochet columns and chains. Nothing complicated - we make repeated round rows.Crochet knitted hat for a newborn: scheme
  2. Row 1st, the center of the top of the cap, is represented by six air loops, which are connected by a chain, as shown in the figure.Crochet knitted hat for a newborn
  3. In the remaining rows knit crochet. As we warned, the process is monotonous - we knit round rows, each of them is closed at the end. The next row for raising along the edges is knitting with two air loops.
  4. The crochet hat for the newborn knits according to this scheme (each row corresponds to the number of columns): rows 2 - 13, 3 - 22, 4 - 36, 5 - 45, 6 - 52, 7 - 64, 8 - 76, 9 - 74, 10 - 72, 11 - 72, 12 - 70, 13 - 64, 14 - 64.
  5. As you can see, the scheme is simple, even a beginning needlewoman can cope. As a result, at this stage you should have an almost finished cap.Crocheted crochet hat
  6. It remains to tie the ears. The scheme is as follows:

1st row - 6 loops of air chain, closed in a circle;

2nd and 3rd rows - 12 columns each;

4th row - 13;

5th row - 14;

6th row - 15;

7th row - 16;

8th row - 17;

9th row - 18;

from the 10th to the 13th rows - 19 columns each;

14th row - 18;

15th row - 9 with one double tie.

In the 15th row we finish knitting in a circle, we connect it into a strip: the sides of the eyelet are joined and knit by a column, connecting the tops of the 14th row.Crochet knitted hat for a newborn: Bunny eyelet diagram

Ready ears sew to the cap with an ordinary needle in places, as shown in the figure. Hat "Bunny" is ready. If you want, you can decorate it with a bow.Knitted hat for a newborn

Knit cap for girls

Now we will see how to crochet a cap for a newborn. This headdress will suit more for the girl.

Materials for knitting cap:

  • natural yarn - 60 g main color;
  • white yarn - 20 g;
  • thin satin ribbon - 35 cm;
  • crochet hook №3.

Process description:

  1. The cap consists of the main pattern and the back. We tie the bottom. We make a double ring of thread and tie it with 16 loops without a nakida (see the diagram).Crochet newborn caps: schemes
  2. From the sixth to the eighth rows we move according to the scheme. It turns out the back with a diameter of 10 centimeters.
  3. Go to the main pattern. 5 cm back left without a picture.Crochet newborn caps
  4. Through every three loops without single crochet of the seventh row we knit air, four pieces each. In the eleventh - five.Crochet newborn caps
  5. After knitting about 10 cm of the main pattern, we form the edge of the cap. We knit one row with a double loop with a crochet, after finishing knitting we will insert a satin ribbon in these places - there will be a tie for a cap.
  6. White thread knit the extreme row according to the scheme of the main pattern.Crochet newborn caps
  7. The decoration will be white ruffles on the edge of the back. Ruches knit from white yarn main pattern.Crochet newborn caps
  8. The result of our efforts can be seen in the photo.Crochet newborn caps

What to consider when knitting hats for the baby?

First of all, for knitting things or hats for newborns from 0 to 3 months with knitting needles or crochets, it is necessary to select high-quality yarns from natural yarn. Carefully approach the choice of model, taking into account the physiological characteristics of the child.

Knitted things have a minimum of seams. Stitches can only be outside. Things should be comfortable and free so as not to hinder the movement of the child.

Crochet knitted hats for newborns

Crochet knitted hats for newborns

Crochet knitted hats for newborns

We hope that this small master class on crochet hats for newborns will serve as the basis for your further creative growth. And your children will be smart, beautiful and fun. In principle, you can please not only children, but also all household members with exclusive related things. Knit with pleasure!

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