Crochet girl's waistcoat

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Probably, each of the parents was faced with such a problem that the daughter had nothing to wear over a light blouse or a turtleneck in cold weather. A crocheted knitted vest for a girl would be a good solution. If you yourself prefer this type of clothing, then you know very well how easy and comfortable a sleeveless jacket is. The children's vest will perfectly fit into clothes of the autumn and spring period. And you can wear such a thing everywhere: in kindergarten, school, for a walk and at home.

In this article you will find several knitting techniques for a baby vest with a detailed process description and illustrations.

Crochet girl's waistcoat

Crochet openwork vest for girls: master class

The knitting technique presented in this master class will allow you to knit a beautiful and cozy waistcoat for any age of girl. Due to openwork squares, the vest will look good not only for children's trousers, but also for any dresses and skirts. A detailed description of the process and schemes will help even novice needlewomen to tie a unique waistcoat with a hook for their beloved girl.

Necessary materials:

  • Alpina Lexi three-color yarn;
  • hook number 3.5.

Process description:

  1. Knitting start with the formation of the magic ring. If you have never come across a similar term, join the usual 6 air loops in a ring.
  2. All knitting will be built on such a simple scheme.Crochet pattern
  3. Then go to knitting columns. To do this, dial 3 + 1 air lift loops. One loop will replace us with a double crochet.
  4. We knit in a circle in the usual way 11 double crochets. After each column add 1 air loop.
  5. Magic ring tighten and fasten the outermost column with a loop.Fixing the extreme columns
  6. Add a new color to knitting and make 3 lifting loops.
  7. In the air lift loop, which we did between the columns of the first row, we knit 2 double crochets.
  8. Loops on the hook fasten and get a petal of 3 columns.3-leaf petals
  9. Do the same with the remaining air loops in a circle. The last and first column is fixed. As a result, we get this flower.Crochet flower
  10. We introduce a new color to knitting, attaching it to the connecting loops of the petals.
  11. We knit 6 crochets in the next row of air loops.
  12. Next, do pico. To do this, we knit 5 lifting loops and repeat 5 crochets in the same arch between the petals.Picot crochet
  13. We connect the knit arch with a new petal with 3 air loops and repeat the crochet crochet.
  14. The result should be 4 sides of the square. Something like this.Crochet squares
  15. Similarly, we knit the second square motif, but at the same time connecting it with one side to the ready-made square. We do this as shown in the photo.Crochet squares
  16. When the motifs are ready, with a needle, hide the tips of the threads by the posts on the wrong side of the knitting.
  17. Thus we knit the necessary length of the vest.
  18. We tie the crochet, sleeves and bottom of the waistcoat for the girl with a crochet hook using the "pitch" pattern.The & quot; pitch pitch & quot;
  19. Children's vest crochet for girls ready!

Classic vest for baby 2 years

This cozy vest is made of yarn with the addition of cashmere, which makes it extraordinarily soft and pleasant to the body. Buttons on the vest not only look stylish, but also reliably protect from the wind.

Necessary materials:

  • 2 skeins of Alize yarn (80% Superwash, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon);
  • hook - 3.5 mm;
  • 5 buttons in the color of the yarn;
  • 3 pins.

Product dimensions:

  • chest circumference - 63 cm;
  • length from shoulder to bottom - 30 cm;
  • armholes - 12 cm.

Knitting backs:

  1. Dial on the hook 66 air loops.
  2. Knit the first row, starting with the second chain of the hook, with a single crochet. Enter the hook in the loops, marked on the photo in red.Crochet crochet
  3. Knitting overturn and do 1 column without nakida in the second stitch. So we repeat to the end of the series.Crochet crochet
  4. Knit 19 cm mesh pattern and proceed to the formation of armholes.
  5. This should be done gradually so as not to have a stepped edge. Close the first 6 loops or just skip their knitting. Then with smooth transitions we close in this order: 3 loops, then 2 and at the end 1 loop.Formation armhole waistcoat crochet
  6. At a total height of about 30 cm, there should be 14 loops of each shoulder and 26 loops for the neckline.Crochet waistcoat

Knitting right and left shelves:

  1. We type in the usual way 26 air loops and knit, like a back, to a height of 19 cm.
  2. We make reductions by the same method as when forming the rear part armholes. At the same time for the bevel of the neck, we remove 6 times 1 loop in each 2 rows from the opposite side.
  3. At a height of 31 cm bury hinges.crochet loop closure
  4. The left shelf fits in the same way in reverse order.Knitting left shelf


  1. Perform shoulder seams.Shoulder seams vest
  2. We tie the sleeves and the neck with a column without nakida.Tie the sleeves and neck
  3. On the right shelf you need to evenly distribute the holes for the buttons. To do this, knit 5 loops by interlocking 3 air stitches.crochet vest buttons
  4. It remains to sew on buttons and the vest for the girl is ready to crochet.buttons for vest

General tips for beginners

Finally, I would like to give some useful tips on crocheting waistcoats:

  • Use only high quality and proven yarn. It is better to give preference to softer and more pleasant to the body materials, so as not to cause irritation on the skin of the child.
  • Choose the color of the product based on what you knit it for. If this is a vest for kindergarten or walking outside, choose bright colors. For older girls of school age, neutral tones will do.
  • If you are professionally skilled in crochet, then you will have no difficulty decorating a vest with a beautiful ornament or a crocheted flower. Especially recently, jacquard patterns have become popular.
  • To prevent the finished vest from losing its color and shape, choose a hand wash. And it is better to dry the product on a flat, smooth surface.
  • You can also decorate a vest for a girl with various beads, buttons and sequins. Your fashionista will be delighted.

Now, having tied a children's vest with a shirt for a girl, you can try to create other products, for example, a blouse or a sweater. Creative success to you!