Crochet knit collars for school uniforms

Crocheting will never lose its relevance. After all, putting a little effort and time, you can get a great result: napkins, shawls, stoles, collars, not to mention the sweaters and crochet dresses! The last few years, crocheted collars have returned to fashion. Schemes and descriptions of some universal models, we bring to your attention.

Knitted collar - a detail for all times

Crochet collars

Openwork collar in many causes associations with school uniforms. However, this cute accessory can be an exquisite addition to any clothes:

  • dresses;
  • blouses;
  • jumpers;
  • tunics;
  • T-shirts and other outfits.

Knitted collar gives the image a bit of innocent charm and aristocratic luxury. The main thing - to choose a beautiful picture and correctly calculate the length of the finished product.

What you need to create an openwork collar?

Knitted collar

Before you start knitting, you need to prepare the tools and calculate the shrinkage of the thread. For crochet knitting crochet need:

  • mating pattern;
  • threads (the smaller the picture, the thinner the thread);
  • hook (depending on the thickness of the thread, the standard number is 0.9);
  • tape measure.

The next step is the calculation of shrinkage of the thread.

  1. Cut a piece of yarn from the skein (about 20 cm);
  2. Knit a couple of posts.
  3. Namachivaem and give dry naturally.
  4. We count the number of loops in 1 cm, we calculate the length of the collar. To do this, measure the neck of the product to which you want to link the accessory.

How to tie openwork collar?

How to tie openwork collar?How to tie openwork collar?

How to tie openwork collar?

The most suitable model for strict dresses or blouses are openwork crocheted crochets. The diagrams and description of these accessories are quite similar, the main thing is to determine the pattern. So, consider the progress of work on the collar.

  1. We collect 4 air (cap) loops.
  2. We make 1 air loop and enter into a chain of 4.
  3. Knit nakid, knit column.
  4. We do a nakid, we enter into a loop from the previous nakida. Thus we knit 145 columns.
  5. We make 3 cap loops and we knit 1 column in every third loop, we do not cover them.
  6. We finish the row with 3 cap loops and a column of 3 loops in every sixth loop of the row.
  7. We make 3 cap loops on the rise. We turn over a collar cloth.
  8. We make 1 column with one double crochet, 3 loops and 7 rows of double crochets in each to make a semicircle.
  9. We knit 5 air loops, 1 column without nakida and enter into the same semicircle.
  10. Repeat the previous step, turn the canvas.
  11. We make 4 columns with one vertex, 3 cap loops are joined into one loop of the base, 3 cap loops, 1 column, 3 air loops, 4 columns with a cap in a common base, 3 cap loops in one base. Repeat 3 times.
  12. We pull the product so that there are no overtighteners.

Crochet collar patterns for school uniforms

Crochet collar patterns for school uniforms

Crochet collar patterns for school uniforms

School uniform will never go out of fashion, because it is a symbol of a beautiful youth - a happy and carefree pore. But in order to give this pretty standard alongside freshness and relevance, you can link the fashionable addition. For a beautiful collar on a school dress there is a very simple knitting pattern, consisting of several identical elements.

  1. Close the circle of the chain in 5 loops.
  2. We knit 3 cap loops, make 11 columns with an obligatory cap in a circle, turn over, make 12 rows.
  3. We make 4 cap loops; close the column with one double crochet to the first air loop.
  4. Repeat the previous step 10 times.
  5. We make 1 column with compulsory wrap in the top row of air loops. Turn over.
  6. We knit 6 cap loops, a column with one cap in the base. Repeat 10 times.
  7. We make 1 double crochet in the third of 5 air loops.
  8. We knit a border - 1 column, we do not cover, 3 double crochets.

Japanese models

Japanese crochet collar modelsJapanese crochet collar models

The last couple of years "in trend" turned out to be crocheted collars from Japanese fashion magazines. Residents of the Land of the Rising Sun have always appreciated the fine arts, so crocheting did not leave them indifferent. A distinctive feature of the Japanese models is a small pattern of several motifs that knit separately, and then combine into one product. For example:

  1. We collect 113 air loops.
  2. At the beginning of the row we make 3 air loops.
  3. Alternate 1 air loop and 1 double crochet at the base of every second eyelet of the first air loop.
  4. Knit 2 double crochet.
  5. We knit 5 such rows according to the scheme.
  6. We tie an element with 1 single crochet column, 1 double crochet column, 1 non-crocheted column.

The subtleties of care for knitted collars

The subtleties of care for knitted collars

It is believed that knitted things are quite capricious in the care. This applies to washing and ironing products. However, in order for the collar to always remain as new, you need to follow simple rules.

  • Wash the product only in warm water. And regardless of the quality of the thread, of which the thing is connected.
  • After washing, the collar is not pressed.
  • Dry the collar is better in a towel.
  • Ironing openwork accessory must be a little wet, using a steam.
  • To shape the collar after washing, you can starch the collar - 1 tbsp. l starch per 1 liter of warm water.
  • If you want to "wear out" the collar, giving it a charming vintage, this can be done with the help of tea or coffee. In a hot water, add a spoonful of tea leaves and put a little thing there. Periodically remove it and evaluate the result. The product will acquire a noble yellowness. The same can be done using coffee, if you want to add a cream shade of antiquity to the collar.

Selection of photos

Crochet knitted collars

Crochet knitted collars

Crochet knitted collars

There are things that never go out of fashion, such as, for example, a crocheted collar, diagrams and description of which were discussed in the article. This accessory will refresh your wardrobe, and it takes very little time to make it. The product can be decorated with a brooch, a clip, artificially aged or decorated with bright embroidery - the choice is yours.

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